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My Candy Love: High School Life 15

A Jump Back in Time
Who was that girl at the concert? What was she doing at Sweet Amoris? To figure it out, you will need to discover the past of certain people!

Hogwarts Mystery Year 5

Side Quest: An Enchanted Kiss
When Professor Dumbledore announces a play will be performed at Hogwarts for the first time in years, all your friends want to know who will play the two love interests in the show! You hope that you and your crush will be cast as the leads, but first, you’ll need to nail your audition! I choose Barnaby as my crush.

Hogwarts Mystery Quidditch

Side Quest Quidditch Chaser Chapter 7: Decision Time
We have come to the day of your first match. In the last chapter; the team decided that you should be one to make the decision in the game. All eyes are on you. Everybody gives you advice. Whose advice are you going to take? And can you handle all the pressure?

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