HSL Episode 22

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 1.000 – 1.100 AP
Illustration 1.020 AP
Keeping the make-up kit 1.054 AP
Giving the make-up kit to a friend 1.024AP
Fairy 12 AP

4G for Peggy to find items (optional)
You get 20G from your mother
1G for to buy croissants
36G Outfit
Makeup kit 36G (optional)
If you give the makeup kit to Melody, you get 85G

Illustrations: 1 in total. The ilustration depends on dialogue.

Note: in this episode, you can only get an illustration with Amber. You will get a dialogue option where you can choose if you want the illustration. If you choose to get the illustration, you will lose 20 LOM with Castiel and not be able to get the illustration with him in episode 23. If you choose not to get the illustration, your LOM with Castiel will stay the same, but you have to buy a make-up kit for 36G. You can choose to keep the kit or give it to one of your friends. If you keep it, you will be able to put it on your dresser, and you get make-up options in your closet. If you give the make-up kit to Melody, she will give you gold for it.

Fairy/Auntie: in classroom A. You can find her well you are looking for the first three objects of the treasure hunt. It will cost you 12 AP, and she will give you an adventure’s hat.


Outfit 36G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the gym, after the play where the last episode is ended. Your parents are talking to Rosalya’s parents. You and Rosalya join them until Rosalya wants to leave.
Then you can move, but if you click on the button, you stay in the gym and have some new dialogue. This will happen 3 times.
Rosalya will talk with you that she wants to know everyone’s opinion. You first go over to Violette and her dad. Then you will talk with Rosalya alone.

Rosalya: Huh? Me? Why?

A. What you are doing isn’t polite! /
B. Nothing. Never mind… /
C. At your age, you shouldn’t have tantrums anymore! /

Rosalya will leave you. You get to move again, but yet you stay and the gym and go talk with Lysander.

Lysander: There were too many people in the locker rooms. I’ll go back later.

A. Oh yeah? Are you sure you didn’t just “forget” to change? -5
B. So? There were a lot of people when I was there, too! +5
C. Oh. I didn’t know you were agoraphobic… /

After talking with Lysander, you get 2 times the option to move and both of the times you stay at the gym. First you talk to Peggy and her parents, and then you talk to Armin and Alexy and their parents.

Alexy: …Uh, why are you looking at me like that?

A. Nothing, nothing! (I whistled, innocently.) / with Alexy and Armin
B. It’s a look that means “Kentin is mine”! -5 with Armin and / with Alexy

After talking with Armin, Alexy and their parents, you get 3 times the option to move and all the times you stay at the gym. You first listen to Capucine talk with her parents. Then you listen to Nathaniel’s parents talking to Melody’s parents. And then you go talk with Castiel and his parents.

Castiel: (Choice)

A. I don’t understand why you didn’t want to see your parents! -10
B. Well, I’m gonna go… +5
C. Come on Cassy, don’t be mean to your mom. -5

After talking to Castiel and his parents, you will move again but stay at the gym. You go talk with Kentin.

Kentin: Because if Amber says anything about our kiss, I’m dead.

A. Huh? What kiss? +5
B. Good! You shouldn’t have kissed her! -5
C. Ha ha! Do you regret it now? /

After talking with Kentin, You get to move again 2 times, but stay both times at the gym. First you will talk with Li and Charlotte, and then you will talk with Dake.

Dake: (Choice)

A. Now, excuse me, I have things to do. /
B. So, when are you leaving? /
C. So, you thought I was pretty? +5

After talking with Dake, you get to move 2 times, but both of the times you stay at the gym. First, you listen to Amber and her parents talking with Kentin’s parents. Then you go over to Nathaniel to talk with him.

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. Your parents are really horrible… -10
B. Do you want to talk about it? +5
C. Do you want to change the subject? /

After talking with Nathaniel, you get to move, but you stay at the gym to talk with Kentin.

Kentin: I was just wondering.

A. Don’t be jealous, you know I like you the best! /
B. You have weird questions… /

After talking with Kentin you get to move 2 times, both of the times you stay at the gym. You will listen to Nathaniel and Amber talking with their parents. And then the principal announces the treasure hunt. You join your parents and do the treasure hunt together, you can finally leave the gym. Go to the courtyard. There, the treasure hunt will be explained to you.

Candy: *Do you understand? Do you want to re-read the explanations?*

A. I understand! / (You will continue the episode)
B. I would like to re-read them, please. / (It will be explained again)

 This is the moment to meet Auntie. She is in classroom A. She will give you an adventure hat and her part costs 12 AP. 

Walk around the school to find the objects. You will talk with some people on the way.

