HSL Episode 39

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LO
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 1400 – 1600 AP

Bus Ticket 1G (Optional – Only if you choose to go to the mall)
Ice Cream 3G, something salty 8G or crepes 6G (Optional – if you choose to stay home)
Armin’s Dress 88G
Castiel’s Dress 90G
Lysander’s Dress 89G
Kentin’s Dress 90G
Nathaniel’s Dress 88G
Prom Ticket 2G if you helped with getting things ready for the prom, 4G if you didn’t

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choices.

Fairy/Auntie: in the park at night. You can find her during the object: go to the prom. You will get glass slippers.


Nathaniel 88G

Lysander 89G

Kentin 90G

Castiel 90G

Armin 88G

Episode Guide:

The Episode starts at the school. It is the day you get to hear the results for your exams. You have to go to every class to get your results. Your results depend on how much you have studied in episode 38. If you did the study session, you’ll get the highest grades (A in History, B in Sports, A in Science, and A+ in Art). If you saw Evan and studied alone, you’ll get average grades (C in History, B in Sports, B in Science, and C in Art). If you didn’t study at all, that means that you saw Evan and spoke to Alexy and Rosalya you have failed and need to do a re-exams. You will talk with some people when you are getting your grades.


Don’t tell me you’re running around to collect your stupid grades…

A. Uh… I am. /
B. You’re not?
C. Not at all. +


Now that I’m not accountable to him anymore… I feel like all this was for nothing.

A. Of course not! +
B. I understand. /
C. That’s a bit stupid.

Your art result is your last grade. After that, you will talk with others to find out how they did.


My behavior hasn’t been very “hard-working” lately.

A. To say the least… /
B. Let’s hope this will serve as a lesson.
C. Look at the bright side… +



A. You are really unbelievable, Amber.
B. I don’t have any problems. /
C. (I sighed as I rolled my eyes.) /

Armin & Alexy:


A. Your family stories distracted me!
B. I did not work hard enough. /
C. I’ve been distracted lately. +

You will head home. Once you are outside the gate, you will see your boyfriend. He will walk you home. You will invite him inside and your boyfriend will finally meet your parents.


Well… The least you can say is that your mom is more welcoming than your dad.

A. Yes, it’s a bit worrying. /
B. My dad really scared you that much?
C. I agree… +


Well… Are you ready for introductions?

A. Not at all!
B. I wasn’t expecting that. /
C. Obviously. +


Your mom is nice!

A. Yeah. She must be up to something. +
B. That was stressful!
C. Yeah, she is nice. /


I’d rather have a nice “Get out of here and go home” cocktail.

A. I don’t think that was on the menu… +
B. Seriously? /
C. You can go home, if you want…


Oh gosh. I wasn’t planning on having tea and coffee with your mom!

A. If it makes you feel any better, neither was I… /
B. And?
C. Don’t worry. +

At some time your boyfriend will go home.

If you failed your exams. The next things will happen. You will have to study and then go to school to retake the exams. You will talk with some people.  


I don’t really know. An accident, I suppose.

A. Well, we’re two of a kind. +
B. Crap, I’m sorry. /
C. A bump in the road…


The last thing I want right now is to be stuck in a half deserted high school with you!

A. That was ironic, Li. /
B. And yet… here you are. /
C. I think I might actually miss you, you know. /

After you finished the re-exams you will go to courtyard and talk with Kentin. 


I know it’s still a bit early to ask this from you and I know it’s a lot to ask for, but I really hope you can forgive me for my behavior.

A. I hope so too.
B. That will take some time indeed. /
C. Don’t worry… +

Options if Kentin is your boyfriend.

You’ve been really great.

A. Yes…
B. It’s normal. +
C. I’m glad I could help out. / or +

After you head home.

If you have passed your exams, the next things will happen. You will have a weekend of sleeping out and on Monday you decide to do something. If Kentin is your boyfriend, you get the options to send him a text.



A. (I sent him a supportive text.) +
B. (I hope he will pass them.) /

For what you decide to do the next things can matter. You get to change your L’o’M with persons you meet. The AP is nearly for all the three routes the same. And you only don’t have to pay gold if you choose to go down town for shopping. 



