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My Candy Love: Love Life Episode 16

I do!
You are so excited for the big day! The day where you will finally become their wife! You’ve been dreaming of this day for so long! You still have a lot to do before you can tie the knot: a wedding takes a lot of work…

Moonlight Lovers

Neil is a born vampire with an indisputable power. He is both feared and respected. Your encounter will mark an unprecedented turning point in your existence…
Will you be able to handle your new life by his side?

My Candy Love Halloween Event 2021

It is Halloween on my candy love. It starts on 21 October, and it will last until 31 October. This event is a lot like the Valentine’s Day event from 2019 and the Music Day event from 2021. In those events, you had to take care of a plant or a bird. This time you need to take care of a ghost. Every day you get to do five things for the Ghost. Getting tears of fear, buy some food, find the moon, getting away of the bugs and answer a choice.

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