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My Candy Love: Alternate Life Episode 1

Countryside Air
You’re back in the city of Amoris for your last year of university, but that’s not all… You’re finally going to be able to see Lysander, your high school love, again. After all, you never really ended what you had… Has distance gotten the better of your relationship, or will you pick up where you left off?

Hogwarts Mystery: Year 3

Side Quest: A Dragon’s Quest
You’ve been invited to the adventurous Dragon Club, an intrepid study group for Hogwarts’ boldest students! When a duel goes awry, can you save everyone’s club memberships from being revoked? Complete this mysterious adventure to earn a Bludger Bat signed by the Holyhead Harpies for the Dragon Club!

My Candy Love: Love Life Episode 16

I do!
You are so excited for the big day! The day where you will finally become their wife! You’ve been dreaming of this day for so long! You still have a lot to do before you can tie the knot: a wedding takes a lot of work…