Kentin: Y-Yeah… He’s the type of guy you don’t want to make angry…

A. A little like you? -5
B. It’s best if your name isn’t Amber, then… /
C. Are you scared of him? -5

Nathaniel: Is that bad…?

A. No, it’s fun! +5 (another choice)
B. I don’t really have an opinion on that… /
C. It’s just really nerdy… -5

Nathaniel: You like them too?

A. Yes! I’m really good at them! / (Another Choice)
B. Yes! Even if I’m not always able to solve them… -5

Nathaniel: Good… So. What is it that has four legs, one head and a foot?

A. A table. -5
B. (I don’t think that’s it…) / (Towards the right answer and another choice)
C. A cow. -5

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. A bed. +5 (Correct answer)
B. A person. -5
C. I don’t know… -5

Armin: Peggy’s parents thought that the game console I left here was an object to collect!

A. Oh, maybe they wanted to know what game you were playing… /
B. You shouldn’t have left it lying around… -5
C. Those little… +5

Catsiel: Hey! How do you know that?

A. You aren’t very discreet… /
B, I have the gift of divination, you didn’t know? +5
C. The whole world heard you! -5

Iris: We are still at the first riddle, and you?

A. We are on the last one! /
B. We are on the second one! / (You will help Iris finding object, your mom won’t like that)

Peggy: Do you want me to help you? for 4 Gold, I’ll tell you where the object you’re looking for is.

A. …Okay. (I gave the money to Peggy.) /  (You will give Peggy 4 gold, and she will tell you where to find the next object.)
B. No thanks… / (You will look further for the objects)

You have to find three objects, a cactus that is in the garden.

Then you have to find the clock in the hallway.

 And last, you have to find the kite in the basement.

Go to the next place. There you get to solve the riddle.

Candy’s dad: “I can be the sun, I can be the sand, and I can be a bird. Who am I?” We have the choice between a clock, a cactus, and a kite…

A. Let’s keep the clock…  / (Correct answer)
B. Let’s keep the kite… /
C. Let’s keep the cactus… /

For the next riddle, you have to find a pipe, a brown flower and wood.
The pipe you can find in the science room.

Then you have to find the brown flower in the locker room. 

And as last, you have to find wood in the courtyard.

Go to the next place. There you get to solve the riddle.

Candy’s dad: It’s a question this time! “What does René Magritte’s most famous painting, “The Treachery of Images”, represent?”

A. I think it’s the pipe! / (Correct answer)
B. I think it’s the piece of wood! /
C. I think it’s the brown flower! /

For the next riddle, you have to find a triangle, a paper clip and a recorder.
The triangle you can find in the student council room.

Then you have to find the paper clip in the science classroom.

And as last, you have to find a recorder in classroom A. Warning, it doesn’t look like a recorder to me.

Go to the next place. There you get to solve the riddle.

Candy’s dad: It’s a question! “Like the wind instrument used by Mozart in the beginning of his Requiem Mass in D minor, I have a very particular shape. What am I?”

A. I think it’s the paper clip! / (Correct answer)
B. I’ll be right back. I’m going to get Alexy! / (You get to answer the same choice again)
C. I think it’s the recorder! /
D. I think it’s a triangle! /

You have solved all the riddle. You have to go to Mr. Fairaize, who is in the gym. On the way, you meet some people.

Lysander: Well, good luck then!

A. We don’t need luck, we are the best!
B. You’re not finished yet? +5
C. Thanks! /

Armin: Oh yeah? Do you have a particular idea?

A. We could call it Jack? +5
B. We could call it Bob?
C. We could call it Casper? -5

Kentin: No, not really. I had just hoped to finish before you! 

A. It’s good to dream…
B. Oh, well you didn’t! Next time maybe! +5
C. Before me? Why? /

If you get all the questions right, Mr Fairaize will give you a trophy.

After talking with Mr. Fairaize, you get to move 2 times and both of the times you stay at the gym. First, you talk with your parents and tell them that you will leave to talk with some of your friends. Then you go over to Lysander and Rosalya to talk.

Rosalya: They want to get to know their family-in-law a little better. You understand, right?

A. They had never met before? /
B. It’s strange that they needed an open house at school to be able to meet each other! /

After talking with Lysander and Rosalya, you get to move 2 times and both of the times you stay at the gym. You first talk with Violette and Kim. And then you see the fight between Castiel and Nathaniel.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Don’t do anything.) / with Castiel and Nathaniel
B. (Go see Castiel and read him the riot act.) -10 with Nathaniel and / with Castiel

Go home with your parents. On the way you see Kentin.

Kentin: Oh yeah! I’ll go see. The school isn’t closed yet, right?

A. Yeah, there are still people inside. -5
B. The school never closes. / or +
C. Now that you mention it, I think it is. +5

When you get home, your mother will give you 20G. Then go to the dollar shop to get some croissants. You have to pay 1G. Then go to the shops to buy your new outfit. If you go first to the shops, you will not buy croissants and your mother will get mad at you.

