HSL Episode 4

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 350 – 400 AP
Castiel 364 AP
Nathaniel 364 AP
Fairy/Auntie 4 AP

Amber takes: 2G (Nathaniel will give back 3G or 2G, it depends on what you choose)
Amber’s outfit: 78G
Plastic Spiders: 2G
Can Of Red Spray Paint: 3G
Camera: 12G
Outfit Castiel: 4G
Outfit Nathaniel: 4G

Illustrations: 2 in total. You can get 1 out of 2 in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit.

Fairy/Auntie: in the garden. You can find her after you have stayed two times late at school. If you follow the guide I will also mention it at the moment you should be able to find her. You will get sunglasses.


Outfit Amber 78G

Outfit Castiel 4G

Outfit Nathaniel 4G

Episode Guide:

You start this episode in the hallway. A new teacher (Mr. Faraize) will show up. You have to show him around the school.

Nathaniel: Ah, hello and welcome sir.

A. So this is the student council room, next time you need, I suggest you ask Nathaniel, he’s very helpful. +
B. So this is the student council room, next time you need help. I suggest you ask Nathaniel, he’s ready to do anything to make a good impression.
C. So this is the student council room, next time you need help, this would be the place… /

Castiel: (Choice)

A. So this is the schoolyard, I’d be careful about coming here, not everyone is that nice. +
B. So here’s the schoolyard, but the teachers don’t really come here much if you know what I mean.
C. So here’s the schoolyard where all the delinquents, as you can see, hangout.

After showing the teacher around, you see Amber.

Amber: Oh, here you are! Great timing, we’re going to eat lunch in a restaurant today, but Charlotte forgot to bring money. You can help us out, can’t you?

A. Yes, of course! (Give 2G to Amber.) (you give 2G)
B. No, I don’t think so… (Don’t pay.) (Amber takes 2G)

Nathaniel: What, are you Serious?

A. No, it’s a joke!
B. Of course I’m serious! Please do something. +
C. This is not the first time I’ve mentioned this! /

Nathaniel: I’m really sorry, she can be really difficult at times, at home too lately….maybe I can reimburse what she took.

A. She took 2G. But I also want her to learn a lesson! – (Get 2G)
B. It’s not the money… You could talk to her so she’ll at least leave me alone. + (Get 3G)
C. Ok, give me the 2G and let’s forget about it. / (Get 2G)

Castiel: (Choice)

A. I can’t believe it! Did you know that Amber stole money off me?
B. Phew, finally done showing that teacher around the school. +
C. Amber is a real jerk!

Castiel: I know, I know, you already told me…

A. No wait! This time she stole money from me.
B. (Leave) /

Nathaniel: Not yet, I haven’t had time.

A. Come on it’s your sister, get a move on.
B. Ok, anyway, there’s no rush now.
C. Ok, I’ll come back. +

Rosalya: Hey, watch where you are going!

A. What? You just ran into me! /
B. Sorry, I didn’t see you. +

Iris: I don’t know…Do you really think that would solve the problem?

A. Not necessarily anything really mean… +
B. Yes and no, I don’t care, I just want her to pay a little for her behavior.

Castiel: Say little lassie, do you have any pocket money for me too?

A. Yes, of course. Just a second, I’ll see how much I have on me…
B. You must be dreaming?!
C. … +

Castiel: Ah, any ideas?

A. Not really… /
B. Say! Since Amber wants to go out with you, maybe we could work out a plan together? /

Castiel: Huh? Like what?

A. Mmm… You could ask her to go out with you, and then you shame her in front of everyone.
B. Mmm… We could take a picture together and give it to her afterwards?
C. Mmm… And if you did deliberately to embrace it?!

Iris: Well, since fashion is so important to Amber, I’m sure it would bother her if you came to school wearing the same clothes that she wore. You should try it.

A. Thanks, I’ll try it, anyway, I’ve got nothing to lose. +
B. I think that’s a pretty bad idea, but…I’ll try it.

You decide to dress up as Amber.

