UL Episode 16

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Action points: 1200 – 1600 AP

Outfit Nathaniel & Hyun 70G
Outfit Rayan & Priya 70G
Outfit Castiel 75G
Outfit all 165G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choice.

Hidden item: You can get a hidden item from Chani. She will give you an amulet. She will ask you if you want one, if you answer yes you will get it.

Fairy/Auntie: in the campus quad. You can find her during the object: go back to campus, and head to your room. You can only get it after you have talked to Amber. You will get a Rainbow Purse.


Outfit Rayan & Priya 70G

Outfit Nathaniel & Hyun 70G

Outfit Castiel 75G

Outfit all 165G

Episode guide:

This episode starts where episode 15 ended. Kim has called you to come to the gym. You find Nathaniel lying in his own blood. He doesn’t want to go to a hospital.


We have to stop those bastards.

A. I insist Nath, let me call an ambulance. Kim can most likely do a good job, but you need to see a doctor! / (/ with Nathaniel)
B. Nath, this has gone on long enough, let me call the police, maybe your attackers are still in the neighborhood. We need to act now! / (- with Nathaniel)
C. Nath, want me to call Amber? She must be worried, too. / (/ with Nathaniel)

Nathaniel almost faints, so Kim calls 911. An ambulance comes and takes Nathaniel, Kim and you to the hospital. There you decide to call Amber.


***Where were you? You OK?***

A. Amber… It’s Nath… listen… he’s OK but, he got attacked. He’s in the hospital. /
B. I went looking for Nath. I ended up running into Kim… I started chatting with her and didn’t saw the time fly by.


A. Kim and I are going to go home and leave you with your brother… we’re reassured now that he’s getting treatment. + (/ if you lied to Amber)
B. Amber… do you mind if I come too? / (You only get to see Nath if you told Amber the truth.)

If you told Amber the truth and decide to see Nath, you will see him and then go home. Otherwise, you go directly home. When you arrive at Campus you will see the group that you were with at the fair.


Why in a situation like that? (On Nathaniel’s route)

A. Because I’m his girlfriend, maybe? /
B. Because Kim insisted, and he only Wanted to talk to me.

Why in a situation like that? (On Priya’s, Castiel’s, Hyun’s and Rayan’s route)

A. Because Kim insisted, and he only Wanted to talk to me.
B. I don’t know… It’s his unique way of calling for help. He trust very few people. /

This guy wants to be the center of attention and he has a strange way of protecting his friends.

A. Before going, I didn’t know he’d been mugged. /
B. He’s just trying to call for help, and he doesn’t know how to go about it! He clearly need us.

I could’ve come with you. I could’ve at least made sure you were alright.

A. I acted on impulse. /
B. I don’t necessarily need you to protect me, Castiel.
C. You’re right, I should’ve told you. +


Maybe you should’ve told me before leaving… I could’ve come with you, Helped you if needed, done something, or whatever.

A. I don’t necessarily need someone to protect me…
B. I know. I acted on impulse… /

Are you going to be able to get to sleep tonight…?

A. I would’ve preferred sharing your sheets… +
B. Yes… I just wish today were over. /



A. I wish I could’ve slept with you. +
B. Yes… I just need for today to be over.


“Are you going to manage to fall asleep?”

A. (“I’m going to give it a try any case… but I can’t wait to see you.”)
B. (“It’d be easier if I were in your bed.”) +

You go to sleep. The next morning you have breakfast with Chani.


Want me to make it?

A. Hmm… I don’t know. I’m kind of doubtful. Are you going to sacrifice animals and drink weird potions to make it? / or + (Towards hidden item)
B. Are you kidding? I love all your little mystical gris-gris! Yes, I want one! / or + (Hidden item)
C. Sorry… but I’m totally skeptical about that kind of thing. / or +

It’s just a kind of… lucky charm! You’re free to refuse.

A. A new necklace for my collection? Are you kidding! Why would I refuse! / or + (Hidden item)
B. Hmm.. Sorry, I’m pretty skeptical. / or +

You stayed with Chani the whole day. When night falls you go home. On your way you meet Amber.


I’m not sure it’s a good idea for you to run and see him right when he gets home.

A. I’ll talk directly to him about that…
B. Just the opposite, I’m sure he’ll want to see me too…
C. We’ll see. /

After your conversation with Amber you can meet the fairy. She is in the campus quad. Just go back and forward between the campus quad and the surrounding places until she pops up.

You go to your room and text with your crush.



A. (“You should go straight to the police as soon as you get out of the hospital.”)
B. (“What are you going to do to make sure that it won’t happen again…?”) /

The next morning your roommate will go on vacation.



A. No, don’t worry, want help picking up? +
B. No harm done. /

You will spend the afternoon with your crush.


