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My Candy Love Music Day Event 2021

It is music day on my candy love. It starts on 14 July, and it will last until 21 July. You need to take care of a bird. Every day you get to do five things for the bird. Getting water, buy some food, find the sun, getting away of the flies and answer a choice. You have to wait 15 á 30 min before you can do another thing for your bird.

Hogwarts Mystery Quidditch

Side Quest Quidditch Chaser Chapter 10: The Second House Match
It is finally time for your second house match. You have to play against the fastest house of Hogwarts: Gryffindor. Will you win this match with your new Comet 260?

My Candy Love: High School Life
Episode 16

A Perfect Mask
Deborah has proved to be a tough opponent. Who will be your allies? Will you be able to expose the truth to everyone at school?

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