LL Episode 10

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Special thanks to Alicyas

Action points: 1000 – 1200 AP
Hyun 1120 AP
Rayan 1082 AP
Priya 1140 AP
Nathaniel 1096 AP
Castiel 1118 AP
Fairy 32 AP
Marina 48 AP

Outfit Eric 160G
Outfit Nina 160G
Outfit Dan 170G

Illustrations: 3 in total. You can get one out of three in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and choices.

Fairy/Auntie: in the main street. Well actually she is in the studio but the dialogue starts in the main street. You can find her after you have been shopping with Nina and before you go back to the café. She gives you an accordion. 


Outfit Eric 160G

Outfit Nina 160G

Outfit Dan 170G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the snake bar. You are there with Alexy and Rosa.

Rosalya: What in the world’s going on…? I hope…

A. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything’s fine. There must be a good explanation for all this. / with Rosalya and + with Alexy
B. For sure, I hope he didn’t do anything too impulsive… But still, he seemed to be doing fine, last time I saw him. / with Rosalya and – with Alexy

Alexy: You’d be surprised how many people you can meet in a month, with the app…

A. Doesn’t it get old? I mean, I get it’s fun, but don’t you miss having a real relationship?
B. So long as you are all clear about not being exclusive, you’re right to have a little fun. +

Alexy and Rosalya: (Choice)

A. But I can’t believe that Rayan is guilty of what he’s accused of. – with Rosalya and / with Alexy
B. Because, for the time being, I don’t know a thing! How could I dare pass judgement since I wasn’t there? + with Rosalya and / with Alexy
C. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Rayan had something to be ashamed of. I’m not sure he knows the limits… – with Rosalya and / with Alexy

Alexy: You don’t have to tell us more if it upsets you… (Only on Rayan’s route)

A. This mess is driving me crazy. I can’t believe that Marina’s going after him and that she dared to lie about something as serious as this… +
B. Thanks Rosa. For sure, I’d rather not talk about it. I’m so sick of it all.

The next day will start. You are at the café. On Rayan’s route you are already at his house.

Rayan: “If you don’t mind, drop by whenever you want, I’ll be home in any case. Rayan”

A. (Poor thing, he must be really down in the dumps. I should’ve called him myself. But I didn’t dare…) /
B. (I don’t necessarily feel like seeing him right now… Besides, what’s this deal about a favor?) /

You go to Rayan’s house.

Rayan: And no matter how much I look at things from every angle, I can’t get totally mad at Marina. (Only on Rayan’s route)

A. That’s generous of you. / or +
B. This is all beyond me, Rayan… I don’t know what to think from where I stand. And still, I worry about her.
C. That’s no big deal because I’m sure I’m mad enough at her for both of us.

Rayan: She’s really not afraid of anything… and she is pulling it off well, I must admit…

A. Oh… nothing specific… she just wanted to fill me in before everyone, considering we know each other. /
B. That wasn’t exactly the way it was. Actually, she wanted me to testify against you, at your upcoming trial. / (Another choice) (and if you said yes to testifying in episode 9 your LOM with Rayan goes down)

Rayan: Have you ever felt harassed by my attitude?

A. Sure, you weren’t like a teacher… not a conventional one anyway. But personally, I never had a problem with that. +
B. Rayan… I don’t think you realize certain things. Maybe you don’t see the problem… / (another choice)

Rayan: (Choice)

A. That’s why I refused to give you my phone number at the time, if you happen to remember. /
B. To tell the truth, the day I gave you my number, I didn’t really want to. But I felt stuck… /

Rayan: No, the worst is the people who you thought were your friends no longer want to speak to you. Murielle, for example…

A. Poor thing… you don’t deserve what’s happening to you! You aren’t a pervert, I know that. /
B. Rayan… I need to know. And be honest with me. We agree that you don’t have anything to be ashamed of, right…? /

Rayan: And I haven’t seen her since… Culann is the one who informed me of the accusation later… I… I don’t understand…

A. Rayan… I can’t judge what happened… I wasn’t in your office with the two of you… /
B. Hmm, yes, why not testify, after all. It’s true, I can vouch that you hadn’t even realized she had feelings for you. +
C. Rayan, you also told me that you were going “to settle that your way”… I admit, I’m not sure I want to understand what that involved…

Rayan: I’m still convinced that her lawyers got her worked up. It’s such a great publicity stunt for them!

