HSL Episode 15

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Special thanks to Sakurina & Appleracoon.

Action points: 
Lysander: 782 AP
Armin: 762 AP
Kentin: 716 AP

Deborah’s album: 4G
Cookies for Kentin (optional): 4G
Outfit Lysander: 9G
Outfit Armin: 11G
Outfit Kentin: 8G

Illustrations: 3 in total. You can get one out of three in a single play through. The illustrations depend on outfit, dialogue choices and LOM.

Fairy/Auntie: In the locker-room. She will give you a camera or a dress. For the camera, she can be found the next day after the concert but before the announcement. I got some tips that the moment of the dress is right after you bought the album, but before you see Alexy to listen with him to the album. Which makes it very difficult to get the fairy. Because Alexy can appear in the gym when you try to go into locker room multiply times to find her. I haven’t been able yet to get the dress, so I don’t know if this tip works. But I hope it does. If you find her with the dress at another moment, please let me know.


Outfit Armin 11G

Outfit Lysander 9G

Outfit Kentin 8G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the courtyard, where episode 14 ended. You are talking with Deborah.

Deborah: Sorry to insist, but I really need to see him. Do you know where he is?

A. (Send her in the wrong direction.) (Gives you more dialogue choices with Castiel)
B. (Tell her where I think he is.) (Gives you more dialogue choices with Nathaniel)

Walk towards the basement.

Nathaniel: So (Nickname), what did you think about the concert?

A. Great! You were great on the drums! And those clothes looked really good on you, you looked cooler than usual! +
B. Sorry, I don’t have time right now, I need to find Castiel.

Nathaniel: I would have liked to spend some time with you, but I need to get home now.

A. Oh, too bad… +
B. Say rather that you don’t care!
C. Oh, c’mon! (Take him by the arm.) / (Another choice)

Nathaniel: I don’t know if I want to see Castiel and a girl alone in the basement… (If you choose the content of C)

A. Why? If they are just talking! /
B. Too bad Peggy isn’t here, she would love that kind of scoop! /

Nathaniel: I-I left quickly…just in case.

A. Ha ha! You’re too cute!
B. Good thinking +
C. Chicken!

Castiel: Are you talking about yourself in the third person now?

A. No, I’m not talking about me! /
B. Very funny! You haven’t spoken to anyone besides me then? / (Another choice)

Castiel: No, no one. Well, no one I know anyhow. There were quite a few girls after the concert, but I didn’t know any of them. (If you choose the content of B)

A. Lots of girls? The concert was successful then! /
B. What do you mean? /

Castiel: You’re not the only girl I impress. But don’t worry, you’re on my list.

A. I’m not worried… In any case, once they see your negative side, they’ll turn around and run! /
B. Don’t change the subject! What did they want? /
C. You can take me off it right now, you don’t have a chance. /

Castiel: Yeah, true… Well, I guess if I see her before I leave, good for her, but I’m not going to hang out here too much longer.

A. Can I come with you? /
B. Ok, see you tomorrow! /

When you have been to the basement, go to the courtyard.

Castiel: I was just wondering.

A. And what are you thinking about?
B. You’re interested in me now? +

Castiel: You don’t even know how to make your own. But since that’s what you want, no problem, I give up!

A. No! /
B. Thanks. /

Castiel: I’m not negative.

A. Oh sure you are…extremely even.
B. Yeah you do, but that’s why we love you! /

Kentin: Are you going home alone? Do you want me to walk with you?

A. Yeah, I’d like that! /
B. No thanks, I’d prefer to go home alone.

Lysander: It’s the least I could say! I wanted to return the favor, but I don’t have any good ideas…So I thought I could walk you home! If you want.

A. Yeah, that would be nice! +
B. No, thanks I would prefer to go home alone. /

Armin: If you’re leaving, no, if you are staying why not! We could talk a bit, what do you say?

A. No, sorry, I really need to leave… /
B. Shoot, I would have liked to, but I have to go… +

Armin: Oh, too bad. I’ll get going too then. Can I walk with you?

A. No…Sorry, I want to be alone a bit.
B. Yeah, I’d like that! /

The next day will start. If you want to get the camera from the fairy, go first to the locker room. She should be there. Then go into the school, you will hear an announcement. Go to classroom B. Then leave the class, you will be talking with Armin.

Armin: Shoot, I would have liked to see that!

A. I didn’t think you were like that… /
B. Stop, I’m going to end up jealous… /

You will walk around the school to ask everyone about Deborah.

Armin: The school is planning a laser tag tournament, I’m sure of it!

A. A what tournament? /
B. Oh, no, I don’t like that.
C. That would be cool! +

Alexy: Sure we do! The money is so we can buy what we want!

A. (Let him dream, it seems to be making him happy.) +
B. (Destroy his illusions now, it’s better that way.) /

Lysander: Nope, and I don’t really feel like talking about it.

A. Why? +
B. Oh… So, if I figure something out, I shouldn’t tell you? /
C. ‘Cause it would spoil the surprise?

You will come across Deborah. Then you go again walking around the school to ask everyone about her.

Kentin: (Nickname)! Tell them that I’m fine like this!