Oh really? I’d hardly noticed.

A. Did you go see the police when you got out of the hospital?
B. Want something to drink? +

Read books, do crossword puzzles, cook… I don’t know! Enjoy our afternoon together?

A. But Nath… Am I supposed to wait all nice and calm until it happens again? I’m scared for you.
B. Pfft…OK! +


I don’t want to keep you from enjoying your afternoon.

A. An afternoon without you is a wasted afternoon! +
B. I didn’t have anything planned anyway.


A. Hahaha, want me to get you another pair of sneakers? +
B. I can’t even figure out how you mention to do that. / or +


A. Listen Hyun… You got a notification. For a message. What is… Who is it from? / or +
B. I p-prefer the one with the black laces…


I hope he’s not going to let himself get pushed around and that he’ll start legal proceedings as soon as possible.

A. I’m afraid by the time the court deals with his case, it’ll be too late for him. / or +
B. I don’t know if that’s the solution… Nath’s situation is complicated.
C. I hope so. / or +


No, I wanted to show you something more… personal.

A. Already…? I thought we’d do that… at your place. / or +
B. (I remained speechless as I waited.) /

I don’t know how you manage not to get fed up. I’m constantly annoyed with myself, for that very reason

A. I admit that sometimes I’d rather we talk about something else.
B. Of course not, Castiel. It’s your career. It’s you. How could I be fed up?

It may seem insignificant at first but it can turn into a downward spiral fast.

A. I’ll most likely sleep better once I’m sure that what happened on Wednesday won’t happen again. +
B. I’m not too worried about that… it’ll get back to normal.

For years after he died I slept with music on in the background.

A. What exactly did Demon die of? / or +
B. And is it better now? / or +


It’s normal. You seemed extremely affected…

A. I’d rather talk about something else.
B. Yes.. It was a shock. Hard to think of anything but that. / or +

I write short stories that I post online.

A. I learn something new about you every day. / or +
B. Can I read it?


A. You have enough of them to publish a collection! You could become a famous writer!
B. I’m pretty impressed. / or +

After your wonderful afternoon you go into town to buy some lingerie.


A. (The black set with the bra that hooks in front… How convenient!) (Towards Castiel illustration)
B. (The flowered corset is adorable.) (Towards Nathaniel’s and Hyun’s illustration)
C. (Dainty, no underwire, and green. Quite a change. I love it!) (Towards Priya’s and Rayan’s illustration)

Outfit Rayan & Priya 70G

Outfit Nathaniel & Hyun 70G

Outfit Castiel 75G


O-oh! I…! Anyway, I have to go do some undies… some un-ERRANDS! Some errands!

A. Haha, Hyun, it’s just lingerie! +
B. OK! No problem! /

You go back to your room to change, on your way you see some teachers talk.



A. There’ve been several cases reported, what more do you need?! +
B. Anyway… I will let you handle the problem… /

In your room you put on your second outfit, it will cost 165G. Then you will go and buy some snacks.

(Choice) (On Nathaniel’s route)

A. (I have to go pick up the eggrolls!) /
B. (I wouldn’t want to arrive empty-handed…)

(Choice) (On Hyun’s route)

A. (I wouldn’t want to arrive empty-handed…)
B. (I still have some time, I’ll go buy some snacks for us to nibble on.) /



A. I should’ve been there for you. It must’ve been rough.
B. I’m really happy for you! You deserve it. You’re a born upholder of the law. +


After several days flat on my back, I needed to get out.

A. After getting yourself stabbed in the middle of the street? Great idea. +
B. I can imagine… /

You go back to your crush.



A. (I could join him. Tonight… may be our last night… I want him. I don’t want him to leave after wasting the night thinking rather than taking action) (Illustration NSFW)
B. (Tonight is not the night to be a having such thoughts… I don’t want that. I want to talk to him and do whatever it takes to make him to stay.)

I love you (nickname). I promise you I’ll try to find a way… to do whatever I can…

A. (I stopped his sentence with my lips.)
B. I love you, too… /



A. (I know exactly what he means… but tonight’s not the right night. I’d rather wait.)
B. What’re you thinking of…? (Illustration NSFW)


Just as irresistible…

A. (I let her hand go down… farther) (Illustration NSFW)
B. (I stopped her hand on my hips. I don’t want it to go any farther… it’s too soon.)



A. Holding a guitar all day must weigh down on your shoulders, right? I could soothe the pain. (Illustration NSFW)
B. (I put the bottle back down. I know very well how that kind of game ends… and… I don’t feel ready for it.)



A. (My body is shuddering with longing. I want him.) (Illustration NSFW)
B. You’re right… Nothing is forcing us to do it, and I don’t feel ready to yet, not tonight, not now. It’s too soon.

And that is the end of episode 16.