A. (I’ll go down town for some shopping.) (You will meet Deborah, Thomas and one other depending on who your boyfriend is. (Alexy if your boyfriend is Armin, Evan if your boyfriend is Kentin, Melody if your boyfriend is Nathaniel or Peggy if your boyfriend is Lysander or Castiel))
B. (Maybe do some shopping at the mall…) (You will meet Capucine, Samuel, Kim and Violette, you will also send a text to your boyfriend)
C. (I feel like staying home doing nothing for once!) (You will have a movie day with Lucy)

If you choose to go down town for shopping:

You walk around in town until you see Tomas and Deborah.  


Yes and Deborah is a great babysitter!

A. Good. + to both
B. I’m having a hard time believing it. / Leads to another choice
C. I have no doubts about that… / to both.


A. (Spill the beans.) – with Thomas, / with Deborah
B. (Change the subject.) + with Deborah, / with Thomas

Then go to the park, you will have dialogue with someone depending on who your boyfriend is.

Alexy (if your boyfriend is Armin):

I asked if he wanted to take a walk before going but he said “go ahead, I will meet you there”. He was playing…

A. He might never go then. /
B. Not cool!
C. That looks like him. +

Evan (if your boyfriend is Kentin):

Quite good actually. I’m enjoying my day off to meet with Alexy and Armin for the afternoon.

A. Ah, you still see each other?
B. It’s good that you’re staying in touch. /
C. Okay. /

Melody (if your boyfriend is Nathaniel):


A. (Try to make up) /
B. (Give up) /

Peggy (if your boyfriend is Castiel or Lysander):

I’m looking for a good story.

A. And are you finding any? +
B. In a park?
C. Don’t you ever go on holiday? /

You will head back home.

If you choose to go shopping at the mall:

You will take the bus to the mall. The ticket cots 1G. You will only have a choice conversation with Capucine.  


Have you ever tried one of these things? It’s really awesome.

A. It sure looked like it was. /
B. I’m not into video games.
C. What was awesome was watching you. +

You will also try on some lingerie. You make some pictures for Rosalya, but instead you send it to your boyfriend.

Then you will talk with Kim and Violette and after that head home.  

If you choose to stay home:

You invite Lucy for a movie. You go to the dollar shop to get something to eat.



A. (I feel like ice cream.) 3G (you watch a romantic comedy)
B. (I’m craving for something salty…) 8G (you watch a horror movie)
C. (And why not baking some crepes?) 6G (you watch an animated fantasy movie)

And then head back to your house.

Lucy (if you choose the ice cream):

It’s romantic comedy with Jules Daw and Tom Blues! I so like them!

A. Are you serious?
B. Cool! +
C. Okay. /

Options if you choose something salty.


A. How horrible! /
B. Awesome, I love horror movies! +
C. Oh no…

Options if you choose crepes.

It’s about a little girl who owns a magical stone and who finds a lost kingdom…

A. Ok! /
B. A cartoon…
C. The cover’s nice. +

After watching the movie, the day will end. Then all the routes come together.

You go to school and find out what the school will be organizing. They will do a prom night. You get the choice if you want to help with setting everything up. If you choose to do that, you will get a discount on your ticket. 


Girls, would you like to volunteer?

A. Yes, of course. / (discount on your prom ticket)
B. No, I don’t think so. /

If you choose to not volunteer:

You decide to walk around the high school with Rosalya before going dress shopping.

If you choose to Volunteer:

Get to the courtyard. The volunteers will be placed in two groups.

Patrick’s group (setting up decorations): Armin, Alexy, Violette, Melody and Iris.

Boris’ Group (setting up lights and sound equipment): Lysander, Kentin, Priya and Kim.


What do you choose, (nickname)?

A. I will go with Patrick. /
B. I will go with Boris. /

Castiel (if he is your boyfriend):

There’s no way I’m ruining my day to work as an unpaid mover.

A. But you will still come to the prom, right? /
B. That’s not very nice.
C. I understand. +

If you go with Patrick, you have a conversation with Armin.


Not to mention that we’ll have to… dance.

