AL Armin Episode 1

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 1200 – 1300 AP
Positive Route 1228 AP
Neutral route 1214 AP
Fairy/Auntie 12 AP

Outfit 160G

Illustrations: 1 in total. You can get one out of one in a single play through. The illustrations depend on LOM and dialogue choices, you need at least a LOM of 35.

Hidden items:
Gamer Couple outfit: you can get it with your first purchase at the bank between 21 September 2022 and 28 September 2022. After you have made the purchase at the bank, you can find the other colors of the outfit in the shop.

Headphones 55G Variety 9 Total 495G
Top 40G Variety 9 Total 360G
Skirt 55G Variety 9 Total 495G
Socks 35G Variety 9 Total 315G
Boots 50G Variety 9 Total 450G
Armin 90G Variety 7 Total 630G
Belt 25G Variety 9 Total 225G
Rocket 0G Variety 0 Total 0G
Total 2.970G

Fairy/Auntie: in front of the café while you play, who can stay quiet the longest. She will give you a Retro Gaming Bag and her part costs 12 AP.


Outfit 160G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in your dorm room. Your roommate isn’t here yet. Rosalya and Alexy promised to show you everything that is new in the city, but before you go there. You decide to choose your outfit. There is only one outfit to pick.

Outfit 160G

Walk towards the cosy bear café to see Rosalya and Alexy.

Rosalya and Alexy: (Choice)

A. Woah there, calm down! -5 with Alexy and Rosalya
B. (I took Alexy in my arms, laughing.) +5 with Alexy and -5 with Rosalya
C. (I wrapped my arms around Rosa.) +5 with Rosalya and -5 with Alexy
D. (I opened my arms wide to hug both of them.) +5 with Alexy and Rosalya

As surprise Alexy invited Armin.

Armin:…(nickname). I wasn’t expecting to see you…

A. Me neither… Your brother has some wild ideas… /
B. I’ll bet. If I had expected to see you, I wouldn’t be here. -5
C. (I preferred to continue ignoring him.) +5

Follow Alexy, Rosalya and Armin to the park. When you decide to play who is the longest quiet, you can find Auntie in front of the café. Her part costs 12AP and she gives you a Retro Gaming bag.

Walk towards the shop to get on the bus.

Armin: Not that I don’t like it, but…

A. Don’t mistake your dreams for reality. +5
B. Shut up, please. /
C. (I looked towards Rosa and Alexy…) -5

You all get off the bus and go into the mall. There you have a conversation with the group. Rosalya and Alexy will walk away, you follow them to Mall Gallery 1.

Candy: (Choice)

A. Find the sexiest underwear you have. +5
B. Find a pair of sunglasses. +5
C. Find a thick, good quality hat. -5

You walk alone to the fast food restaurant, there you see Armin.

Armin: (Choice)

A. You’re going to get a double cheeseburger, two orders of fries and a lemon-lime soda. +5
B. That’s a trick question, you never get the same thing. -5
C. You’re going to get a special burger, with nuggets, a cola and fries. /

Go to Mall Gallery 2, there you see Armin in an electronic store.

Armin: And you?

A. Actually, it’s none of your business! -5
B. Yes, I’m looking for my classes at university. +5
C. If I need help, I’ll ask a salesperson, thanks. /

Armin; (Choice)

A. This is all your fault! -5
B. No computer for me today… +5
C. I’m sorry, it’s my fault. /

Armin: Nonsense, you couldn’t have handled him.

A. But there was perhaps a middle ground to be had anyway! +5
B. Just as I can no longer handle you today! -5
C. True, and I had hoped you’d be better than him. /

Alexy and Rosalya will come to talk with you two. Armin leaves to go home. Alexy explains to you everything about Armin that he didn’t tell you. You want to find Armin before he goes home. First go to the entryway, then you can find him at a game store in the Mall, Gallery 1.

Armin: You can’t push me to the edge so that I leave and then follow me.

A. And why not? I can do what I want./
B. You didn’t think you were going to get away like that, did you? -5
C. What? This is a public space, right? +5

Armin: (Choice)

A. How you ruined everything, and knowingly. -5
B. I think you have a lot of things to explain to me. +5
C. You lied to me the whole time we were together. /

Armin: I wanted to impress you. Show you that I could be good enough.

A. Good enough for what? /
B. But you were already good enough! +5
C. Impress me?! I hope you’re joking?! -5

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I just want to turn around and run away from here.) /
B. (I have a terrible urge to slap him right now.) /
C. (I need to break this sudden closeness between us.) / (Illustration)

After getting the illustration, the episode will end.