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My Candy Love: Alternate life Kentin Episode 1

A Vivid Memory
You go to the park after class for some alone time, and you think a lot about your past relationship with Kentin. Suddenly a silhouette appears in front of you. You recognize it immediately, it’s… Kentin.

My Candy Love: Alternate Life Episode 4

The Seasons with You
You’re enjoying your life in the countryside more and more, but it’s already time to go back to the city: classes are starting again! Juggling between university and the farm isn’t as easy as you thought: you’ll have to make a decision before Lysander makes it for you.

My Candy Love: Crush Pack 2022

We have a special event on My Candy Love; The Crush Pack. It starts 9 May 2022, and it will end on 15 May 2022. With a purchase at the bank, you get access to 6 outfits plus your crush. After the purchase, the other colors will be available in the shop. To get every outfit with crush, you have to make 6 purchases at the bank.