Nature & Nurture

Nature & Nurture
A Rock crumbles on the Sunlit Plateau, revealing the entrance to the mysterious liar.
Inside the giant skull, you find Scar, who has been trapped there since not long after the forgetting. Scar suggests you explore the Vitalys Mines to find what’s blocking the river in the Sunlit Plateau.
Inside the Vitalys Mines, you find Night Thorn roots blocking the river. You put together a very fizzy connection to clear the Night Thorns.
Leaving the Vitalys Mines, you spot the Forgotten, holding something. You chase them through a Dark Portal and recover the Orb of Nurturing. But you also discover that the Forgotten looks exactly like you.
You manage to restore life to the Sunlit Plateau with a little bit of nurturing and care. As for the Forgotten the mystery lives on.
You get this quest after opening up Sunlit Plateau and completing the quest: The Curse (Story Quest Mother Gothel). With completing this quest, you get Scar in your Valley. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Investigate the Giant Skull in the Elephant Graveyard of the Sunlit Plateau: go inside the Giant Skull.
  • Talk to Scar: he is inside the Giant Skull.
  • Enter the Vitalys Mines at the mouth of the river in the Sunlit Plateau: go inside the Vitalys Mines.
  • Explore the Vitalys Mines and find whatever’s blocking the river: you have to mine a lot. So maybe it is good to make sure that you have some food with you. When you enter the mines, go left. Then follow the right wall, you will find some rocks and have to start mine your way through it. You get into a real maze (I think you can best watch the video to find your way through it). After getting out of the maze, you will be on the other side of the water that you saw when you entered the mines. When you go up, you have found what is blocking the river.
  • Check the sign next to the barrel in the Vitalys Mines: read the sign.
  • Search the mining camp in the Vitalys Mines for the ingredients: you need to open the chest down the hill.
  • Tell Merlin about what you’ve found: you can find on the map where Merlin is and go talk to him.
  • Prepare the Extra Fizzy Root Bear at a Cooking Station using Dried Ginger, Vanilla and Sugarcane: the dried ginger you get from the chest you just opened. Vanilla can be found in Sunlit Plateau, and Sugarcane you can buy at Goofy’s stall on Dazzle Beach for 29 Star Coins.
  • Put the Extra Fizzy Root Beer and the Cracking Candies in the barrel: go back to Vitalys Mines and back up the hill. Then you can put the stuff in the barrel.
  • Return to the Sunlit Plateau to see if the river has been restored: go back to the Sunlit Plateau.
  • Follow the Forgotten through the Dark Portal near the Elephant Graveyard: go through the Portal that just appeared.
  • The Forgotten dropped something, pick it up: to get through it, you have to mine some rocks. Then you can pick it up.
  • Return to Dreamlight Valley: go back through the portal.
  • Show Merlin what you’ve found: you can see on the map where he is. With talking to him, you show what you’ve found.
  • Mini 10 Vitalys Crystals from rocks in the Vitalys Mines and Gather 10 Rich Soils and 1.000 Dreamlights for the Miracle Growth Elixir: you can mine Vitalys Crystal at the Vitalys Mines. Dreamlight can be get by completing Dreamlight Duties. Rich Soil can be found by harvesting from your own planted crops.
  • Craft the Miracle growth Elixir: you can make it from 10 Vitalys Crystals, 10 Rich Soil and 1.000 Dream Light. You can use the items you just gathered.
  • Use the Miracle Growth Elixir in your backpack to upgrade your Watering Can: go to your backpack and use the Growth Elixir.
  • Talk to Merlin: you can find on the map where he is.
  • Plant the Orb of Nurturing at the Pillar in the Sunlit Plateau: dig a hole in front of the Pillar and plant the Orb.
  • Tend to the Orb of Nurturing until it’s fully restored. (this might take a few days): give the orb water. Then come back two days later, the orb has grown.
  • Talk to Scar: you can find on the map where he is. With talking to him, you end this quest. 

At 00:00 starts Nature & Nurture quest.

Go left after entering the mines
Mining rocks to find your way through the maze
Chest down the hill
Placing the Extra Fizzy Root Beer and Cracking Candies
The Orb of Nurturing
Mining Vitalys Crystals
Rich Soil
Miracle Growth Elixir
Planting the Orb at the Pillar