A. And would a ‘please’ be too much to ask for? /
B. Uh… Yeah, he’s fine like that… /

Lysander: She didn’t want to tell me more… I hope she doesn’t want him to go play in her band…

A. Me neither… It would be horrible if he left school! /
B. Look at the bright side: it will give us a vacation!

You decide to by Deborah’s album. Go to the Dollar shop. The album will cost 4G. Walk to the next room. Alexy will get his CD player. Walk again to the next room. Alexy will be back and you two start listing to the album.

Alexy: (Choice)

A. (*Sigh*) /
B. Do you want to switch? You wear the headphones and I listen with my head next to yours? /

Alexy: I guess not, but it’s not as bad as some of the stuff you can see on TV… this is pretty low key! She was probably asked to pose like that so that the album will sell better!

A. It’s still weird… She gives off the impression that she is beautiful and she knows it. /
B. I wouldn’t have accepted to do that… /

Alexy decides to let you do the investigation further alone. Walk towards the next room. There you will see Armin. 

Armin: I just ran into my brother, and he told me that you are still trying to get information about Debbie?

A. Her name is Deborah.
B. You got her name wrong! /

Armin: We can be like Ace Attorney, in investigation mode. We can go in a room where we can find clues. We’ll look, and when we find something we can go see Luna to confront her with the information until we learn something new!

A. I don’t know if treating life like a video game is such a great idea…
B. Her name is DEBORAH! /
C. Ok! I’ll be Maya and you can be Phoenix! / (Another choice)

Armin: That role suits you very well! (If you choose the content of C)

A. Because I’m cute?
B. Because I’m a bit weird? /

Armin and you go looking for Mr. Faraize. He is in Classroom B. He will give Armin the keys to the teacher’s lounge. Go towards the teacher’s lounge.

Armin: Well, we all learn from our mistakes…

A. You will never get your game back then! /
B. This isn’t the time to laugh! Help me get them back! It’s alright, we’ll just have to move the lockers! /

Armin will lose the keys. They fall behind to the lockers. You have to go changes you clothes, so you can get the keys. You may not wear a hat, a bag, an accessory or a jacket. Get the keys and then go to teacher’s lounge.

Armin: Look at yours instead of complaining!

A. No, I don’t want to. /
B. Oh, where is it? /

Leave the teacher’s lounge.

Armin: I’m going to get these keys back to Mr. Faraize! Later!

A. Okay, see you later then! /
B. Wait, I’ll come with you! (I want to stay with him a bit longer…) + (Another choice)

Armin: (Choice) (If you choose the content of B)

A. (I would like to talk to him…) / (Another choice)
B. (Don’t say anything.) /

Armin: (Choice) (If you choose the content of A)

A. It’s nice out today isn’t it?
B. What’s your favorite color? /
C. How do you feel about me? /

Armin: What about her bothers you that much?

A. She seems too perfect. /
B. I just have a hunch… /
C. I don’t like her clothes…

Walk around the school until you find Kentin. He should be in the courtyard.

Kentin: I hope that she came to get Castiel, we won’t have to deal with him anymore!

A. No! The school will be so empty without him… /
B. It still wouldn’t please me very much… /
C. You say that because he still scares you…

Kentin: I-Innocent? Not at all…

A. Are you staying here? /
B. Are you coming with me? / (Towards illustration with Kentin)

Go to the locker room.

Candy: Or rather, “left laying around”, right?

A. (Leave it) – with Lysander
B. (Take the  notebook) / (You will give it to Lysander later)

Go to the basement.

Lysander: Really? Thanks (Nickname)! That’s one good thing for the day!

A. Now, you can stamp my “lost notebook” members card, right? +
B. It’s always a pleasure! /

If you want the illustration with Kentin, you should now go to the dollar shop. There you can buy cookies. They are 4G.

Kentin: No, nothing here either… Well, except for the magazine that we were looking for!

A. Great Ken! You are awesome! – (Another choice)
B. You really have it?! /

Kentin: Kentin! Don’t call me Ken. (If you choose the content of A)

A. Shoot… I’m sorry, I forgot. /
B. Ah, sorry, but you know it’s not mean. +

Walk around the school until you find Deborah.

Deborah: And do I intimidate you? Because you could have just asked me directly you know.

A. (Make up an excuse) /
B. (Be frank) /

Go with Deborah to the basement. You will go back in time and play as Deborah.

Castiel: With a voice like yours and a pro like me at the guitar, it couldn’t be anything but perfect!

A. Ha ha, how modest kitten! /
B. True, what would I do without you? /

The flashback will end. Leave the basement. You have to choose your outfit.

Outfit Armin 11G

Outfit Lysander 9G

Outfit Kentin 8G

You will see Lysander, Kentin or Armin and Alexy.

Lysander: I tried to contact Castiel again, but he isn’t answering… I don’t know what Deborah told him, and what his decision will be… I’m almost stressed about this…

A. Imagine, Castiel leaves… We wouldn’t see him at all. / (Illustration)
B. Don’t worry, I’m sure everything will be alright. /

Armin: No! I play a game. It wakes up all my senses, and then I feel refreshed!

A. Oh… Why not, it could get my mind off things. /
B. I don’t really feel like playing… / (Illustration)

Illustration with Kentin

The episode will end.