Escape Claws

Escape Claws
You’ve arrived in the Monsters, Inc. Realm… Where is everybody?
The Laugh Floor security system won’t let you in because you’re not a monster… You search for a disguise.
Sulley welcomes you to Monsters, Inc. as the newest intern. He asks you to tidy up the Laugh Floor while he and Mike make a plan for the day.
Sulley asks you to prepare coffee for himself and Mike as they finish their plan. Just intern things!
After bringing Mike and Sulley their coffees, they get to work.
Due to a blown fuse, the Laugh Floor loses power and Mike gets trapped in the human world!
You search the floor for power fuses to replace and repair the power lines to rescue Mike.
You manage to repair the damage on the Laugh Floor and rescue Mike! Phew!
After Mike’s rescue, you speak to Sulley. It’s time to reveal that you’re not a monster and ask him to visit Dreamlight Valley…
You can get this quest by opening up the Monsters Inc. Realm with 15.000 dreamlight. After completing the quest, you get Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat, Bat Wing Ears and Pointed Monster Ears – Blue. Here you can find all your subjects for the quest and explanations behind it. 

  • Examine the door to the Laugh Floor: Investigate the door to the laughing floor. 
  • Search for something to disguise yourself as a monster: interact with a storage closet in the room. 
  • Open the bag of Monstrous Accessories. Put on your Monsters, Inc. Hard Hat once your disguise is complete. Put on your choice of Monstrous Ears. (Optional) Experiment with Fantasy Skin Tones and Contact Lenses in the Wardrobe Menu to create a Monstrous Disguise: go to your backpack and open up the bag, then go to the wardrobe tab and put on the hat and ears.
  • Take a selfie only once you’re happy with your new Monstrous Disguise: make a selfie with your phone.
  • Unlock the door to the Laugh Floor in your Monstrous Disguise: interact with the door to the laughing floor.
  • Talk to Sulley: he is standing on the laughing floor, go talk with him.
  • Clean the Laugh Floor: 4 Slug Slime Puddles and 8 Party Trashes: use your water can to get away the 4 puddles of slime. Interact with the party trashes to remove them.
  • Talk to Sulley: go back to Sulley and talk with him.
  • Use the coffee station to cook: The Wazowski Special, Sulley’s Coffee: go back to coffee maker and make these two meals for Mike and Sulley. The Wazowski Special you can make from 1 non-dairy screamer, 1 coffee bean and 3 sugars. Sulley’s coffee you can make from 5 coffee beans. The ingredients are all standing next to the coffee maker, there you can also see the coffee order list. 
  • Bring the coffees to Mike Wazowski: with talking to Mike, you give him the coffee. He is still on the laugh floor.
  • Talk to Sulley: go talk with Sulley. He is standing next to Mike.
  • Find the Emergency Manual: The manual is lying on the second desk station.
  • Bring the Emergency Manual to Sulley: talk with Sulley to Bring him the manual.
  • Find and replace the fuses and correct the power flow to rescue Mike: 3 Electrical Panels, 10 Power Lines: The Electric panels are lying on a red closet, the first desk station and the third desk station. After placing the panels, you can interact with the power lines. Interact with all the ten places to get it working again.
  • Talk to Mike Wazowski: this conversation starts automatically.
  • Talk to Sulley: with talking to him, you complete this quest.

At 00:00:00 starts Eye  On The Prize quest.

Storage closet
Slug Slime Puddles
Party Trashes
Coffee order list
The Wazowski Special
Sulley's Coffee
Emergency Manual
Electric Panel (Laugh floor fuse)
Placing the Electric Panels (Laugh floor fuse)
Interacting with the power lines