Valentine’s Day 2022

It is Valentine’s Day on my candy love. It starts on 7 February 2022, and it will last until 14 February 2022. This event is a lot like the Valentine’s Day event from 2019, the Music Day event from 2021 and the Halloween event from 2021. In those events, you had to take care of a plant, a bird or a ghost. This time you need to take care of cupid. Every day you get to do five things for Cupid. Getting clear water, buy some food, find the sun, getting away of the bugs and answer a choice. You have to wait after each game until the next one appears. It depends on the game you got how long you have to wait. After the food you have to wait 15 min, after the sun 20 min, after getting clear water 25 min, after the choice 30 min and after the bugs 40 min.
With taking care of Cupid, you can collect Hearts In Love. You can give those Hearts In Love to the LI. Each LI needs 6 Hearts In Love to get dialogue with. You can also buy one Heart In Love for 40 AP. After the dialogue, you will get an illustration and two outfit items.
There is also a community bar. You can fill it by collecting Hearts In Love. But it is a group effort. Because it depends on how many Hearts In Love, everyone that my candy love plays gets. So if the whole community gets enough Hearts In Love, you will get the Cupid’s Bow bonus.
You can also get one outfit at the bank. In total, you can get 5 illustrations, 3 outfits and 1 bonus item.

Taking care of Cupid:

Getting clear water: you have to fill the goblet with clear water. You do that by catching white drops. Don’t catch the black drops. You have 40 seconds to fill it. After this game, you have to wait 25 minutes until the next game.

Buy some food: Cupid needs to eat. You have to spend 5G at food for Cupid. After this game, you have to wait 15 minutes until the next game. 

Find the sun: Cupid needs the sun. It is hiding somewhere on the My Candy Love website. Try to go to every page until you find it. After this game, you have to wait 20 minutes until the next game. 

Getting away of the bugs: Cupid is suffers from bugs. You can get them away by clicking on them. You have 30 seconds to clear 30 bugs. After this game, you have to wait 40 minutes until the next game. 

Answer a choice: you have to give the right answer to Cupid. After this game, you have to wait 30 minutes until the next game. Here you can see all the answers:

Day 1: (Choice)

A. I have some sushi leftovers from yesterday, how does that sound?
B. A raclette for two?
C. We can share some pieces of chocolate, if you want? (Correct answer)

Day 2: (Choice)

A. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
B. Dangerous Liaisons by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos.
C. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. (Correct answer)

Day 3: (Choice)

A. Lions?
B. Swans? (Correct answer)
C. Spiders?

Day 4: (Choice)

A. Serotonin!
B. Cortisol!
C. Oxytocin! (Correct answer)

Day 5: (Choice)

A. 50 years?
B. 60 years? (Correct answer)
C. 40 years?

Day 6: Do you know how to say “I love you” in American Sign Language?

A. Do you brush your lips downwards with your index finger?
B. Do you put your hand on your chin and lower it towards the other person?
C. Do you extend your thumb, index and little finger? (Correct answer)

Day 7: By the way, do you know what flower color is used to express affection?

A. Green?
B. Purple?
C. Pink? (Correct answer)

Day 8: Like the Pont des Arts. Where is that again…?

A. In Paris? (Correct answer)
B. In Venice?
C. In Glasgow?

Illustraition with Castiel

Illustration with Rayan

Illustration with Hyun

Illustration with Priya

Illustration with Nathaniel

Here you can see the outfits with the prices if you want to buy another color.

Love Affair
Heels 37G
Pants 56G
Jacket 50G
Necklace 30G
Lingerie 42G
Wig 65G

Tonight I’m Leading
Stockings 35G
Garter Belt 30G
Negligee 55G
Lingerie 50G
Heels 45G
Wig 65G

Bank Outfits:

Girl’s Best Friends
Eyeliner 23G
Heels 50G
Dress 90G
Champagne 70G
Ring 30G
Necklace 35G
Diamonds 40G
Wig 70G