NG Episode 1

Green ! Neutral choice
Yellow ! Medium choice
Red ! Critical choice

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

The LOM meter changes after playing the hole episode. After you have answered a choice positive or negative, the character’s head will pop up with a plus sign or min sign to let you know.

Costs: 1.600–1.900 AP and 15–30 Gems
Devon 1.651 AP and 15 Gems
Thomas 1.704 AP and 15 Gems
Amanda 1.606 AP and 15 Gems
Roy 1.886 AP and 15 Gems
Uncle Archibald: 40 AP
Outfit 40 AP
Chair 80 AP
Special scene with crush 15 Gems

Illustrations: 4 in total. You can get two out of four in a single play through. You can get Thomas’s illustration and one of the others. The illustrations depend on choices.

Uncle Archibald: you meet him automatically at the bus stop. You have to choose; Well, for now, I’m living with Mom. He will give you a Worky-worky outfit for Taki and the choice costs 40 AP.


Outfit 40AP

Episode guide:

You start this episode in your bedroom. It is time for breakfast. Go to the living room.
In the living room, you see your mother and sister.

Zahra: What do you want to drink, (Nickname)? (Green !)

A. Orange juice would be good. /
B. I’d like a cup of tea, if there’s any. /
C. Like you, coffee would be perfect. /

Zahra: (Choice) (Green !)

A. And I’ll be gone when you get back! /
B. And you’re saving my life, really. I won’t impose myself for long… /
C. And I’ll enjoy it too! My next play of my own probably won’t have a swimming pool… /

Tasha and Zahra: Actually, what are your expectations for this fresh start, (Nickname)? (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) I want to succeed in my new job! 45-60 AP +5 with Tasha and  / with Zahra
B. (Rebel) I want to get my revenge. 45-60 AP / with Tasha and Zahra
C. (Sweet) Frankly, I just hope that it will go better than at EMPC… 45-60 AP -5 with Tasha and / with Zahra

Tasha and Zahra: What a horrible experience, he could have turned Belodie off to love forever! (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) Don’t worry about that, Mom. 45-60 AP / with Tasha and Zahra
B. (Rebel) I’m going to ignore the advice of a sixteen-year-old. 45-60 AP – with Tasha and / with Zahra
C. (Energetic) For sure, the next guy who tries to play me isn’t going to get off easy. 45-60 +5 with Tasha and / with Zahra

You go back upstairs to put on your new outfit. There is only one outfit to choose.

Outfit 40AP

You will go back downstairs and say your mother, sister and Taki goodbye and go to work. Go to the residential area, from there you take the bus. On your way, you see your uncle Archibald.

Uncle Archibald: I didn’t know, however, that you’ve taken up residence here as well… (Yellow !)

A. Well, for now, I’m living with Mom. 40 AP / (Correct answer) (You get a Worky-Worky outfit for Taki)
B. I didn’t really have the choice, to be honest. 40 AP /
C. It’s very recent, I just got here… 40 AP /

The bus will take you to the center of town. There, Roy walks into to you.

Roy: I wonder how I didn’t notice you, actually… (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) It’s not a big deal, it happens… 50-55 AP /
B. (Rebel) Is that really your best pick-up line? 50-55 AP -5
C. (Energetic) No problem. It’s the same for me when I run. 50-55 AP +5

Walk towards the shopping district. From there you get automatically to your job. There you meet Thomas.

Thomas: (Choice) (Yellow!)

A. (Sweet) You’re not a morning person? Me neither… 50-55 AP +5
B. (Rebel) And that is why you’re late? 50-55 /
C. (Energetic) It won’t be dawn for much longer, we shouldn’t dawdle! 50-55 AP -5

Walk towards the open space.

Thomas: (Choice) (Yellow!)

A. (Rebel) I totally agree: paperwork sucks. 50-55 AP +5
B. (Sweet) I’m sorry you have to do all this for me… 50-55 AP -5
C. (Energetic) It’s crazy, one might almost believe you don’t like paperwork! 50-55 AP /

Thomas: The quality is good, and you’re facing forward. (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) Okay… But we’re going to redo the badge with the photo I brought 50-55 AP -5
B. (Sweet) Well… Maybe you could have asked for my opinion before…? 50-55 AP /
C. (Energetic) Actually, it’s rather funny… I think I’ll get used to it! 50-55 AP +5

Thomas: It’s a photo of you, you’re recognizable, and you’re beautiful… No? (Green !)

A. Are you trying to sweeten the pill with flattery? /
B. Really, you think so? /
C. In this case, not really, no. /

Thomas: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. Yes, my mother is an architect and is quite well known in the industry… 40 AP /
B. I’d like you to keep your comments to yourself… 40 AP /
C. It’s my mother who is rich, not me. 40 AP /

Thomas: (Choice) (Red !)

A. (Energetic) I was hoping you’d introduce me to everyone! 100-115 AP /
B. (Sweet) Maybe you could show me around… 100-115 AP /
C. (Rebel) Never mind. Can I take a little tour myself, to get situated 100-115 AP / towards illustration and another choice

Thomas will show you around. Walk towards the break area. There you meet Elenda and Brune if you answered sweet or energetic in the last choice. Then Thomas shows you to the canteen. If you answered Rebel in the last choice, Thomas will ask you here what you want to drink.

Thomas: What would you like? (Red !)

A. Nothing, I’m good, thanks… 80AP
B. Well, what would you like? 80AP
C. Let me see what there is… 80 AP / towards illustration and another choice

Thomas: (Choice) (Green!)

