HSL Episode 12

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 375 – 425 AP
Episode 394 AP
Fairy 6 AP

Phone for Amber 60G

Illustrations: 6 in total. You can get all 6 in a single play through. The illustrations depend on dialogue choices and LOM. You have to have an LOM of at least 50 with Nathaniel, Lysander and Castiel to get their illustrations. Armin you can get by answering the right choice. The others you can get automatically.

Fairy/Auntie: in the locker room. You can find her after you saw Nathaniel in the locker room. She will give you a smartphone.

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the hallway. ChiNoMimi will explain that you can get all illustrations in one play through. Then the story will start, you and your teammate are talking with the principal in the teachers lounge.

Mrs. Shermansky (The Principal): We were scared to death! Two students, getting lost in the forest when the path was well marked! What was going through your heads to do that?

A. (Don’t say anything for now.) /
B. (Take responsibility) +
C. (Say that it’s your teammate’s fault)

After you talk with the principal, you have to go to Mr. Faraize. You can find him in the courtyard. He will need some help with cleaning the teachers lounge. You have to pick up three things. Some folders, a jacket and a used cup. 

You are going to try to find out who won the race. Walk around. You will talk with a lot of students until you find Amber. She will tell you who won the race. Then go over to the student council room, there you will find Violette.

Violette: I try talking to him but I just can’t… I’m too shy.

A. (Help Violette declare her love!) (You will talk with Alexy for Violette)
B. (Stay out of it and let her do it by herself) (You will try to find Violette to find out how it went)

If you choose the content of B, you will try to find Violette. She is in the garden or in the hallway. She is still afraid to go to Alexy you will talk with him. He is in the garden or the hallway.
If you choose the content of A, you will try to find Alexy. He is in the garden or in the hallway.

Castiel: Why didn’t you talk to him then? (If you are looking for Alexy)

A. That would have been way to easy, right…!
B. Because I didn’t have anything to say then. /
C. Do I ask you questions? +

Castiel: Why didn’t you talk to her then? (If you are looking for Violette)

A. That would have been way to easy, right…!
B. Do I ask you questions? +
C. Because I didn’t have anything to say then. /

Lysander: He was near the gardening club. Why? (If you are looking for Alexy)

A. Just ‘cause…for the fun of it. +
B. I have something to ask him.

Lysander: She was near the gardening club. Why? (If you are looking for Violette)

A. I have something to ask her.
B. Just ‘cause…for the fun of it. +

Nathaniel: A project for the teachers that is going to take place in a few minutes.

A. …Why is it that every time a teacher needs something, you are in on it?
B. Why didn’t I know about it?
C. In a few minutes? Then you are running late! /

Alexy: Yeah, but she’s not really my type!

A. Try at least! Violette is really nice… +
B. Oh yeah? Do you like another girl? /

Alexy: Well, actually…She’s not really my type.

A. Oh yeah? Do you like another girl? /
B. You’re right, she’s pretty dumb…
C. You could try, she is really nice. +

Then you are going to find Armin, He will be in classroom A or B.

Armin: That wouldn’t have been as fun!

A. I thought YOU didn’t like girls… +
B. It doesn’t bother you that your brother doesn’t like girls?
C. I wasn’t expecting that at all, except… /

Armin: That’s when I see girls like you that I think he’s right not to be interested in you. The kind viper’s tongue, we do better. The only weird person in this school, it’s you. 

A. I do not want to be bad! It’s just not common! /
B. (Do not add anything and from) /

Once you walk out of the classroom, you will Hear Castiel and Lysander talk. You think they are a couple. You are going to ask around until you meet Boris in the courtyard. He will ask you to find Lysander. Walk around. After talking with some students, you will find Lysander in the courtyard.

Peggy: Well, I heard that you had an adventure during the race! That kind of story would make a really, REALLY good article, so, I would to interview you. Do you want to?

A. Yeah, sure, that’s fine. / with Peggy and – with your teammate
B. No, I would prefer not to… / with Peggy and your teammate

Castiel: Actually, yes, I wanna know. What’s up with you?

A. (Invent an excuse) I was just wondering if you were going to participate in the basketball game.
B. (Change the subject) Actually, did you sleep well? +

Nathaniel: As you can see, yes… For the basketball game.

A. Do you think I can come? /
B. I would have liked to participate too! /
C. Why weren’t the girls invited?

Armin: Are you still looking for someone?

A. I have a lot of things to ask. /
B. Have you seen him or not? /
C. They are lost without me, it’s not my fault! +

Armin: That makes me think of the characters in MMORPGs! Like the guy asks you to talk to the welder, but the welder is right next to him, but you are still obligated to talk to him to advance.

A. Yeah it’s kind of like that. /
B. Characters? MMORPG?

Armin: Cool! You make me visit one of these four? 

A. If you want!
B. I do not prefer…
C. You did not need it? +

Lysander: Oh yeah, he told me about it…I have to go change in the locker room then. I’ll just do the warm ups, I’m not really interested in the whole thing.

A. Yeah, you don’t really seem like the sporty type. +
B. It would do you some good to move around though!

After talking with Lysander, you want to see the tattoo on his back. You hide in the locker room. You will see someone come into the locker room. Automatically you will get this Illustration. You try to see closer; it is Nathaniel. Illustration with Nathaniel if your LOM is above 50. Nathaniel will see you.

Nathaniel: A TATTOO?! You spy on boys getting undressed because of a TATTOO?! Who do you think is going to believe that?

A. But it’s the truth… +
B. N-No, actually, I’m lost…
C. I’m not spying on anyone!

Nathaniel: I didn’t think you were capable of something like this…

A. Chill out, I just saw your back! /
B. I reacted without thinking… /
C. N-Nathaniel…I know I shouldn’t say anything but those marks on your back… Where are they from?

After talking with Nathaniel go back into the locker room. There you will find the fairy. Her part cost  and you will get a smartphone. 

Then try to find Lysander he should be in classroom A. You also have to find Iris and Melody They are in classroom A and in the hallway. 

Lysander: Just for my tattoo?

A. (Don’t say anything.) (Illustration with Lysander)
B. I’m sorry! I didn’t know it would end up like that… /

Iris: (Choice)

A. (Don’t talk to her about Nathaniel) + with Nathaniel
B. (Talk to her about Nathaniel) – with Nathaniel

Candy: (Choice) (If you did the interview with Peggy)

A. (Ah, teammate is here…) (You will talk with your teammate, his LOM will go down)
B. (It’s useless to stay here, no one is here.) (You walk on)

Melody: I-In the locker rooms? What were you doing there?

A. (Tell the truth) – with Nathaniel
B. (Lie) + with Nathaniel

Then go back to the hallway. You will talk with Amber. She will let you buy a phone. You can find it in the dollar shop. It will cost 60G.

Go back to the hallway. Amber will give you a hint. Then you have to talk to a few students. Walk around. After you have talked to Nathaniel you can find a video game in the stairway.

Try to find Armin, he is in the hallway. On the way you will come across Castiel. You will get this illustration if your LOM is above 50.

Armin: (Choice)

A. (Talk to him) / (Illustration with Armin)
B. (Continue watching him in silence) /

After talking with Melody. Walk around. You will get on last illustration automatically. Then the episode will end.