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My Candy Love: Alternate Life Kentin Episode 4

Out of Sight, Close to the Heart
After stressing over the situation with the messages, you’ve finally gathered your courage to confront Kentin! Will he be able to explain himself? Will you still be able to imagine a future together?

My Candy Love: Special Summer Event 2022

It is Summer on My Candy Love. It starts 7 July 2022, and it will last until 19 July 2022. So you have 13 days to complete this event. It is a board game event. You have to make Dices, so you can go around the board. You can make a Dice with Refreshing Cocktails and Summer Scent. To make a Dice cost 40 minutes.

My Candy Love: Alternate life Kentin Episode 3

These Moments With You
You left Kentin on cloud nine and you’re waiting for one thing: your next date! This time, a trip to the movies is on the program. The hardest part will be choosing the movie, or maybe managing to sit still in the dark for over an hour… Luckily, upon leaving the theater, the evening is just getting started for you and Kentin.