A. No, Priya’s not like that! You saw that when we helped Castiel… she wants to do things right. / (Another choice)
B. It’s… a pretty heavy accusation. But it’s true, for them, this case is a windfall… /

Rayan: No, no… of course not. That’s not what I meant. But her boss… that woman Renata Dautzenberg…

A. Hmm… for sure, I don’t really trust Renata much either. I have a hard time liking her. /
B. No, I don’t think so either. She’s harsh. But Priya admires her for her integrity. And personally, I believe Priya. /

Rayan: But I can’t set foot on campus anymore, and since she knows you, maybe she’ll listen to you. (Only on Rayan’s route)

A. OK, I’ll talk to her. You’re not the only one who wants to know why she decided to go public with this… / or + (You will see Marina, her part cost 48 AP)
B. I’m sorry… but I think it’s a bad idea. It’ll only make things worse if I try to contact her. (You will not see Marina and get a call from Nina to meet up with her)
C. I’m sorry but… I can’t do that to Priya, go behind her back like that. (You will not see Marina and get a call from Nina to meet up with her)

Rayan: I can’t set foot on campus anymore, and since she knows you, maybe she’ll listen to you. (Only on Priya’s route)

A. I’m sorry, but I’m not about to get mixed up in this. You’re asking too much of me. And it’s really a very bad idea. (You will not see Marina and get a call from Nina to meet up with her)
B. Did you really think I could pull something like that on Priya? I’m sorry, but the answer’s no. And it’s really a very bad idea. / (You will not see Marina and get a call from Nina to meet up with her)
C. Hmm… I see what you mean. And if what you say is true, that might make it possible to put an end to all this quietly. I’ll give it a try. (You will see Marina, her part cost 48 AP)

Rayan: I can’t set foot on campus anymore, and since she knows you, maybe she’ll listen to you. (On Nathaniel’s, Hyun’s and Castiel’s route)

A. I’m sorry, but I’m not about to get mixed up in this. You’re asking too much of me. And it’s really a very bad idea. / (You will not see Marina and get a call from Nina to meet up with her)
B. Hmm… I see what you mean. And if what you say is true, that might make it possible to put an end to all this quietly. I’ll give it a try. / (You will see Marina, her part cost 48 AP)

You go to university to see Marina, she is at the library.
If choose to not meet Marina, you have to go to the university to see Nina.
She is the main squad you first have to walk to another location and then back.

Marina: I don’t want to go back over what happened all that much. It isn’t easy.

A. I understand… and I especially don’t want to rub salt in the wound… +
B. And I think we both know why… /
C. Still, it didn’t seem to bother you much when it was a matter of getting Rayan suspended, did it?

Marina: Believe me, I would’ve liked for things to go differently, too.

A. I know perfectly well how Rayan can be. But I also know that he didn’t deserve this.
B. I can definitely imagine it must not be easy going through all this. +

Marina: I’d like for us to stop this conversation now. I have studying to do… and I’m having a hard time concentrating.

A. He just wanted to talk on neutral ground. He is a total wreck, and he’d like to understand what these accusations are based on. /
B. Sure, I understand. I just wanted to try to understand and help one way or another. /

You leave the library. When you are outside, you see Nina.

Nina: Let’s say that’s my interpretation.

A. In any case, you’re brave to have gone for it like that. +
B. Still, he could’ve been more tactful! I really feel like going to have a word with him…
C. I get that it’s painful, but don’t you feel a little relieved all the same? /

Walk to the shop street.

Nina: Do you think I’ll ever find love again some day?

A. Well, of course! Raphael didn’t deserve you, period. You’ll forget him faster than you think.
B. Wait, Nina… that wasn’t love. It was a one-way crush. There’s nothing in common. +

Go into Leigh’s store and choose your outfit.

Outfit Eric 160G

Outfit Nina 160G

Outfit Dan 170G

Illustration with Nina

Now you can meet the fairy go to main street, her part cost 32 AP.
You go back to the café and then go home.

Hyun: About the delivery, huh? I’m super sorry! It’s been hell, and…

A. Relax… it was just a delivery, huh. Worse things happen. / or +
B. It’s OK this time, but next time, it’d be nice if you at least let me know.

Hyun: Sometimes, I think my mother was right. Maybe I should’ve listened to her… and dropped the idea of baking.

A. Don’t you think that’s actually the problem? You’re a grown-up, Hyun. You can’t let your mother’s opinion matter to that extent!
B. But your mother ended up accepting your choice, Hyun! You’re not going to back out now! +

Nathaniel: And you still as beautiful as ever, with all those wrinkles! I sure am lucky.

A. Do you really think this is a time to joke? Personally, I don’t feel like laughing!
B. ‘m so happy to see you again that I’m even going to pretend to think that was funny… / or +

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. I don’t want you to go back. I was scared enough for a lifetime! / or +
B. I’m warning you, I’m not sure I’ll be here when you get back, next time you pull something like this on me…

Rayan: It’s obvious I’m not going to get back on my feet after a mess like this…

A. Rayan… I realize it’s hard but this isn’t the first time that you’ve faced hardships in life. / or +
B. Rayan… it hurts me to see you like this… you have to put up a fight!

Castiel: Whoa, someone’s in a bad mood. Because it’s late, is that it?

