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My Candy Love: Special Events Music Day 2022

It is Music Day on My Candy Love. It starts 16 June 2022, and it will last until 26 June 2022. So you have 11 days to complete this event. In this event, you have to make masks. You get to see it for a few seconds, and then you have to remake it. Try to get as many masks done as you can in 40 seconds. Every time you play, you have to give a bow. You get three bows every day, you can also play again for 50 AP or buy a mask for 10 AP.

My Candy Love: Alternate life Kentin Episode 2

These Days Without You
You and Kentin have finally found one another again! You’re so eager to receive a sign from him to be able to hang out and talk again. After waiting for what seemed like an eternity, it’s finally time to meet up with him. Will you go on a walk with his dogs or out for dinner? They’re both ideal situations for making up for lost time.

My Candy Love: Alternate life Kentin Episode 1

A Vivid Memory
You go to the park after class for some alone time, and you think a lot about your past relationship with Kentin. Suddenly a silhouette appears in front of you. You recognize it immediately, it’s… Kentin.