Your Sunday Best

Your Sunday Best
With his new outfit, Wall-E seems excited and wants your attention for something. You talk to him to figure things out.
Mirabel gives you and WALL-E a trash can lid handle, so the two of you head out to find pieces of metal that could be crafted into a complete lid.
You and WALL-E find some pieces of scrap metal, but not enough to craft a complete lid. Maybe Ursula has a few more in her possession…
The hunt for more pieces of scrap metal continues! You’ve launched a plan to distract Ursula with a gift while WALL-E explores her House for more pieces of metal.
You and WALL-E have managed to find even more pieces of metal and are ready to turn them into a new trash can lid.
To get this quest you have to buy the Dapper WALL-E Dream Bundle for 4.000 moonstones. After completing the quest, you will have a WALL-E Trash can Lid Hat. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it.

  • Equip the Dapper WALL-E Dream Style; go into your menu to the characters. There you can put the Dapper outfit on WALL-E.
  • Talk to WALL-E: you can see on the map where he is. 
  • Follow WALL-E: Try to stay close to WALL-E. He will go to Mirabel’s house. 
  • Head inside Mini-Casita to find out what WALL-E wants: go inside Mirabels house. 
  • Talk to Mirabel: Talk with Mirabel, she is inside her house. 
  • Bring the Metal Lid Handle to WALL-E: go to WALL-E.
  • Show WALL-E the Metal Lid Handle: talk with WALL-E to show him the handle.
  • Talk to Goofy: you can see on the map where he is.
  • Fish out the Large Scrap Metal from the Meadow: fish at the brown bubbling spot in the peaceful Meadow.
  • Search Dazzle Beach for Scrap 9 Metal pieces in the sand or the water: go to dazzle beach, there you have to fish at 2 brown bubbling place to find metal pieces. You also have to dig into the sand to find 4 metal pieces. And a 3 just lay on the ground. 
  • Talk to WALL-E: you can see on the map where WALL-E is.
  • Talk to Ursula: you can see on the map where she is.
  • Gather 9 glass and 3 softwood: you can find softwood at Plaza, Peaceful Meadow, Forest of Valor and Glade of Trust. Glass can be made from 5 sand and coal ore. Sand you can find by digging at dazzle beach and mining sea debris. Coal ore you can find everywhere with mining.
  • Craft the Potion Set: you can make this from the items you just gathered.
  • Meet Ursula in the Cursed Cave: go to the cave where you first met Ursula.
  • Bring the Potion Set to Ursula: with talking to Ursula, you can give her the set. 
  • Return to WALL-E: go back to WALL-E you can see on the map where he is. 
  • Craft a WALL-E’s Trash Can Lid: you can use all the metal pieces you gathered. 
  • Bring the WALL-E’s Trash Can Lid to WALL-E: talk with WALL-E to give it to him.
  • Put on WALL-E’s Gift: go to your backpack to the wardrobe tab. There you can put on the trash can. 
  • Take 3 selfies in your new hat with WALL-E: get out your camera to make selfies. After making the selfies, you have completed this quest. 

At 00:01:43 starts Your Sunday Best quest.

Scrap Metal in the Peaceful Meadow
Scrap Metal fishing on Dazzle Beach
Scrap Metal Lying on Dazzle Beach
Scrap Metal Digging on Dazzle Beach
Potion Set
WALL-E's Trash Can Lid