Easter 2020

It is Easter on My Candy Love. It starts April 8, 2020, and it will last until April 16, 2020. In this event you have to decorate Chocolate Chickens. You get a few seconds to memorize the decoration, and then decorate the chocolate chick exactly as it was. You get 1,50 minute to decorate as many chickens as you can. You get a moment to decorate every 3 hours. If you don’t want to wait those 3 hours you can pay 50 AP and will get your next moment to decorate. You can also buy a chocolate chick for 5 AP. After you decorated 25 chickens, you will get an item from the Vaporous Flower outfit. After decorating 150 chocolate chickens, you can get an illustration. You get to play a scene with one of the love interest, and have to make 5 good choices. Between the choices you have to wait 3 hours. If you don’t want to wait those 3 hours, you can pay 50 AP. After you have finished one scene with a love interest, you get an item from the Sweets Overdose outfit and your illustration. The next love interest will be chosen randomly, or you can pay 100 AP to choose the next one your self. You can also get one outfit with spending money at the bank. In total, you can get/win 3 outfits and 5 illustrations.



A. On top of the stool, in the kitchen.
B. In the oven!
C. Behind one of the cushions on the couch. (Correct)


A. Behind Drooler!
B. I’m sure I can get it to balance on top of this painting.
C. In the compartment in the stairs, at the very bottom. (Correct)

Because there’s nothing obliging us to! And besides, we do what we want and…

A. Haha, it’s so fun seeing you get all tangled up in your own monologue, I’m going to let you keep at it. (Correct)
B. You’re adorable. Do you realize that?
C. We have plenty of time to deal with that issue.


A. Under the couch!
B. In the potted plant, the one that’s right next to the couch. (Correct)
C. In the kitchen spice cabinet.

I got it for Thia. I thought we could decorate it together with her.

A. It’s likely to be kind of messy!
B. That’s likely to be a lot of chocolate, don’t you think? I’m afraid we’re all going to overdose! (Correct)
C. You’re always so thoughtful… You even planned an activity for her. I hadn’t thought of that. It’s a great idea.


Especially with the workouts I’m obliged to do, junk food is practically off-limits, and it’s my favorite thing on earth.

A. In fact, no one really controls what you do, you could eat exactly what you want to.
B. You mean, your favorite thing after me, I assume? (Correct)
C. That’s not such a bad thing! I just can’t believe there are actually vegetables in our refrigerator.


A. On the armchair, next to the window. (Correct)
B. In the middle of the fruit bowl, on the counter.
C. In the middle of the books, on the shelf.


A. On White’s cat scratching pole!
B. On the laundry basket, in the bathroom. (Correct)
C. In our walk-in closet.

A. Don’t be jealous. She likes me more than you, that’s all!
B. You know perfectly well that you’re still her favorite master. Plus, she has a soft spot for your uniform. (Correct)
C. Yes, we’ve developed a secret language so we can talk about you behind your back.
A. Next to the coat rack. (Correct)
B. I’m sure I can make it balance on the living room ceiling light.
C. In the pot with the Swiss cheese plant.


But I hardly ate anything at lunch!

A. You really have to get out of the habit of skipping meals for work. It’s not good at all.
B. I’m worried about you. You practically never eat! (Correct)
C. Alright, already, I can’t resist that doe-eyed look of yours. You can fish something out of the bag of candy, but no way you’re touching the other stuff!


A. Behind the TV?
B. Under one of the pillows on the bed? (Correct)
C. Behind the LED panel by the window?


A. In the sink!
B. On the table!
C. Behind the curtain! (Correct)


A. On the end table next to the couch. (Correct)
B. In one of the TV cabinet drawers.
C. We could roll it up in the garland over the bed.

I kind of miss my first few years at college, I had much more time to spend with my friends…

A. We can easily fix that, I’m sure I can figure out a way to organize get-togethers with friends more often, like the olden days.
B. That’s to be expected, that was college. And practically all of us had dorm rooms in the same place.
C. Don’t be so hard on yourself. (Correct)



A. Behind the TV.
B. In the shower!
C. Behind a cushion on the couch? (Correct)


A. On the chest of drawers, above your bed.
B. On the little table behind the front door. (Correct)
C. Above the guitar hanging on the wall!


A. I could put it in the shoe cabinet in the entryway!
B. Above one of the cymbals you use as a lamps.
C. Right next to Drooler. That’s perfect. (Correct)

You don’t have to ask me when you want to organize things here, it’s your house, too.

A. I was afraid a family Sunday wasn’t really your cup of tea.
B. Seriously, you never celebrated Easter with your parents?
C. Right… and for that matter, I hope you’re ready because I definitely count on organizing a costume party for my birthday! (Correct)

An Easter egg hunt and no competition! She’ll be the only child. How lucky! I’m sure it’s going to go smoothly.

A. So long as she manages to find all the chickens, otherwise it’ll be a real fiasco.
B. Of course, it’s just that I get the feeling I don’t see Rosa and her daughter enough… I feel guilty about that.
C. I hope so. So long as you don’t devour all Thia’s chocolate, everything should be fine. (Correct)



A. Behind the couch is perfect!
B. How about I hide it between two books on the coffee table? (Correct)
C. I could put it in the fruit bowl, on the counter.


A. Before I went away to do my internship, we shared some really intense stuff that last year at school, I wouldn’t want us to grow apart. (Correct)
B. Sometimes I wonder if she doesn’t get lonely in that house on the coast, far away from all her friends…
C. That’s true. After all, life is just a series of changes.


A. Out on the balcony, right behind the window?
B. In the potted plant! The one on the floor. (Correct)
C. Between Drooler and your dog!


A. We could hide it next to your other eggs on the coffee table, haha!
B. In the walk-in closet, in our bedroom!
C. On our bed, between the pillows. (Correct)

Don’t mention it… it makes me happy…

A. I appreciate you making such an effort even though she’s my friend…
B. Maybe I should’ve invited Alexy, Morgan and the others, too, huh? (Correct)
C. You could’ve invited your friends for the Easter egg hunt, too. I should’ve suggested that come to think of it…

Event Outfits:

Sweets Overdose
Wig 75G
Top 30G
Socks 28G
Shoes 35G
Skirt 57G
Bag 45G

Vaporous Flowers
Wig 75G
Top 35G
Shawl 45G
Skirt 55G
Shoes 30G
Earring 23G
Barrette 27G

Bank Outfits:

Butterfly Delight
Wig 60G
Dress 70G
Shoes 25G
Bouquet 25G
Necklace 20G
Tights 15G
Butterflies 35G