HM Year 5

Side Quest: Egg Hunt
Someone is selling an egg at Hogwarts. Charlie has to have the egg. He thinks that a dragon is inside. You will help Charlie to get the egg. Will you succeed in getting the egg and will it be a dragon? You can see it all in this YouTube video. 

Side Quest: Crushed
Ismelda is bullied at the courtyard. Someone is reading her diary out loud. Everyone hears that Ismelda is in love. Who is she in love with? Will you save her from being bullied? And will you help her find out if the person loves her back? You can see it all in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: Career Advice
Hogwarts is almost over for Bill. He needs to find out what he wants to do after. Will he be an auror, a curse breaker or a professor at Hogwarts? You are going to help him find out. And maybe along the way you find out what you want to be. You can see it all in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: Valentine’s Day At Hogwarts
It is Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts. Gilderoy Lockhart is going to give a party for a selected group. Spoiler: you will be selected. And you get to bring a Valentine to it. You get to choose who that is going to be. I have chosen Barnaby. You can see it all in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: The All-Wizard Tournament
There is going to be an all-wizard tournament at Hogwarts. And you have been selected to compete. You have to do three tasks. The one with the most points wins the cup. Will it be you of one of your friends? You can see it all in the YouTube video.

Side Quest: Cooking Up Trouble
Someone burnt Pitts favorite pot. Jae and you are getting detention for it. You have to clean all the pots in the kitchen. You don’t like cleaning all the pots. So you ask Pitts if Jae and you can think of something new to eat at Hogwarts. Jae and you go to Hagrid to learn a new recipe: Treacle Fudge. You can see the whole story in this YouTube video. 

Side Quest: Festival Fun
You’re invited to Hogwarts’ latest celebration of magic… and mystery! Who is your secret admirer? What uninvited alum will crash the party? And who will be your festival date? I choose Barnaby. Complete a magical outdoor adventure for festive attire and a photo of your date for your dorm! You can see it all in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: The Quibbler: Fight For The Front Page
The search for magical creatures begins when Xenophilius Lovegood annouces a reward and a front page feature for the first person who can photograph the rare Crumple-Horned Snorkack. But how can you find a magical creature that some question even exists? You can see the whole story in this YouTube video. 

Side Quest: An Enchanted Kiss
When Professor Dumbledore announces a play will be performed at Hogwarts for the first time in years, all your friends want to know who will play the two love interests in the show! You hope that you and your crush will be cast as the leads, but first, you’ll need to nail your audition! I choose Barnaby as my crush. You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: The Great Hogwarts Cook-Off
When two wizarding world-renowned chefs show up at Hogwarts to host a cooking competition, you offer to help organise the event! But before there can even be a competition… You’ll first need to find some competitors! You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: The Tournament Of Clubs
After Barnaby makes a startling discovery, the two of you become inspired to revive an ancient and epic tournament from Hogwarts’ days of yore. But in order for the tournament to be a success, you’ll first need to recruit all three Clubs! You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: Ticket To Love
A special announcement from the Hogwarts Express Railway Authority puts you on a quest to learn everything you can about love. Gilderoy Lockhart takes an interest. You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: The Valentine’s Day Masquerade
Mysteries abound and romance awaits, as you and your date prepare for Hogwarts’ first-ever magical masquerade ball.
Preparation for the ball is going quite smoothly… until it isn’t. Can you get things back on track with some quick wits and a bit of magic?
With the planning committee short of a leader, you must find a replacement and get things back on track. After that, it will be time to prepare for your date!
You and your friends hurry to pull everything together before Hogwarts’ first-ever masquerade ball! And after a long night of dancing, your date has a surprise… You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: Take the O.W.L.s!
It is finally time to take your ordinary wizarding levels (O.W.L.s). I hope you studied well enough. You will have theoretical and practical O.W.L.s. You can find all the answers for the theoretical O.W.L.s on this page. And as normally, you can see the whole story in this YouTube video.

Answers for the theoretical O.W.L.s

Potions O.W.L.

