AL Kentin Episode 4

Summary Positive
Summary Neutral
Summary Negative
Summary Fairy/Auntie
My Review

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 1100 – 1200 AP
Positive Route 1142AP
Neutral route
Negative route
Fairy/Auntie 18 AP

Outfit 180G

Illustrations: 1 in total. You can get one out of one in a single play through. The illustrations depend on LOM. You need an LOM of 100.

Fairy/Auntie: in the shop street. You can find her after you have talked with Kentin in the park about the ending of episode 3, and before you go back to the university. She will give you a dog; Muffin and her part cost 18 AP.


Outfit 180G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in your room. It is the morning after your movie date with Kentin.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (That leaves me some time to think some more.) / (You will talk about what happened with Yeleen)
B. (Oh well. I need to talk to Rosa.) +5 with Rosalya (You will call Rosalya and plan to meet her and Alexy later)

Candy: (Choice)

A. (No, too bad. I don’t even want to read them.) / (Yeleen or Rosalya and Alexy make you read the messages)
B. (I can’t help myself. I have to read them.) / (You read Kentin Messages)

Yeleen comes inside the room. If you decided to think about it some more, you will now talk about what happened with Yeleen. If you choose to call Rosalya you now have to leave to go to the cosy bear café. 

If you went to see Rosalya and Alexy the story will take you back to your room, and you get to pick your outfit. If you talk about it with Yeleen, you will pick your outfit in between the talking. On both routes, there is only one outfit to pick.

Outfit 180G

Go to the park to see Kentin.

Kentin: (Choice)

A. (I took it with a forced smile on my face…) -5
B. (I shrugged without taking the bouquet.)
C. (I took the bouquet without saying a word.) +5

Kentin: (Choice)

A. You could have told me… Why didn’t you mention it? /
B. I don’t understand why you wanted to hide that from me. -5
C. (I set my hand on his, smiling.) +5

Kentin: You can look at the messages. You’ll see that I didn’t answer them.

A. (I opened his messages. I have to know for sure.) / (You will read the messages)
B. No, it’s okay… I believe you. I trust you. / or + (Kentin tells you that he still wants you to read it, so you do)

Kentin: Feel free to look into my phone whenever you want.

A. Thanks… But I… Well, I don’t intend on doing that… +5
B. That’s… Thanks… Mine’s 1903. My mother’s birthday. /
C. That means a lot to me, thank you… I’ll take note of it.

After talking with Kentin, you can find the fairy in the shop street. She will give you a dog; Muffin and her part cost 18AP.

Walk to the university. There, the story will skip a few days. Then you see a flashback of you talking with Rosalya and Alexy. In total the story skips two weeks, you have to meet up with Kentin at his van. Kentin and you will talk about what you should do when Kentin has to leave. You spent the next few days thinking about it. Then you go to meet Kentin at the park and tell him your decision. 

Kentin: (choice)

A. I’ve thought about it and… it’s out of the question that I let you leave alone. /
B. Tell me… I know we said we’d talk about it, but… -5
C. So, are you ready for the big departure? +5

Kentin: (Choice)

A. (And yet… I don’t know what to say to him.) /
B. I love you too! / or +

The story will past forward. You will read about your life with Kentin. Get your illustration and the episode ends.