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My Candy Love University Life
Episode 19

After the end of the year party, a vacation-like feeling is resonating throughout the city. The future is becoming clearer for some, but others still have a lot of questions…

My Candy Love High School Life
Episode 14

Turn up the Volume! – Part Two
The project is underway! It’s up to you and your friends to finalize the concert and organize an unforgettable event! New surprises to come in this second part.

My Candy Love Easter Event 2021

It is Easter on my candy love. It starts on 31 May, and it will last until 9 April. You are going to start this event with a memory game. You have to remake an Easter bilby. For playing the game you get 40 seconds. You have to remake as many bilbies as you can. You get a few seconds to remember. The time to remember will get less every time.

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