Outfit Amber 78G

But the trick does not work you go looking for a new idea.

Castiel: I don’t know, I haven’t given it any thought….

A. Come on, pleeease.
B. I’m sure a delinquent like yourself have a couple ideas!
C. Not even a little idea? /

Nathaniel: Uh…no I haven’t. Sorry

A. Ok, I have to find some way to get back at you sister. /
B. Ok, I want to get revenge on your sister.
C. Ok, do you want to help me give your sister her retribution?

Nathaniel: You want to get revenge? Isn’t it a bit daft to act just like her?

A. I want it to be worse than what she does! /
B. It’s ok, hang on! Nothing that bad.
C. Well apparently the administration won’t do anything, so I’m going to take care of it myself.

Iris: Did you try it?

A. I did it but it just made me stand out, she hardly even flinched. /
B. Yeah, your idea wasn’t so great, it did nothing but make me stand out.

Castiel: With your fingers?

A. Haha, very funny…
B. Well I’ve never done it before. /
C. Are you being serious?

Nathaniel: I finally talked to Amber.

A. Yes I know, thanks, she just yelled at me. What did you tell her?
B. I figured… It didn’t take her long to come yell at me. Was what you told her supposed to help? /
C. And what did you tell her? It didn’t seem very effective in any case.

Nathaniel: Ah…She took it badly and told me that if I did that, she’d tell our parents that I pick on her in school.

A. So, that’s not true it is? /
B. Serves you right, all this time I’ve told you that your sister is a real pain.

Nathaniel: Yes apparently…..But I’m surprised at my sister though, I didn’t think she was like that at school, I should have listened to you before.

A. You finally admit your mistake! Will you help me then?
B. It’s ok, but you could help me then, don’t you think?
C. You can make it up to me by helping me out? /

Nathaniel: You’re talking about your little revenge, aren’t you? What exactly do you want?

A. To get her kicked out of school!
B. A couple of clues, something she doesn’t particularly like… /
C. To make her suffer!

Nathaniel: She has always been scared to death of spiders, you might be able to use that?

A. You’re telling me I should go and find…spiders? Yuck
B. But I’m afraid of spiders too! /
C. What am I supposed to do with spiders?

You decide to put spiders in Amber’s locker and spray it with graffiti. You can buy both in the dollar shop. When you start spraying the graffiti, Li sees you and tries to stop you. At that moment the principal sees you both. Li and you get punishment; you have to clean the staircase after school.

Nathaniel: (Nickname) The principal just told me that you were being punished because she caught you graffiting a locker with Li?!

A. Yes, it’s your fault, It took me too long to put those spiders in her locker and I got caught.
B. Yes, Li saw me, she got involved and we both got punished /
C. Yeah…it all falls on me, and this is the first time I’ve done anything…

Nathaniel: I told you that it was a bad idea to do that kind of thing.

A. Oh don’t lecture me, ok?
B. But it was so tempting….I was just unlucky. +
C. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, but I’d do it again if I had a chance. /

Castiel: How?

A. I got caught spraying her locker! /
B. You’re idea stunk! I got caught by the principal!
C. I can’t believe it, I got caught at the last second! /

Castiel: You did it in the daytime? Are you stupid or what?

A. I’m sorry I don’t have your expertise in the matter!
B. You could have warned me if you thought it was a bad idea!
C. Well yeah… It’s done now, I’m punished and now I have to clean the graffiti. /

Castiel: Do you really think I’d know? I don’t get caught doing things like that.

A. (Leave.) /
B. (Insist.)

The school day is over, you have to clean the graffiti. For cleaning it, you just click on it. Then something strange happens; a ghost appeared. Li and you run both home. The next day starts.

Nathaniel: Oh, yeah you were here after school….So what did you see?

A. Is everything ok? You look weird.
B. Well….um, I was here with Li, you know, why? You look weird.
C. Guess! /

Nathaniel: (He coughs) A…a ghost you say?

