UL Episode 6

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 9501050 AP
Nathaniel: 980 AP
Hyun: 976 AP
Priya: 992 AP
Fairy: 12 AP

Priya & Rayan 125G
Hyun 125G
Castiel & Nathaniel 125G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustrations depend on outfit, dialogue choices and LOM.

Fairy/Auntie: in the kitchen. You can find her after you have turn on the alarm. She will give you abnormal glasses.


Priya & Rayan 125G

Hyun 125G

Castiel & Nathaniel 125G

Episode guide:

You start this episode where the last episode ended. You were cleaning café with Mr. (Rayan) Zaidi. Hyun sees you two.

Hyun: Evening, Sir….

A. Are you alright? / with Hyun and Rayan
B. What’re you doing here? Aren’t you still sick? – with Hyun and / with Rayan
C. It’s not what you think! / with Hyun and – with Rayan

Hyun: (Choice)

A. I admit it’s not easy. I don’t know how you do it when you close the café on your own, it takes a ton of time. /
B. I managed to handle it all, thanks to Mr. Zaidi’s help. /
C. But someone else already helped me.

Hyun: (Choice)

A. He’s one of my teachers; he didn’t do anything wrong.
B. Why not? / (Another choice)
C. Personally, I like him. He’s one of my best teachers. +

Hyun: You seemed so close… (If you answered the content of B)

A. We aren’t; he’s just my teacher. /
B. Are you… jealous?

Hyun: (Choice) (If Priya helped you in the café in episode 5)

A. To tell the truth, a friend came to the cafe… And she gave me a hand. +
B. Yep, I’m a pro now! I can handle the cafe whenever you want! /

Go inside the café to set the alarm. If you go then to the kitchen you can find the fairy. Then go back outside to join Hyun. You will walk together to campus.

Hyun: Clemence… Yeah, I know… I totally don’t understand why she acts that way with you.

A. Whatever. I decided not to let it get to me. /
B. Seriously? You don’t even have the faintest idea? + (Another choice)

Hyun: (Choice) (If you answered the content of B)

A. I still can’t believe you never realized it… /
B. But still, I can relate to her… +

Hyun: Look, this is my mother, my father, to the left is my second little sister, the one making a face is Iseul, and all the way in the back is my grandmother with my other sister and…

A. That reminds me, I still haven’t called my family to tell them how things are going… – (Another choice)
B. It sounds like you really miss them. +
C. Hahaha, that’s cute. /

Hyun: Yeah, but you only have one family… So I take care of them. Lots of my friends aren’t close to their parents like I am. It may seem weird… But they mean everything to me. (If you answered the content of A)

A. What you just said is really sweet. /
B. I confess that, personally, I really couldn’t wait to leave the “nest” and live on campus.

Walk into the dorms.

Hyun: (Choice)

A. I’d be glad to meet your family! +
B. I don’t see why I’d have any chance of running into them…
C. They sound great, for sure. /

Hyun: Even though it served no purpose.

A. It served the purpose of perking you up, look, you don’t seem the least bit sick anymore. / (Another choice)
B. It’s the thought that counts.
C. If you could keep it to yourself, the fact that Mr. Zaidi came tonight, you’d be doing me a favor…

Hyun: That’s true. You’re more effective than my antibiotics. (If you answered the content of A)

A. Next time, don’t go to the doctor’s, come straight to see me. /
B. Maybe you should keep me on your nightstand, just in case. +

Go to your room. There you will see Yeleen.

Yeleen: (Choice)

A. I don’t really like people touching my stuff. But thanks. – (Another choice)
B. Thanks, that’s really sweet. +
C. That’s nice, but… I could’ve done it, you know. /

Yeleen: I wasn’t touching your stuff, I was just wiping it with the dust rag. You can check, everything’s there. (If you answered the content of A)

A. (I moved closer to my desk to take a look.)
B. O-OK. In that case, thanks. /

The story will skip until Monday. You have class from Mr. Lebarde. You go to the class. But on your way, you will see Yeleen.

Yeleen: (Choice)

A. I didn’t have time.
B. No, but don’t worry, I’ll straighten up tonight.
C. Uh, hello. /

Chani: Nice? With you? Really? I know that you were working Saturday, but you know you’re not allowed to drink on the job?

A. No, I swear, she even cleaned up my desk, saying she was happy to do it. /
B. I dunno, after all, maybe it was a dream! +

Go into the art hall. Then go into the main auditorium. Here you will have your class from Mr. Lebarde. Then go back into the art hall.

