Halloween 2021

It is Halloween on my candy love. It starts on 21 October, and it will last until 31 October. This event is a lot like the Valentine’s Day event from 2019 and the Music Day event from 2021. In those events, you had to take care of a plant or a bird. This time you need to take care of a ghost. Every day you get to do five things for the Ghost. Getting tears of fear, buy some food, find the moon, getting away of the bugs and answer a choice. You have to wait after each game until the next one appears. It depends on the game you got how long you have to wait. After the food you have to wait 15 min, after the moon 20 min, after getting tears 25 min, after the choice 30 min and after the bugs 40 min.
With taking care of your ghost, you can collect frightened souls. You can give those frightened souls to the LI. Each LI needs 6 frightened souls to get dialogue with. You can also buy one frightened soul for 40 AP. After the date, you will get an illustration and two outfit items.
There is also a community bar. You can fill it by collecting frightened souls. But it is a group effort. Because it depends on how many frightened souls everyone that my candy love plays gets. So if the whole community gets enough frightened souls, you will get the witch’s pets bonus.
You can also get one outfit at the bank. In total, you can get 5 illustrations, 3 outfits and 1 bonus item.

Taking care of the ghost:

Getting tears of fears: you have to fill the goblet with black tears. You do that by catching black drops. Don’t catch the white drops. You have 40 seconds to fill it. After this game you have to wait 25 minutes until the next game.

Buy some food: your ghost needs to eat. You have to spend 5G at food for the ghost. After this game you have to wait 15 minutes until the next game. 

Find the moon: Your ghost needs the moon. It is hiding somewhere on the My Candy Love website. Try to go to every page until you find it. After this game you have to wait 20 minutes until the next game. 

Getting away of the bugs: your ghost suffers from bugs. You can get them away by clicking on them. You have 30 seconds to clear 30 bugs. After this game you have to wait 40 minutes until the next game. 

Answer a choice: you have to give the right answer to the ghost. After this game you have to wait 30 minutes until the next game. Here you can see all the answers:

Day 1: (Choice)

A. Do you want me to add more candles, you seem to like them? (Correct answer)
B. Should I sing you a little song?
C. Do you want something to eat?

Day 2: (Choice)

A. Nothing’s better than watching a good horror movie! It will give you some ideas, what do you think? (Correct answer)
B. I’ll show you how we do it! I’m the queen of jump scare.
C. Practice making eerie howls!

Day 3: (Choice)

A. The Conjuring? (Correct answer)
B. The Visit?
C. 28 days later?

Day 4: (Choice)

A. You can just make yourself flicker with a terrifying look on your face! (Correct answer)
B. Open your eyes wide and stick out your tongue! It has to scare us.
C. Show us your teeth, ferociously!

Day 5: (Choice)

A. Knock over my bookshelf.
B. Knock my pictures and frames down. (Correct answer)
C. Open all the cupboards in the kitchen.

Day 6: (Choice)

A. Turn on my record player. (Correct answer)
B. Turn on the TV! In the middle of the night, that always has an effect.
C. Turn on the apartment’s alarm.

Day 7: (Choice)

A. You could organize an attack with other ghosts! If there are a lot of you, it would be impressive.
B. You could try to possess me! There’s nothing more terrifying.
C. You could fly through me! I’ve already seen in in movies, it seems petrifying. (Correct answer)

Day 8: (Choice)

A. I’m going to call Nina. (Correct answer)
B. I’m going to call Dambi.
C. I’m going to call Agatha.

Illustration with Hyun

Illustration with Priya

Illustraition with Castiel

Illustration with Nathaniel

Illustration with Rayan

Here you can see the outfits with the prices if you want to buy another color.

Antic Witch
Hat 45G
Wig 65G
Jacket 52G
Dress 53G
Pants 55G
Spell Book 40G

Red Riding Hunter
Cape 50G
Wig 55G
Dress 90G
Boots 45G
Cleaver 23G
Basket 37G

Bank Outfits:

Headless Aristocrat
Feathers 23G
Wig 60G
Necklace 27G
Smoke 30G
Bracelet 15G
Fan 20G
Corset 40G
Dress 110G
Shoes 42G
Stockings 23G
Throne 35G
Skin 50G