Japan Expo 2013

It is Japan Expo on my candy love. You can access this event for a limited time by buying a ring. The ring costs 100 AP. It starts on 1 January 2024, and it will last until 7 January 2024. In this event, you need to answer dialogue choices. If you answer them right, you get an illustration. You can get one illustration with every love interest. If you want to have all the illustrations, you have to at least buy the ring 5 times. You also have to buy an outfit for this episode for 90 gold. In total, you can get 5 illustrations and 1 outfit.

Event guide:

You start this event in the hallway. You are talking with Iris and Rosalya.

Rosalya: I’m so excited! We’re going to be able to cosplay and take a ton of pictures!

A. Y-You mean we’ll dress up? /
B. What’s koss-playe? /

Rosalya: I could see Iris as Neko-girl… But a maid outfit would suit you much better!

A. A maid… Is that like a server? /
B. I have no idea what you just said… /

Walk with Iris and Rosalya towards the locker room. There you have to put on the outfit.

Outfit 90G

Iris wants to go with you to show the outfit to all the love interests.

Castiel: I don’t like to lie…

A. I don’t care, I didn’t dress up to please you! /
B. You don’t like it at all? / (Towards illustration with Castiel)

Nathaniel: But, so… Are you going to walk around in front of everyone dressed like that?

A. Yeah, of course! It’s going to be fun! /
B. You know, it’s mostly to please Rosalya! / (Towards illustration with Nathaniel)

Lysander: Rosa offered that I come too…

A. And you don’t want to? / (Towards illustration with Lysander)
B. Really? Then come! It’ll be fun! /

Armin: You’re going? You’re so lucky! I’d love to go too, but I’ll never be able to convince Alexy to come with me…

A. You should insist! He’s your brother, he’ll eventually accept! /
B. If you really want to go, you can come with us! / (Towards illustration with Armin)

Kentin: Oh yeah, that convention where there are only Japanese things?

A. Hey! The Japan Expo is much more than that! /
B. Yeah, pretty much. / (Towards illustration with Kentin)

Iris and you go back to the locker room to see Rosalya.

Rosalya: Oh cool! You should go ask one of them to come with us! I have cosplays for boys that I’ve never been able to make Leigh wear… Do you want to? (The one you choose is who you will ask to go with you to the expo)

A. I’ll go ask Castiel!
B. I’ll go ask Kentin!
C. I’ll go ask Nathaniel!
D. I’ll go ask Lysander!
E. I’ll go ask Armin!

Walk around the school until you have found the boy that you want to ask with you to the expo.

Kentin: No, it’s not that, but… I just don’t see what would suit me.

A. I know! A Tsubasa costume from Reservoir Chronicle! / (Illustration)
B. I know! A Metal Gear costume! /

Lysander: Which one? There are a lot…

A. A Black Butler costume would be perfect! / (Illustration)
B. A Vampire Knight costume would be perfect! /

Armin: Oh yeah? What?

A. You love video games! Wouldn’t you like to dress up as Ezio? / (Illustration)
B. You love video games! Wouldn’t you like to dress up as Link? /

Castiel: (choice)

A. You can cosplay as a pirate! Like in Pirates of the Caribbean! / (Illustration)
B. You can cosplay as Assasin’s Creed! /

Nathaniel: Like what?

A. Something from Pandora Hearts, for example! /(Illustration)
B. Something from Ouran Host Club, for example! /

After inviting one of the love interests, you will go back to the locker room. After going with Rosalya and the love interest to the expo, the event will end.