UL Episode 19

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Special thanks to Julie Ingemann

Action points: 1000 – 1300 AP

Outfit 180G
Hair Product 30G (Only on Nathaniel’s route)
Outfit for Priya 30G (Only on Priya’s route)
Charity 30G (Only on Hyun’s route)
Dog stuff 30G (Only on Castiel’s route)
Groceries 30G (Only on Rayan’s route)

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on your LOM, it has to be at 95 or higher.

Fairy/Auntie: in the park. You can find her during the object: Go pack a few boxes in your room. You will get a Plant. 


180 G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in bed with your lover.

Hyun: Stop. Every time I think back on that, I get stomach cramps.

A. If you had let me talk, things might have gone down differently, hahaha!
B. Don’t be silly… I’m sure they loved you! /
C. The first meeting with our in-laws was legendary for both of us. I think it’s kind of cute! +

Hyun: “Early in the morning”, at eleven o’clock? My god, you pick up bad habits much too fast.

A. You take the shower first, I need more time than that to wake up.
B. Is there room for two in that shower? / Or +

Nathaniel: What? You don’t like it?

A. Hmm… I… Ahem, I have a frog in my throat. I can’t talk. /
B. The hair’s borderline acceptable… but the overall look… No thanks!
C. No, I love it that’s just it! I’d rather you stay that way. +

Nathaniel: Calm down. We aren’t there yet. I want anything but to start back up at Anteros for years and years…

A. Maybe there’s a chance of you being able to retake it in a make-up session? Or as an external candidate!
B. Life at Anteros is pretty nice… and redoing a year there wouldn’t be all that tragic! /

Priya: (Choice)

A. If you keep that up, you’ll make me want to stay in bed even longer…
B. Otherwise we could… watch series and stuff ourselves with candy, wearing our pajamas all day long!

Castiel: Yes, there’s a scene that takes place in a crowd.

A. Have you already found the actors?
B. Can I audition, too? +

Castiel: Yes, there’s a scene that takes place in a crowd. And since your father seemed really excited about it last time we talked… I figured…

A. You’re kidding? Would you really agree to my father being in the video?
B. How about me? Could I be in it, too?!
C. I’ll call him right away to tell him! /

Castiel: Of course it’s my fault if we’re stuck here!

A. No it’s not, it’s just that I’m afraid things get out of hand…
B. OK, let’s go out! /
C. Don’t you want to stay here? We’re all comfy.

Rayan: (Choice)

A. Out to another country, you mean? /
B. Those are two things I’m not used to hearing on the same sentence.
C. We spent the week here, and it was wonderful. We could keep it up. And besides, here, it’s less… dangerous!

You have to work. Go to the cosy bear café. At entrance, you will meet Priya. You’ll not see her if you are on Priya’s route.

Priya: Of course it’s subject to all my grades being good…

A. I’m sure they will be! You’re a workhorse. No reason why they shouldn’t be! +
B. That’s awesome, I’m super happy for you! As for me… still no acceptance notices for internships for this summer… /
C. I’m really happy for you! But like you said, better to wait for your test grades before celebrating!

If you put your apron on for you go inside the café, the dialogue will be different.

Clemence: But you’re not meant to wear it out in the street! You’re going to ruin it! (Wearing your apron)

A. I’m really careful. I wouldn’t ever have ruined it. /
B. Make up your mind. I thought you wanted me to have my apron on before I even stepped foot into the café!

Clemence: So where’s your apron?! How many times do I have to remind you?! (Not wearing your apron)

A. I just walked through the café door, Clemence, that’s why I haven’t had time to put it on.
B. I’m going to put it on right away! /

Priya: OK, but despite everything, that’s no reason for you to be given a hard time.

A. Yeah… I’m just going to hope the hours go by as fast as possible, and afterwards, I’ll never set foot in here again. /
B. I’ll react if she goes too far, don’t worry about me.

Clemence: (Choice)

A. I mean… I… is something wrong? I feel like we got off on the wrong foot this morning. /
B. Ever since I walked in the door you’ve been so annoying! What did I do to deserve this?!

Hyun: Oh, right, today is your last day! (You’ll not see Hyun if you are on his route)

A. Hard to believe, right? After all the adventures you and I have had here. +
B. I’ll almost miss this place… /
C. I’m happy to be done with this student job. –

After your last shift, you are feeling nostalgic. You decide to go to your old high school.

Patrick: That’s great that you followed that path. Does it suit you? Do you like it?

A. Haha, yes! Right now I’m waiting for the results of my oral presentation. I hope that I took the right path, and didn’t waste five years of my life for a mistaken orientation… /
B. Quite a bit yes. I’m happy to have made it to the end after five years. /
C. yes, I love this focus and I never get tired of classes. I’ll have to say that I had a particularly great and passionate modern art history professor. Maybe you know him? /

Nina: Thank you for being there for me.

