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Halloween 2020

It is Halloween on My Candy Love. It starts October 22, 2020, and it will last until October 31, 2020. In this event you have to do an investigation. Chania has disappeared, you have to found out what happened to her. There are 5 suspects: Priyo, Lady Castiella, Mister Hyun, Lord Rayan and Nathan. Every day you get three magnifying glasses. With those you can interrogate the witnesses, search the places or interrogate the Suspects. There are 10 places with witnesses. Every day you can unlock a new place.

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Hogwarts Mystery Year 5

Side Quest: Festival Fun
You’re invited to Hogwarts’ latest celebration of magic… and mystery! Who is your secret admirer? What uninvited alum will crash the party? And who will be your festival date? I choose Barnaby. Complete a magical outdoor adventure for festive attire and a photo of your date for your dorm!