Lost In The Dark Grove

Lost In The Dark Grove
A Mysterious sound is coming from the Forest. What can it possibly be?
You find Kristoff lost in the woods near a strange portal Donald disappeared through. He asks you to find his friend.
As you explore the Dark Grove on the other side of the portal, you find one of Donald’s feathers.
Kristoff suggests you ask Merlin for his help with a tracking spell.
When you find Donald Duck, he explains he was pursuing a Dark Entity that was stealing Orbs, before asking you to get him out of there and restore the Orb.
To unlock this quest you have to open up the Forest of Valor and complete the quest Friendship Is Everything. With completing this quest, you get Kristoff and Donald in your Valley. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • There’s a strange sound coming from the Forest of Valor. Go see what it’s all about: Follow the music in the forest of valor. You will find Kristoff playing on a lute.
  • It’s Kristoff! Talk to him: go talk with Kristoff.
  • Go through the Dark Portal: walk through the dark portal in the forest.
  • Investigate the Dark Grove for clues about Donald Duck’s whereabouts: pick up the feather that lies on the ground.
  • Show Kristoff what you found: bring the feather back to Kristoff. He is still waiting for you at the other side of the portal.
  • Ask Merlin for help to track down Donald Duck: go to Merlin, you can find on the map where he is.
  • Gather 2 Emeralds, 1 plant from the dark Grove and 4 Dream shards for the tracking spell: Emeralds can be found with mining in the Forest of Valor or the Glade of Trust. For the plant from the dark groove, you have to go back through the portal and pick up a plant. The Dream Shards can be found with digging a hole in sparkling grounds.
  • Bring the ingredients for the tracking spell to Merlin: go back to Merlin, you can find on the map where he is.
  • Return to the Dark Groove with the Enchanted Feather: go back through the portal.
  • Follow the enchanted feather through the dark groove: Thy to stay close to the feather.
  • Talk with Donald: you have found Donald, go talk with him.
  • Place the Orb of Courage in the Forest Pillar: go back though the portal and place the orb in the pillar at the Forest of Valor.
  • Talk to Donald Duck: now that Donald is back in the Village, he likes to talk with you. With talking to the Donald, you complete this quest.

At 00:00 starts Lost In The Dark Grove quest.

Feather behind the portal
Plant behind the portal
Placing the orb in the pillar.