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Hogwarts Mystery Side Quest Quidditch Chaser

Side Quest Quidditch Chaser Chapter 5: Countdown To Tryouts
Orion Amari our team captain, is going to learn you everything about balance and focus. In between you will play a lot of friendly competitions. And then it is finally time to compete in the Chasers tryouts. You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.

My Candy Love: University Life
Episode 16

In Your Arms
What really happened during the night out at the fair? After a rough night, clearing your head will do you a world of good! And there’s no better way to unwind than a romantic evening out.

My Candy Love: Love Life
Episode 12

Nina has finally convinced you to implement one of her ideas for the Cosy Bear Café, and she didn’t need to have many arguments to do so! Crowstorm is getting a fresh start as well with an album that will win over all the group’s saviors. The only thing that seems to be at a standstill is your relationship, but an unexpected event could make you think twice about how you really feel…