NG Episode 2

Green ! Neutral choice
Yellow ! Medium choice
Red ! Critical choice

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

The LOM meter changes after playing the hole episode. After you have answered a choice positive or negative, the character’s head will pop up with a plus sign or min sign to let you know.

Costs: 1.500–1.750 AP and 120–252 Gems 
Roy 1.628 AP and 120 Gems
Amanda 1.657 AP and 120 Gems
Devon and Jason 1.717 AP and 240 Gems
Devon 1.535 AP and 120 Gems
Thomas 1.689 AP and 120 Gems
Jason 1.723 AP and 240 Gems
Uncle Archibald 40 AP
Outfit 47 AP
Waiting Time Devon 12 Gems
Special scene with crush 120 Gems
If you get the second outfit with a replay 95 AP

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get two out of five in a single play through. You can get Jason’s and Devon or Roy’s illustration in the same play through. The illustrations depend on choices, LOM and outfit. I think you need at least an LOM of 10.

Uncle Archibald: in the break room. After you have chosen your outfit and are ready to hand in your summary. His dialogue will cost you 40 AP, and he will give you a pizza delivery outfit, if you answer: Yes, but…nevermind. Are you okay?


Outfit Devon, Roy and Jason 47 AP

Outfit Amanda and Thomas 47 AP

Episode guide:

You start this episode on the bus. You are on your way to a customer. Get off the bus and go to the shopping district. There you will see Jason.

Jason: The New Palace isn’t open in the morning. And most of all, not before next month… (Green !)

A. (Energetic) Hahaha! Yes, thank you. I know. +
B. (Rebel) (I didn’t say anything. He’ll end up leaving eventually, right?)
C. (Sweet) Hello. Are you the owner…? /

Roy and Devon show up.

Roy, Devon and Jason: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) After your little ditty when I got here, I think I believe them, Jason… 50-60 AP / with Jason and + with Roy and Devon
B. (Rebel) Maybe we shouldn’t play his game…? 50-60 AP + with Jason and – with Roy and Devon
C. (Sweet) (I didn’t say anything. Clearly, I don’t have all the information…) 50-60 AP – with Jason and / with Roy and Devon

You will go into the restaurant with the customer.

Roy, Devon and Jason: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) Don’t listen to him, Sir. We know very well what we’re doing. 50-60 AP + with Devon and / with Jason and Roy
B. (Energetic) Jason, maybe you can calm down with the cutting remarks? 50-60 AP + with Jason and / with Roy and Devon
C. (Rebel) Don’t mind them, Sir. I apologize, they don’t know how to behave. 50-60 AP + with Roy and Devon and – with Jason

The customer will wait until he has seen both of your presentations. Except the customer, you go all outside.

Jason: I’ll apologize in advance for inflicting a defeat on you for your first mission, but it’s not personal. (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) As long as everyone follows the rules… 45-60 AP / with Jason, Roy and Devon
B. (Rebel) Don’t speak too soon, and may the best win! 45-60 AP + with Jason and – with Roy and Devon
C. (Energetic) It is for me, now. We’re going to crush you. 45-60 AP – with Jason and + with Roy and Devon

Go to the open space. There you will talk with Devon. He will tell you to make a summary. Go talk with all your coworkers. Roy is in the cafeteria. Amanda is in the meeting room and Thomas in the open space. If you go into the break room in between you will see Elenda and Brune. Seeing Elenda and Brune is optional.

Roy: So, you’ve made it? Your dive into the deep end! (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) Yes… I would have preferred him to ask me directly if I had any ideas, but hey… 45-60 AP –
B. (Energetic) At the same time, he didn’t hire me to twiddle my thumbs! 45-60 AP +
C. (Sweet) Yes, it’s very nice of him not to leave me on the sidelines. 45-60 AP /

Roy: Chic restaurants, palaces, that is not really my natural environment. (Green !) (If you meet Roy before, you have talked to Amanda about the event)

A. And you don’t ever work on anything else? /
B. Yes, I was planning to go see her too. /
C. At the same time, the client seems to have as much ambition as Amanda, right? /

Roy: Chic restaurants, palaces, that is not really my natural environment. (Green !) (If you see Roy after you have talked to Amanda about the event)

A. (I suppressed a smile. Sure enough, she thought big.) /
B. Yeah, I just saw her, she seems to have already planned everything.
C. Yes, I’ve already spoken with her… /

Roy: And word of mouth often works well, and allows me to make new, original or little-known contact. (Yellow!)

A. (Energetic) Cool! I hope you’ll help me meet lots of people! 45-60 AP +
B. (Rebel) It’s funny, I thought you’d have a much more aggressive approach. 45-60 AP –
C. (Sweet) So really, your job is to be nice? That’s cool! 45-60 AP /

Thomas: Actually, that’s not entirely true: I’ve already hacked their system. Just as a precaution. (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) You… You mean that you can read all their emails, their intranet…? 45-60 AP /
B. (Rebel) Even if it doesn’t interest Devon, we’d be wrong not to take a look… 45-60 AP –
C. (Energetic) You have such little trust in your own talents? 45-60 AP +

Elenda and Brune: Nothing. Elenda is talking nonsense. (Green !)