A. Whatever, drop it… I don’t feel like arguing. I’m too tired.
B. Just a phone call, Castiel, didn’t you even think of that?
C. Reassure me about one thing… Is the new band going to make it despite your motor disability? / or +

Castiel: You can understand that at least, can’t you? I never lied to you about having to share me with my music…

A. Yes, “share you”! So it’s normal for me to want my share, right? I want a few evenings for me, that’s all…
B. Yeah, but you can’t blame me if one of these nights, you come home and I’m not here anymore. / or +

Priya: I bet it’s to get me off the case…

A. No, that’s not it. He’s just a man in extreme distress who called me to the rescue. / or +
B. I hadn’t thought of that… I’m sorry. He insisted and… I didn’t see what harm it could do. I didn’t tell him anything, you know.

Priya: That’s the only way things will ever change. Fear is the only thing these bastards understand…

A. I don’t recognize you anymore, Priya… where did your ideals go? All this violence… it’s not you! +
B. At no point in time, did you ever think that there was still a chance he’s innocent?

The story will skip one day and you are back at the café. Dan calls you ask you to come to the main street.

Dan: Speaking of which, tell me… don’t you sometimes feel a little cramped in the café gallery?

A. No, the Cosy Bear suits me just fine the way it is. I can’t imagine it otherwise.
B. Sure, it’s a little small. But I like to think that the size is part of its charm. +

Dan: You know, in business, I attach a lot of importance to instinct!

A. I’m sorry, Dan… but this is a little sudden. And I think that things suit me just fine the way they are.
B. Well… OK, bingo! Let’s go for it, Dan! You’re right: the world belongs to us, let’s take it! + (Illustration with Dan)

You go back to the café. Nathaniel and Eric are there.

Nathaniel:  I’ll have enough proof to throw him in the slammer for a few centuries…

A. In any case, I’ll be glad to know when you’re done with this whole mess…
B. And what tells you that you’re not the one who’s going to fall into a trap? I don’t like this… +

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. Not to mention the timing that couldn’t have been worse… I was really looking forward to our night-out tonight.
B. Well… you’d better come back to me in one piece, because I haven’t given up on our special night-out! / or +

You go outside and get a call from your lover. On Nathaniel’s route you stay inside.

Hyun: *** Plus, I won’t be as stressed out if I know my account isn’t overdrawn… ***

A. It’s a matter of balance, Hyun. I don’t think I’ve asked too much of you, for that matter. I’ve supported you… You could’ve at least respected that.
B. I get it… It’s just that I was so excited about tonight. But whatever, do what you have to do. / or +

Rayan: *** But I can’t stop imagining the worst. I think I’m turning into an agoraphobe. I had to get away and spend a little time alone. ***

A. Alright, I get it. I wish you would’ve warned me, obviously, but if it helps you think things through… / or +
B. I definitely would’ve liked for you to lean on me instead of running away from me at the same time as from all the rest.

Castiel: *** But to do that, we have to meet him. He’s going to come by the studio tonight, after his other appointments. ***

A. Where do I fit in all that? Seriously, don’t try to tell me you couldn’t have sent him a demo by email…
B. What can I say…? I’m the fifth wheel yet again… +

Priya: *** A recording isn’t admissible in court. Besides, it’s always better to strike while the iron is hot. ***

A. I’m not going to fight… I’m disappointed, of course, but I know you have your heart set on doing things right… / or +
B. Is it me or will there always be something new? I get the impression I’m always the fifth wheel…

Nina: (Nickname), I finished my shift. I’m going… er… Everything OK? You look upset.

A. Yes, fine, don’t worry, it’s nothing. See you tomorrow?
B. It’s just that… my evening just got canceled. I’m disappointed… +

Go back inside the café.
Eric will come to the café.
You will go with him to the restaurant instead of your lover.

Eric: (Choice) (On Hyun’s route)

A. But still, that’s going a little too far, isn’t it? I get the impression he should step back a little.
B. Maybe I’m too hard on him. After all, he’s lucky to be so close to them. +

Eric: (Choice) (On Nathaniel’s route)

A. But you do get it, right? I mean sometimes, I get fed up and I wish I were the priority, you know?
B. And I try to stand back because I know that, you and him, you both give it your all. But it’s not always easy. +

Eric: (Choice) (On Rayan’s route)

A. I can’t be mad at him for going out to the countryside at his uncle’s. He really needed it; he was about to have a nervous breakdown…
B. But I still say, running away is never the right solution. And I’m kind of afraid that this “getting out into the countryside” is nothing but that… +

Eric: (Choice) (On Castiel’s route)

A. But still, I’m entitled to being angry with him, aren’t I? Ronnie Dialy or not, I don’t care, personally… +
B. So, I guess it’s not such a big deal that he canceled, even though it hit me hard at the time…

Eric: (Choice) (On Priya’s route)

A. I get that she does everything in her power to win it, even though sometimes it goes too far…
B. But I get the impression she’s compromising her principles. Do you think I’m worrying too much? +

Eric: Actually… it’s been years since I’ve honored a chic restaurant with my presence…

A. I’m sorry for you… I understand, it’s the same for me, all my thoughts have been focused on someone else tonight.
B. I see… In any case, I’m definitely glad our evening has taken this surprising turn. Enjoying the present is what’s most important, right? + (illustration with Eric)

After dinner, you go home and the episode will end.