In which scenario would you use a Deflating Draught?
– Inflicting Disappointment
– Reducing a Target’s Ego
– Nulling Effects of Swelling Solution (Correct answer)

Which is a possible side effect of Pepperup Potions?
– Steam Coming Out of Ears (Correct answer)
Sneezing Fits
– Excessive Mucus

How many Lionfish Spines are used in one batch of Herbicide Potion?
– Five
– Zero
– Four (Correct answer)

How long should a Polyjuice Potion stew before usage?
– One Day
– One Week
– One Month (Correct answer)

Charms O.W.L.

The Vermillious charm produces what colour sparks?
– Green
– Blue
– Red (Correct answer)

What is the incantation for the Exploding Charm?
– Bombarda (Correct answer)
– Accio
– Depulso

In which scenario would you use Cistem Aperio?
– To Open a Window
– To Open a Chest (Correct answer)
– To Open a Door

Who invented the Cheering Charm?
– Delfina Crimp
– Felix Summerbee (Correct answer)
– Daisy Pennifold  

Transfiguration O.W.L.

Which of the following is NOT a type of Transfiguration?
– Summoning (Correct answer)
– Vanishment
– Conjuration

How many Principal Exceptions are there to Gamp’s Law of Elemental Transfiguration?
– Ten
– Three
– Five (Correct answer)

Which of the following would be the easiest Transfiguration?
– Thimble to Thestral
– Porcupine to Pincushion (Correct answer)
– Armadillo to Pillow

Which best describes the effects of a Switching Spell?
– Switching Two Targets’ Locations
– Switching Two Targets’ Traits
– Switching Two Targets Simultaneously (Correct answer)

Herbology O.W.L.

Touching the trunk of a Wiggentree protects you from what?
– Illness
– Injury
– Dark Creatures (Correct answer)

What are Nettles known for?
– Curled Leaves
– Stinging Hairs (Correct answer)
– Poisonous Flowers

Which of the following is NOT another name for Belladonna?
– Deadly Nightshade
– Flitterbloom (Correct answer)

What does Mimbulus Mimbletonia use as defence mechanism?
– Poison
– Thorns
– Stinksap (Correct answer)

Magical Creatures O.W.L.

How often does a Streeler’s shell change colour?
– Every Hour (Correct answer)
Every Minute
– Every Day

Porlocks guard herds of what non-magical creatures?
– Sheep
– Horses (Correct answer)
– Cattle

Which of the following creatures eat Fairy Eggs?
– Fire Crabs
– Augureys
– Bowtruckles (Correct answer)

Bowtruckles are especially fond of what tree?
– Cedar
– Ash
– Wiggentrees (Correct answer)

History of Magic O.W.L.

Which clause in the Code of Wand Use prohibits non-humans from using wands?
– Clause Eight
– Clause Five
– Clause Three (Correct answer)

What event followed the soap Blizzard of 1378?
– Regulations on Weather Spells
– Economic Crash (Correct answer)
– Increase in Hygiene

Why did Liechtenstein not attend the first meeting of the International Confederation of Wizards?
– An Overtime Quidditch Match
– Their Stance on Troll Rights (Correct answer)
– A House Elf Protest

In what year was Gringotts Wizarding Bank founded?
– 1595
– 1744
– 1474 (Correct answer)

How many times did Wendelin the Weird allow herself to be caught by witch-hunters?
– Fifty
– Forty-Five
– Forty-Seven (Correct answer)

Who killed Emeric the Evil in a duel?
– Egbert the Egregious (Correct answer)
– Andres THE Invincible
– Godelot

What Goblin led the 18th century Goblin Rebellions?
– Hordod the Horny-Handed
– Urg the Unclean (Correct answer)
– Bodrod the Bearded

What was the primary reason for the creation of the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy?
– Persecution by Muggles (Correct answer)
– Anti-Muggle Sentiment
– Need for Privacy

Defence Against the Dark Arts O.W.L.

What is the incantation for the Snake-Vanishing Spell?
– Vipera Evanesca (Correct answer)
– Vipera Evanesco
– Serpensortia

In which of these scenarios would you use the Impediment Jinx?
– To Blind an Opponent
– To Slow a Rushing Opponent (Correct answer)
– To Disarm am Opponent

What does the Reductor Curse do?
– Blasts Objects into Pieces (Correct answer)
– Reduces Objects’ Size
– Lessens Targets’ Power

What is the incantation for the Tongue-Tying Curse?
– Mimblewimble (Correct answer)
– Incarcerous
– Impedimenta