A. (Rebel) Very well, if you’re being secretive. – with Brune and + with Elenda
B. (Energetic) Come on, you don’t want to tell me + with Elenda and / with Brune
C. (Sweet) (I didn’t insist. It’s none of my business…) + with Brune and / with Elenda

Amanda: Nope, I’m here. And you too now… (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) Would you rather I come back at another time? 45-60 AP +
B. (Energetic) Which is good, since I was looking for you! 45-60 AP /
C. (Rebel) Just say it, if I’m boring you… 45-60 AP –

Amanda: You can write that down: when you need to tell a client that their choices are vulgar, say “baroque”. (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) (I diligently took notes.) 45-60 AP /
B. (Energetic) Okay, cool, I’ll remember that. 45-60 AP +
C. (Rebel) I think that the baroque can be charming. 45-60 AP –

Amanda: Where do you think I buy all of my dishes? (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) I confess that I hadn’t asked myself the question. 45-60 AP /
B. (Sweet) Now that you say it, it makes sense… 45-60 AP +
C. (Rebel) That’s very frugal of you. 45-60 AP –

Amanda: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) No, I don’t have any questions. That seems very solid. 45-60 AP +
B. (Energetic) Can I do something to help you? 45-60 AP /
C. (Rebel) What do you think about Goldreamz? And Jason? 45-60 AP –

You will go automatically back to the open space after talking to Amanda, Roy and Thomas. There you get to choose your outfit.

Outfit Devon, Roy and Jason 47 AP

Outfit Amanda and Thomas 47 AP

Your summary is finished. If you go now to the break room, you will meet Uncle Archibald. If you don’t see him directly, go back to the open space and then back to the break room until he pops up.

Uncle Archibald: Well, I’m having a break. This is a break area, after all… (Yellow !)

A. If someone see you here, I could get in trouble… 40 AP /
B. Yes, but…nevermind. Are you okay? 40 AP / you get a pizza delivery outfit for Taki
C. A break area for employees… 40 AP /

Go to Devon’s office. He is on the phone, you can wait 5 minutes or pay 12 gems. Then you will talk with Devon.

Devon: And what do you think? About what we do…about the mood? (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) Seeing that you pay me… 45-60 AP –
B. (Energetic) I think I could get used to this! 45-60 AP +
C. (Sweet) It’s great! It’s nice here. 45-60 AP /

Devon: Choose the person you feel most comfortable with to help you. (Red!)

A. Hm… Including you? If you don’t mind… 80 AP / towards Devon’s illustration
B. Alright. Do you think Thomas would like to help me? 80 AP / towards Thomas illustration
C. Great! I’ll ask Roy if he wants to help me. 80AP / towards Roy’s illustration
D. Perfect. Do you think I can ask Amanda? 80 AP / towards Amanda’s illustration

Go back to the open space. If you choose Roy, you will work together in the cafeteria and take a walk afterwards. If you choose Amanda, you will work together in the meeting room and go dancing afterwards in the snake room. If you choose Devon, you will work together in the break room and go to meditate in the same room afterwards. If you choose Thomas, you will work together in the break room and play the VR in the same room afterwards.   

Roy: Don’t you think? (Yellow !)

A. (Energetic) Totally! Now I can imagine a pirate ship coming in the distance.  +
B. (Rebel) Yeah, I agree, like an imaginary creature from the depths…
C. (Sweet) I don’t know, I never really thought about it…

Illustration with Roy (Belodie)

Illustration with Amanda (Belodie)

Illustration with Amanda (Eleanor)

Amanda: Yeah, it’s getting late. You can go home, if you’re tired! (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) Not without having another drink!
B. (Energetic) Are you kidding? I’m having so much fun! +
C. (Sweet) Yes, I think I’m going to do that!

Illustration with Devon (Belodie) 

Illustration with Devon (Susan)

Devon: I understand, You’d prefer to make a name for yourself in your own domain… (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) Yes, or not even. I don’t need to make a name for myself, that’d be okay too.
B. (Rebel) Exactly: one day, people will say that you gave (Nickname) a leg up.
C. (Energetic) Exactly! +

Illustration with Thomas (Belodie)

Illustration with Thomas (Elizabeth (Lizzy))

Thomas: (Choice) (Yellow !)

A. (Rebel) It was okay, but I don’t think I’ll try it again any time soon. 
B. (Sweet) Yeah, it was… Really cool, like you said.
C. (Energetic) Are you kidding?! It was completely wild! +

After the moment with one of your coworkers, you go back to your house. The story will skip a week, and you will have to go to your work. Go to Devon’s office. There, Devon will tell you that you got the contract. The story will skip to the event. At the event you will see Jason.

Jason: You “won”, but it’s semi-victory… (Yellow !)

A. (Sweet) It doesn’t matter, it’s still a win… 45-60 AP /
B. (Rebel) I see that someone’s a sore loser. 45-60 AP –
C. (Energetic) It seems to me that’s still better than having lost. 45-60 AP +

Candy: (Choice) (Green !)

A. (Rebel) (I restrained myself from hurling a few colorful insults at his back.) /
B. (Energetic) (And I did the same, resuming the evening with my new colleagues and friends.) /
C. (Sweet) (Perhaps it’s up to me to be smarter for all of us, and hold out a hand to him.) / towards illustration with Jason and another choice

Candy: (Choice) (Red !)

A. (No way am I going to leave things there.) 80 AP / illustration (Belodie) illustration (Lucy)
B. (But I swallowed my pride to better focus on the evening.) 80 AP /
C. (You’ll pay for everything sooner or later… His turn will come.) 80 AP

After the event, the episode will end.