A. A coffee would be great. /
B. A hot cocoa, if it’s good.
C. A tomato soup. It sounds comforting… /

Illustration with Thomas (Belodie)

Illustration with Thomas (Lucy)

Illustration with Thomas (Elizabeth (Lizzy))

Then you go to Devon’s office, if you answered; (Sweet) Maybe you could show me around or (Energetic) I was hoping you’d introduce me to everyone. Devon is your boss. There will be a meeting at 10 o’clock where you are going to be introduced to everyone. Then you go back to the open space and meet Amanda.

Amanda: You must be the new girl. I’m Amanda de Lavienne. (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) (I shook her hand, smiling.) 50-60 AP +5
B. (Rebel) I take it you must be the old girl ? I’m (Nickname). 50-60 AP /
C. (Energetic) Yes! I’m Belodie! Shall we hug? 50-60 AP –

Roy will walk over to you and Amanda. They will tell you that the persons place you took went to work for their competition. Then Roy will show you a website where you can choose your own chair.

Roy: (choice) (Red !)

A. The Little round chair is pretty, don’t you think? It’s cute, and it looks comfortable… 80 AP you will get a nice desk for your room.
B. What do you think about this one in the shape of a dinosaur? Isn’t it too cute?! 80 AP you will get a prehistoric desk for your room.
C. Look, a real desk chair: mobile good back support, discreet… 80 AP you will get an ergonomic desk for your room.

Nice desk

Prehistoric desk

Ergonomic desk

If you answered; (Rebel) Never mind. Can I take a little tour myself, to get situated. You will go now to Devon’s office to meet him. There is still some time left. Go to the break room. There you see Elenda and Brune.

Elenda and Brune: For us to ask you another three hundred questions? (Green !)

A. (Energetic) It’d be ideal if you could write them down, that way I can answer them at my own pace. +5 with Brune and / with Elenda
B. (Sweet) Everything’s fine, thanks, and I did find my desk. / with Brune and Elenda
C. (Rebel) That makes only three questions for now, I think I can handle that. + 5 with Elenda and / with Brune

Elenda and Brune: I think we’re much better off here, in the end. (Green !)

A. Let’s say that it was… a learning experience. But I wanted to move on to something else. / with Elenda and Brune
B. I think so too. The mood there was really horrible. +5 with Elenda and / with Brune
C. The company in itself was okay… But the people worked there… +5 with Brune and / with Elenda

Elenda and Brune have to go back to work. Walk back towards the open space. If you go to the meeting room, you see Amanda. If you go to Devon’s office, you see Devon. If you go to the cafeteria, you see Roy.

Amanda: Can I do something for you? (Red !)

A. Maybe… I’m still getting my bearings… 80 AP / towards illustration
B. Uh… No. I thought the room would be empty… Sorry. 80 AP – you will go back to the open space and can see Roy or Devon instead.

Amanda: I come from a very privilege family, I’m not going to disown them after all! (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) There’s no shame there, but I don’t really like interrogations. 50-60 AP /
B. (Energetic) You’re right. I’m not ashamed of it, moreover, on the contrary. 50-60 AP
C. (Sweet) No, of course not. It’s just that I don’t like to put my life on display. 50-60 AP +5

Amanda: (Choice) (Red !)

A. (I hurried to help her pick everything up) 80 AP / illustration (Belodie) illustration (Eleanor)
B. (Out of curiosity, I took advantage of the situation to try and read what was on the papers…) 80 AP /
C. (I didn’t move. Though luck for queen bee.) 80 AP

Devon: Yes (Nickname), you can come in. (Red !)

A. (I walked into the office, he mentioned for me to sit down.) 80 AP + towards illustration
B. No, that’s nice of you, but I don’t want to bother you… 80 AP – you will go back to the open space and can see Amanda or Roy instead.

Devon: Maybe you’d like for us to sign your contract? I have it here… (Yellow !)

A. Sure! It’s crazy how fast things go! 40 AP /
B. Great! I was almost expecting to have an interview. 40 AP /

Devon: Saying no wasn’t really an option.

A. (Sweet) Great… Yet again, it’s my mom who’s done everything. 50-55 AP +
B. (Energetic) Really?! If that’s why, then I prefer to look elsewhere! 50-55 AP
C. (Rebel) For sure, otherwise she could have purchased the entire company. 50-55 AP

Devon: And when you’re done, you can sign… (Red!)

A. (Rebel) Would it be a problem if I took it home to read? 100-110 AP
B. (Energetic) (I took a moment to quickly read through the different pages.) 100-110 AP / illustration (Belodie) illustration (Susan)
C. (Sweet) It’s fine, I trust you. 100-110 AP

Roy: (Change) (Red !)

A. Sorry, this is too weird! 80 AP
B. I’m going to go, before I can no longer look away from those abs, so… 80 AP
C. Everyone here knows you do… what, exactly? 80 AP / towards illustration

Roy: Two sets of fifty. I don’t want to wear myself out either… (Red !)

A. (Rebel) Oh yeah, of course! After a run, a hundred push-ups… It’s the bare minimum! 95-120 AP
B. (Energetic) In two sets? Lightweight!  95-120 AP / illustration (Belodie) 
C. (Sweet) Okay, I didn’t mean to bother you… I’ll leave you alone. 95-120 AP /

If you are not yet in the meeting room, then go to the meeting room. There you will see all your coworkers. Devon will give a speech and everyone will applause afterward. You think you will feel at home here. The episode ends.