UL Episode 14

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Action points: 1500 – 1700 AP

Outfit Nathaniel 180G
Outfit Priya & Rayan 180G
Outfit Hyun & Castiel 180G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit. You also have to have a L’O’M of or above 90 to get the illustrations.

Fairy/Auntie: in the restroom. You can find her during the object: go to personal development class. You will get a hobbyhorse.


Outfit Nathaniel 180G

Outfit Hyun & Castiel 180G

Outfit Priya & Rayan 180G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the library where you are studying. Then suddenly Melody comes in.


I’ve already planned everything: I’m going to go home to my parents’, lock myself up in my room for two weeks, and finish the second paragraph of my thesis!

A. Yep, I think my vacation is going to be pretty much like that, too. /
B. Wow, that’s a pretty drastic way of doing things. Personally, I’m going to take the opportunity to go out and spend time with friends. /
C. You’re definitely courageous. Personally, I’m going to try and enjoy my vacation as much as possible. +

So I can’t wait to get there!

A. Still, don’t you find that weird? +
B. Do you know anything else? What the project’s going to be about? /

He considers that in the last year of university we’re co-workers, not pupils in elementary school!

A. Well, I mean, formality like saying Mr. and Ms. establishes a certain hierarchy all the same…
B. I think that’s cool that he gets closer to students that way. /

When you are finished studying, you go back to your room.


Have you already finished studying? I mean you only left an hour ago.

A. Hmm… I think I’ll be more productive here. /
B. I would’ve liked to keep at it… but I got interrupted by Melody. +

Are you going to study much longer?

A. Er, yeah, why is there a curfew?
B. No, I’m done… Anyway, I think that I’ve done all I can for tonight. I can’t concentrate anymore. /

Yeah, I’m going to watch a series on my laptop…

A. Good idea, so am I. Good night. /
B. OK… Which series? +

It’s… American Horror Story… heard of it?

A. Yes, I saw Season One, I really liked it! /
B. No, what’s it about? / or +

If ever, you want to… I mean… We can watch it together, huh?

A. Sure, why not! +
B. Thanks but I’ll pass. / or +

The next day starts. Your first class is self-help class. You will be sitting next to Amber.

While you are going to the class you can find the fairy. Go to the restroom. Go back and forward between the restroom and the art building until she pops-up.



A. Isn’t it complicated to attend classes and handle a professional career at the same time? /
B. Wouldn’t you rather stop school and devote yourself to your career? /
C. I thought most models didn’t go to college and started out really young.

Miss Paltry:

What do you think, Miss?

A. I don’t really have an opinion on the subject… /
B. I think insulting behavior is unacceptable, whether it’s in the street, behind a screen, behind someone’s back, or in a discussion… /
C. I think the internet is a platform that gives people the possibility of expressing themselves more freely. (- with Amber)

After class, you will go outside to lunch.



A. In a way, it’s one of my only means of seeing him during the week so… I enjoy these moments. /
B. I really don’t know what to think anymore ever since I found out Melody spent the evening at his place. /
C. No, I’m not nervous. I’m attending just like it were any old class.

Then you will have your next class from Mister Zaidi.


This teacher’s awesome. He’s a genius!

A. So in that case, I wonder why Mr. Zaidi needed you for this project?
B. I admit it’s pretty outstanding, yeah. +
C. This is going to require a lot of time from us during the break… /


Don’t you have anything better to suggest?

A. Yes, one of us is already an artist, even if she refuses to say so. /
B. I don’t know, anyway not me personally… But maybe our group hasn’t played its trump card yet. +

Don’t get me wrong, I’m dying for you to, but…

A. Did Melody go to your place on Monday? I… She told me she did. /
B. Right, but I can’t help it. It’s already hard enough as it is getting by without you the whole week. / or +

Oh, right, we had no other choice considering the donor m…

A. I didn’t exactly appreciate knowing she was at your place… I… We go out of our way to hide but a female student can come and go there without it being an issue?
B. I can’t keep myself from imagining the worst.

After class, you will go outside with Chani.


Th-this is different.

A. You’re bursting with talent and I believe in you. +
B. You’re passing up a golden opportunity!

Then it is time to go to the gym. Amber will be there because her pictures got back.



A. I’m not sure it’s a good idea. /
B. I was about to suggest the same thing! /
C. You and me? Have a drink? Then we’ll have seen it all. +

Amber will take you to a bar.


At least here, we rub shoulders with people our age.