A. Thank you for being there too… /
B. (My heart feels twisted, and I don’t know why. I got closer to her to take her in my arms.) +
C. I was happy to get to know you more this year. /

You have to go back to your room to pack everything. But before you do that, you can take a walk through the park and meet the fairy. If she doesn’t pop-up right away switch between the park and the surrounding places until she does. She will give you a plant for your future apartment.

Wants you enter the gates of the university, you’ll see Amber and Castiel. On Castiel’s route you will only see Amber.

Amber & Castiel: (Choice)

A. I hope that everyone liked it… It was sort of organized at the last minute. / With both
B. And you, Castiel…? I didn’t see you leave the party. Did you like it? / With both

You are going to pack everything what is left in your room. While you are packing, Nathaniel will come into your room. He will not come if you are on his route.

Nathaniel: I owe you at least that after all you’ve done for me… and for my sister.

A. I was worried about you, Nath… I couldn’t just stand still with my arms crossed. /
B. I couldn’t leave Amber in that state. +
C. You didn’t leave me any choice, at the same time, Nathaniel… You could have been dead… and we wouldn’t even have known.

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. You came to see a girl on campus and when you passed in front of my door you stopped? / (Another choice conversation)
B. You can tell me if you are thinking about going back to school… I promise, I won’t say anything to anyone! +
C. So you just came to see me and to tell me about the most recent events with the trials? /

Nathaniel: Well… I will admit that I did notice that my look tends to please… quite a bit… so…

A. It does suite you well! +
B. Are you kidding me?! I can’t even imagine the type of girl you would attract with that look!

Now it is time to put on a new outfit. In this episode there is only one outfit. It cost 180G.

You go meet in front of the university gate with someone. On your way you see Chani, Melody and Rayan.

Melody: Are you going somewhere for vacation, (nickname)?

A. Well, actually… I haven’t received any answers from my internship requests, so I’m waiting to see what will happen there before organizing anything. / With Melody, + with Rayan, / or + with Chani
B. Well… I would love to travel, too… But I haven’t organized anything yet. / With Rayan and Melody, / or + with Chani

Ones you walk out of the gates, you will receive a message that you got an internship. But it is several hours to drive from here.  

On Hyun’s route:

You will see Hyun at the gates. You go to have dinner at a restaurant. Before you go inside, you tell Hyun about the message you just got.

Hyun: I just wanted us to go out to eat at a restaurant, and have a drink in town, before going back to enjoy my still empty room…

A. Oh… I thought that we were going to change things up a bit… I would have liked to mark the occasion tonight.
B. I was going to suggest we go out to eat too, it’s perfect! / Or +

Hyun: (Choice)

A. Even if we feel like we can overcome this now, distance is a trial for a couple.
B. I’m afraid of losing you. +
C. You aren’t worried that…it will push us apart?

Hyun: (Choice)

A. I love you too… /
B. I… I…

Hyun will take you to the snake room. There will be a charity party where mans are sold as date. Hyun is one of those men. You will buy his date for 30G and receive your illustration.

On Nathaniel’s route:

You will go to the city to buy some hair cleaning products. They cost 30G. You will go to Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: So, since I can’t take you out to eat at a yuppie restaurant… I cooked.

A. That’s perfect… I appreciate the gesture. Thank you. /
B. You cooked? You? You cute vegetables and cooked things? And the apartment didn’t burn down?! +
C. You don’t have to take me out to a “yuppie” restaurant. Our evenings together are fine just the way there are.

You will tell him about the message. You will talk everything out. That you wash his hair in the bathroom and you will get your illustration.

On Priya’s route:

You will go shopping with Priya. But you are not in a very good mood. Priya will ask what is going on. You tell her about the message.

Priya: For me?

A. Of course for you, Priya. +
B. I’m not that interested in it anyway…

You and will go on further with shopping. Priya tries on all different outfits. You will receive your illustration. And you decide to buy an outfit for Priya. It cost 30G.

On Castiel’s route:

Rosa will see you at the gates. You two go get a dog for Castiel. You will buy some stuff for the dog. It cost 30G. Then you go with dog to Castiel’s apartment. You will tell Castiel about the message.

Castiel: You and I, we both knew this was a possibility…

A. So, what… We just have to end our relationship immediately?
B. I’m scared for us, Castiel… +
C. Yes, we knew… But I thought we could find a solution by that point. /

You will clean all the stuff from dinner, and Castiel takes a shower. When you go into the bedroom, you find Castiel in bed with his new dog. You get your illustration.

On Rayan’s route:

You will do some shopping for dinner tonight. The groceries cost 30G. You go to Rayan’s apartment and will tell him about the message.

Rayan: (Choice)

A. Six months is long for me, Rayan… It can destroy a couple.
B. The distance worries me. I would like to be sure that nothing will happen to us.
C. We are just coming out of a difficult test… And at the moment we finally find one another… We are obligated to go off, again… I’m scared. +

Rayan will give you a special gift. And then you will receive your illustration.

And then the episode will end.