A. Yeah it was so scary! I was in the staircases with Li, just about ready to leave and we heard this noise and then we saw this shadow! And…we ran away.
B. Yes, like a scream, then this large shadow appeared! /
C. I think so, anyway I don’t know if it was a ghost, but we saw this human shaped shadow appear. /

Nathaniel: It must have been your imagination I think.

A. No, I’m telling you there’s a ghost! I’m going to investigate it…
B. We couldn’t have both imagined it! I’m going to carry out an investigation. /
C. I don’t think so…I’m going to carry out an investigation. /

Nathaniel: Why do you want to investigate this? You really believe in ghosts?

A. Yes I’m sure they exist. /
B. Maybe? In any case there was someone or something here at night. /

Castiel: Are you going to tell me your big news or what?

A. I was in the staircase with Li when I saw a ghost! /
B. I saw a ghost!
C. You really have no idea?

Castiel: You are so gullible sometimes! Of course not, ghosts don’t exist little girl.

A. I think they exist.
B. How do you explain what I saw then?!
C. I don’t know, but something was there in that staircase. /

You have to go to the staircase to find some proof that maybe a ghost exists.

Nathaniel: Some bits of plastic and some cigarette butts? That doesn’t prove anything at all.

A. You don’t get it?!
B. Uh…well someone was there. /
C. There isn’t a night watchman in this school is there? Iris thought of that. /

Castiel: And so? Ghosts eat plastic and smoke now, is that it?

A. Are you going to stop making fun of me or what?!
B. Someone was smoking there. /

You stay late at school again to see the ghost. First go to the student council room to talk with Nathaniel. Then go to the staircase. When you hear a noise, you run home again. The next day starts. Walk around the school, you can find the fairy in the garden.

Castiel: Hmmm…I’d be surprised if you saw anything at all.

A. Actually, I ran away before I could see what it was, but I heard it! /
B. How do you know what I saw or didn’t see?
C. I’m telling you! I heard the same noise as the other day!

Nathaniel: You saw what again?

A. You know very well what I’m talking about!
B. The ghost, it appeared again!
C. Well actually, I heard the same noise, but I didn’t see anything…. /

You have to go to the staircase to find some proof that someone was there.

Castiel: You don’t know what this is?

A. Something made of plastic.
B. A piece of jewelry.
C. Something for the guitar. +

Nathaniel: But someone could have lost it in the beginning of the day today. I’ll take them if you want, in case someone comes and claim them.

A. No, I’m sure these objects where lost after school. And I’m going to find out who they belong to.
B. No, I’m going to find out who’s hanging out her at night!
C. Uh…I’m going to see if I can find out who the owner is myself, I’ll give them to you if I can’t. /

You will see Nathaniel and Castiel talking to each other. You think that they are something hiding for you.
You decide to buy a camera, so that you have proof if you see something tonight. You can find the camera in the Dollar shop.

Castiel: Well yeah, that can happen.

A. You’re hiding something from me, I’m positive!
B. What were you talking about?
C. Not with you two, you hate him. /

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. I saw you with Castiel earlier on! /
B. What are you hiding from me?
C. Come on, admit everything!

Nathaniel: You must have confused me with someone else.

A. Don’t treat me like an idiot!
B. I think I can recognize you by now. /
C. Why don’t you want to tell me?!

Nathaniel: Ok, all right, yes we were talking. It can happen on the rare occasion.

A. Ok, but what about?
B. But what are you guys cooking?…. /
C. You aren’t very forth coming!

You are going to stay late at school again. Go to the staircase. You see something and take picture of it.
Then outfit option comes.

Outfit Castiel 4G

Outfit Nathaniel 4G

You will see Nathaniel or Castiel depending on who has the highest LOM. He will explain that a band is practicing at that hour of the school. He will introduce you to Lysander. Lysander was the one that scared you away the other night. Then Nathaniel or Castiel takes you home. End of the episode.