A. Why? Are you trying to meet someone? +
B. Right, I hadn’t looked at it that way. I usually come with friends, so I don’t meet many new people. /
C. It’s not exactly the friendliest place in the world in my opinion. Besides, you hardly see any daylight. It’s always dark in here. /

I’m worried…

A. Me too. /
B. He seems to have the situation under control.
C. He told me you worry too much about him. /

That’s not exactly what he tells me, but I have reasons to think that, yeah.

A. What kind of reasons? /
B. No, no way I can believe that. /

It required a lot of my time, discipline and effort… But… it was worth it.

A. By “discipline”… Do you mean, weight loss? /
B. That must’ve been intense. /

The weight standards are pretty strict.

A. I have trouble understanding that.  All body shapes and sizes should be able to represent fashion. /
B. Yes, I can imagine. /



A. Has something ever happened between the two of you?
B. You seem like good friends, for sure. +
C. Yes, she’s totally changed, both physically and mentally. /

At the end of the evening Amber faints because she hasn’t eaten that much. You will call Nathaniel. You will all go over to his apartment. Sometime later you leave to give Amber space.


And when we saw each other again, she had already changed.

A. Still… she needs to go see a doctor, doesn’t she? / or +
B. You should tell your mother. If she sees her in this shape, maybe she’ll talk some sense into her…
C. It isn’t your fault Nathaniel, don’t blame yourself. / or +

I’ll never thank you enough for having contacted me.

A. Castiel is actually the one who asked me to do it. +
B. It’s only normal, you’re her brother. /

She puts so much pressure on Amber without realizing it… She would make the situation worse.

A. Or just the opposite, it might be a good way for her to realize that Amber is going too far. Don’t you think?
B. OK, I see…



A. I didn’t think you were fond of being demonstrative in public. +
B. Are we going to see each other soon? /

Then the next day will start. After class, you go to Rosalya.


Hmm, no, I’d rather not…

A. You don’t feel ready to see the others yet, is that it? /
B. Still, you liked it last time… It might do you some good! /

After you have seen Rosa, it is time for your study session.



A. By the way, have you thought about it…? I really think we could use a piece of your artwork for the project with Mr. Zaidi.
B. I hope I’m going to be productive. I was starting to yawn before I even got here. /

Anyway, I fell asleep on a lounge chair next to him, and when morning came, he had vanished.

A. Didn’t you try to find him? /
B. That’s not really a love story…


I didn’t mean for you to feel obliged to do it.

A. No, I just felt like it. +
B. It was that or be questioned by Alex day and night.


I didn’t mean for you to feel obliged to do it.

A. No, I just felt like it. I didn’t think about it. +
B. Not at all. But, for that matter, I did it without asking you first, did you mind? /
C. It was that or get hassled by Alex for days.

After the study session, you will go to your room. The next day will start but nothing special happens. You will be thinking about tomorrow when you finally can go to beach.

Then it is finally saturday. Time to go to the beach and choose your outfit.



A. (There’s this lightweight, white dress. The buttons are wooden, and my gladiator sandals will go really well with it… but I haven’t made up my mind yet.) (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration)
B. (My jean jumpsuit with my crochet vest will fit the bill! But… I haven’t made up my mind yet.) (Towards Priya’s & Rayan’s illustration)
C. (A long striped dress is perfect for the beach… But, I haven’t made up my mind yet.) (Towards Hyun’s & Castiel’s Illustration)

Outfit Nathaniel 180G

Outfit Hyun & Castiel 180G

Outfit Priya & Rayan 180G

At the beach your boyfriend or girlfriend will show up as a surprise.



A. I was really surprised to see you… cry.
B. I want to help her, you know. And I’m going to. +



A. That could’ve happened to us even if we’d been a straight couple. +
B. It doesn’t scare me.

I have chocolate mousse, apple pie or something… a little spicier.

A. Chocolate mousse sounds tempting, yes!
B. I’m curious about the spicy dessert… +


If I go… on tour. What’s going to happen?

A. I thought we were refusing to think about it until the day came. I thought we were supposed to enjoy ourselves in the meantime.
B. That’s easy. You’re going to meet people, become super famous, and you’ll come back and get me with one of your yachts so we can take off on vacation to Tahiti. +
C. I refuse to suffer before that day comes. It’s pointless to think about it.


It’s not bad. It’s even better than the movies, we should do this every time.

A. I can’t help but be worried. You seem much too relaxed even though we’re out in the open. /
B. If only we could see each other like this every time… / or +
C. I’d love to’, but you know perfectly well it’s impossible.

Illustration with Nathaniel

Illustration with Hyun

Illustration with Priya

Illustration with Castiel

Illustration with Rayan

Then episode 14 will end