Music Day 2021

It is music day on my candy love. It starts on 14 July, and it will last until 21 July. This event is a lot like the Valentine’s Day event from 2019. In that event, you had to take care of the plant. This time you need to take care of a bird. Every day you get to do five things for the bird. Getting water, buy some food, find the sun, getting away of the flies and answer a choice. You have to wait 15 á 30 min before you can do another thing for your bird.
With taking care of your bird, you can collect feathers. You can give those feathers to the LI. Each LI needs 6 feathers to get a date with. You can also buy one feather for 40 AP. After the date, you will get an illustration and two outfit items.
There is also a community bar. You can fill it by collecting feathers. But it is a group effort. Because it depends on how many feathers everyone that my candy love plays gets. So if the whole community gets enough feathers, you will get the Coco, Sunshine and Tweety bonus.
You can also get one outfit at the bank. In total, you can get 5 illustrations and 3 outfits.

Special thanks to someone amazing.

Taking care of the bird:

Getting water: you have to fill the fountain with blue water. You do that by catching blue drops. Don’t catch the gray drops. You have 40 seconds to fill it.

Buy some food: your bird needs to eat. You have to spend 5G at food for the bird.

Find the sun: Your bird needs sun. It is hiding somewhere on the My Candy Love website. Try to go to every page until you find it.

Getting away of the flies: your birth has flies in his skin. You can get them away by clicking on them. You have 30 seconds to clear 30 flies.

Answer a choice: you have to give the right answer to the bird. Here you can see all the answers:

Day 1: (Choice)

A. I have some spinach lasagna… there’s only healthy stuff inside!
B. I have a few very ripe strawberries! (Correct answer)
C. A bit of bread! All birds love bread!

Day 2: (Choice)

A. Aka? (Correct answer)
B. Castiel?
C. Birdy?

Day 3: (Choice)

A. (I played “Birds” by Imagine Dragons.) (Correct answer)
B. (I played “Fire bird” by Iron Blade.)
C. (I played “Surfin birds” by The Trashmen.)

Day 4: (Choice)

A. Batgirl and Robird, we could end crime in the city. Superheroes by night, our identities would remain a secret! (Correct answer)
B. If I put you under a hat, you could be like the rat in Ratatouille! You may have a hidden talent that we could use to become famous!
C. A circus bird? We could tour the world to earn a living with incredible tricks!

Day 5: (Choice)

A. (I stood still so as not to scare Aka.) (Correct answer)
B. (I held out the palm of my hand towards Aka, like yesterday.) 
C. (I put more fruit in the dish to satisfy him.)

Day 6: (Choice)

A. (I called him from the window.) (Correct answer)
B. (I played robin songs on my phone.)
C. (I turned on the TV and put on a show about wild birds.)

Day 7: (Choice)

A. (I took out my wool sweater. I know that birds take wool from sheep to make their nests warmer.)
B. (I took out my entire stock of cotton balls to give him.) (Correct answer)
C. (I emptied my recycling bin to give him all the plastic packaging there was inside.)

Day 8: (Choice)

A. The 2birds3! 
B. The Birds Direction?
C. Birds Band, simply! (Correct answer)

Illustration with Nathaniel

Illustration with Castiel

Illustration with Priya

Illustration with Hyun

Illustration with Rayan

Here you can see the outfits with the prices if you want to buy another color.

Aspiring Ornithologist
Hat 43G
Wig 60G
Shirt 33G
Boots 43G
Pants 55G
Binoculars 38G
T-Shirt 28G

Singing Princes
Wig 70G
Bird 63G
Barrettes 35G
Dress 85G
Shoes 47G

Bank Outfits:

Divine Peacock
Eyelashes 20G
Head Jewelry 15 G
Earrings 18G
Belt 23G
Train 40G
Dress 55G
Sleeves 24G
Shoes 34G
Peacock 70G
Wig 55G
Mouth 23G
Eyes 43G