Outfit 36G

Then go back home. The story will go to the next school day. Walk around to talk with classmates until you find Amber.

Kentin: Well, we spent more time looking for my mom’s glasses then talking about the play or the rest of the day.

A. Shoot, that’s unlucky! +5
B. Oh yeah? Does she lose them often? /
C. Your mom is a bit awkward, no? -5

Nathaniel: *little laugh* Yes, perfect.

A. Do you not want to talk about it, is that it? +5
B. Weird, I have a hard time believing you. /
C. Oh yeah? Mine was good too! -5

Lysander: Well, Leigh and I took our parents home, and we stayed there the whole weekend.

A. Oh, poor thing. That must have been horrible… -5
B. Where do they live? /
C. Oh? And is that a problem? /

Armin: Yeah, it was great! My parents let me pull an all nighter for a raid!

A. For a what? -10
B. All nighter? / (Another choice)

Armin: Yeah, you know… When you don’t sleep during the night!

A. Oh… And do you do that often? /
B. …Thanks Armin, I knew that… +5

Castiel: (Choice)

A. You are still quite hard on them! -5
B. I don’t understand why they annoy you. +5
C. Come on, at least now, you are alone. /

Amber: So? Will you do it?

A. You’re dreaming! / (No illustration, you have to pay 36G for a makeup kit in the dollar shop. Amber will reject the makeup kit. You can keep it your self to get makeup options in your closet at the beginning of episode 23, and you can also put the makeup kit on your dresser. You can also give the makeup box to another girl. Only Melody will give you 85G for it.)
B. …Ok. (Illustration with Amber and -20 LOM with Castiel, you also won’t be able to get the illustration with Castiel in episode 23)

If you choose; you’re dreaming, click here.

If you chose; …Ok, you have to find Castiel. Walk around until he pops up, on the way you meet some classmates.

Lysander: Nothing special, I think he wants to get new cords or something like that.

A. Wow… What a great plan.
B. Oh, can I come with you? +
C. That’s all? /

Armin: Of course. Everyone likes combat games! I’m sure that even you would have fun!

A. Uh… I don’t think so, no.
B. Of course, I love that sort of thing! +
C. Meh… I prefer games with a story! /

Nathaniel: Don’t act innocent, every time I’ve seen you together, things end badly!

A. Leave me alone… I can do what I want.
B. At least we are creating a mood!
C.  Sorry… / or +

After your conversation with Castiel, you have to find Amber. You will get the illustration with her. Then the episode ends.

If you choose; you’re dreaming. You have to buy a make-up kit at the dollar shop. It will cost you 36G. Then you try to find Amber again, on the way you see some classmates.

Nathaniel: Listen, the only times where I saw you looking for her, things didn’t end well. I’m just wondering, that’s all.

A. Uh, well, take care of your own business! -5
B. It’s not my fault that everything goes wrong when your sister is around! /
C. Things haven’t always gone wrong! +5

Kentin: No, not really. I just want to spend some time with my friends.

A. You poor thing… Playing video games… -5
B. Do you think I can come? +
C. I hope that you have fun! /

Castiel: As if you need her for that…

A. Yeah, but I don’t like when I’m forced to do it. +5
B. You could acknowledge it a bit more! -5
C. True. I get along fine on my own, don’t I? /

When you offer Amber the box, she will reject it. Then you can keep it yourself, and you will get make-up options in your closet at the begging of episode 23, you can also put the make-up kit on your dresser. You can also give to one of your friends. Melody is the only one who will give you something in return.

Violette: (Choice)

A. (Offer the box to Violette.) / (You give it to Violette)
B. (Keep it for someone else.) / (You get to keep the box)

Iris: (Choice)

A. (Keep it for someone else.) / (You get to keep the box)
B. (Offer the box to Iris.) / (You give it to Iris)

Rosalya: (choice)

A. (Keep it for someone else.) / (You get to keep the box)
B. (Offer the box to Rosalya.) / (You give it to Rosalya)

Kim: (Choice)

A. (Keep it for someone else.) / (You get to keep the box)
B. (Offer the box to Kim.) / (You give it to Kim)

Melody: (Choice)

A. (Keep it for someone else.) / (You get to keep the box)
B. (Offer the box to Melody.) / (You give it to Melody, and she will give you 85 Gold for it)

Peggy: (Choice)

A. (Keep the box for someone else.) / (You get to keep the box)
B. (Offer the box to Peggy.) /(You give it to Peggy)

After you have given the make-up box to one of the girls or kept it for your self, you will talk with Amber again. After talking with her, the episode ends.