A. That’s going to be an ordeal for you. /
B. It’s not that complicated. +
C. It’s not that horrible, is it?

Options if Armin is your boyfriend.  

Not to mention that we’ll have to… dance.

A. That’s going to be an ordeal for you. +
B. Yes… that’s the whole point. /
C. He’s so dull!

If you go with Boris you will have some dialogue but no choice conversation.

To finish your volunteering you have to go to the garden and classroom b.

After the volunteering you will have dialogue with your boyfriend if he helped out. With Lysander there will be no choice conversation.


I don’t have a suit!

A. What will you wear then? /
B. You’re not coming with military pants, are you?
C. Too bad.+


Are you kidding? I’m not going to dress up as a penguin just for the sake of it.

A. You could make an effort!
B. I’m sure it would suit you fine. /
C. Ah… +

Then it is time to go to the clothing shop, on your way you see Amber and Nathaniel.


You again? Apparently it’s impossible to avoid you, even outside the boundaries of the school…

A. I could say the same thing about you, you know. – for Nathaniel, / for Amber
B. (I ignored her.) / for both

Then you will see Rosalya at the shops and get to pick out your dress.

Nathaniel 88G

Lysander 89G

Kentin 90G

Castiel 90G

Armin 88G

You will go home. You ask your parents if your friends can come over tomorrow. The next day your friends come over and you will make each other ready for prom.


It’s Hell… It’s not supposed to be nice.

A. What are you going to be wearing Kim? /
B. I find high heels quite nice! / for Kim, + for Priya
C. Do you intend to go to the prom wearing sneakers? – for Kim

You get to choose which one looks the most beautiful in her dress. The one you choose her L’o’M will go higher. 

Rosalya, Priya, Melody and Kim:


A. It would be Rosa’s. + with Rosa
B. It would be Priya’s. + with Priya
C. It would be Melody’s. + with Melody
D. It would be Kim’s. + with Kim

Once you finished getting ready, you will go to the prom.

Now you can find the fairy. She is in the park. Just go back and forward  between the park and the surrounding places until she pops up.

Then it is time to go to prom. You will see Boris to get your ticket. It will cost 4G, if you volunteered your ticket cost 2G.

You will dance inside until the sound falls out. You will go outside to take some air. 


What is it?

A. At the beginning, I hated you.
B. When you first got here, I was afraid of you. +
C. I did not really know what to think of you at first. /


A. Why? /
B. Isn’t law a bit complicated?
C. I’m sure you’ll be perfect at that. +


Err… yes.

A. What’s the matter with you Priya? /
B. Calm down, Priya. /

After some dialogue, Peggy shows up. She says that Mr. Faraize hasn’t come back yet. You go inside the school to find him.  Before you do, you can head to Classroom B if you’re on any route besides Kentin’s to have a chat with Alexy.


Well… I finally told Kentin I had a crush on him.

A. You’re insane!
B. Oh. I’m sorry to hear this. +
C. But… why? /


A. I don’t know how I would have reacted if I were you.
B. If I were you, I would have fallen apart. /
C. Oh, but I’m not surprised. +

Then go to the Student Council Room to find Mr. Faraize with Melody.



A. Maybe it’s time to move on.
B. Maybe it’s better that way. +
C. Look at the bright side of things… /

Then you go back to the gym. You confront Peggy.



A. What’s the matter with you? /
B. Are you out of your mind?

Then you get to dance with your boyfriend.


It’s a beautiful song and I would like to dance to it with you…

A. (I smiled back at him.)
B. (I slid my hand into his.) (illustration)
C. (I put my arm around his neck.)



A. (I wrapped my arms around his neck.)
B. (I stroke his hair.)
C. (I lay my head against his chest.) (illustration)


I always say that I don’t like dancing… but I really felt like holding you against me.

A. (I let him lead the dance.) (illustration)
B. (I lay my head against his chest.)
C. (I put my hands on his shoulders.)



A. (I wrapped my arms around his neck.)
B. (I slid my hands into his.)
C. (I put my face closer to his.) (illustration)



A. (I took him in my arms.) (illustration)
B. (I stroke his neck.)
C. (I put my hands around his neck.)

Then the episode will end.