Chani: Maybe I can include the urbexing somewhere as a form of contemporary performance… Hmm…

A. You’re scaring me with your idea of visiting abandoned places all by yourself… It can be dangerous. +
B. Your idea about urbexing is a good one; it would be original! /
C. You’re making me panic with all this talk about your thesis. /

Go outside into the quad.

Chani: I can’t wait until tonight, with a little luck I’m going to find a priceless treasure or a ghost in a haunted house or…

A. Hmm, a priceless treasure, I admit that’s not bad. I wouldn’t say no to quitting my job at the café without notice and going on vacation in the Caribbean. / (Another choice)
B. Or you’re going to get chased by a psychopath with an axe. /

Chani: Yeah! We’re going to find a map that’ll lead us to a treasure, smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean, and we’ll become super-rich pirates. So will you come with me? (If you answered the content of A)

A. I get the impression it’s the kind of dream I had when I was 6.
B. I don’t know… I don’t see myself with a wooden leg and a patch over my eye. +

Rosalya: Yeah, sure, I’d just like to chat.

A. Of course, Chani and I were going to the dining hall, come with us, we can talk there. / with Chani and Rosalya
B. Hmm… Yeah. Uh, Chani, sorry, I’ll meet up with you afterwards, in class. / with Chani and Rosalya
C. Do you want to go to the park, just the two of us? / with Rosalya and – with Chani

Rosalya: Let’s not talk here, let’s just go someplace where no one can hear us. There’s a stockroom in Leigh’s store, we’ll be alone there.

A. You know, Chani doesn’t repeat anything to anyone… You can trust her, too. She’s really a good friend of mine now. / with Rosalya and + with Chani
B. You’re starting to freak me out. / with Rosalya and Chani
C. Is there anything to eat there? Because I have to go back to class afterwards! + with Rosalya and / with Chani

Walk towards the shopping street.

Rosalya: No honestly, I’d like for us to be able to talk before there’s a big crowd in the store.

A. Why is it so important for no one to hear us?
B. Let’s just wait. He’ll be here soon. +

Leigh: Hi (Nickname), I haven’t seen you in a long time.

A. Leigh!! (I threw myself into his arms to hug him.) /
B. Leigh!! Finally! Rosalya keeps talking about you, but we’ve never managed to run into each other! /

Leigh: (Choice)

A. (I’d rather not mention his parents’ death… Better to bring up a lighter topic.) + (Another choice)
B. I heard about your parents… I’m sorry. /

Rosalya: You really mean you have the best collections! I only buy clothes here because of that! (If you answered the content of A)

A. Really Rosa? Are you sure it’s not because you are the owner’s girlfriend, and that you get the clothes at half-price? +
B. That’s true. I love all the outfits you sell here. /

Priya: (Choice)

A. I thought Rosalya wanted to talk to Alexy and me someplace calm… /
B. What’s gotten into him all of a sudden? +

Rosalya: No big deal.

A. Alexy, I think Rosa wanted to talk to both of us, alone, in peace and quiet… /
B. Rosa, tell him. /

Rosalya: (Choice)

A. So, should we try to see each other later then? /
B. Rosa, I’m starting to worry, usually you don’t mind talking in front of Priya. +

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I saw several outfits in the showcase, including a jumpsuit with red shoes.) (Towards Priya’s and Rayan’s illustration)
B. (I saw several outfits in the showcase, including a pair of jeans and a green jacket that I thought looked nice.) (Towards Castiel’s and Nathaniel’s illustration) 
C. (I saw several outfits in the showcase, including a skirt with shoulder straps and a little white purse.) (Towards Hyun’s illustration)

Priya & Rayan 125G

Hyun 125G

Castiel & Nathaniel 125G

Walk back towards campus.

Rosalya: Well, we didn’t really know what to do at one point, I didn’t know if I was going to keep studying here… Then Leigh encouraged me too. So we stayed.

A. Thanks to that, you and I got reunited, so that was the right decision. +
B. Where would you have gone if you had left? /

Alexy: You know, teachers who distract the female students, by wearing open shirt collars and giving steamy looks, and preferably off campus…

A. Are you talking about me and Mr. Zaidi? / with Alexy and – with Priya
B. Are you talking about Melody? / with Alexy and Priya (Another choice)
C. What exactly are you implying? / with Alexy and Priya

Candy (Choice) (If you answered the content of B)

A. (Still, I had a hard time believing his excuses… I think he was bragging and that there’s more to this than that.) – with Priya
B. (I prefer keeping quiet. It’s pointless, and besides I’m not sure about anything.) / with Priya (Another choice)

Alexy: Tell us, we won’t repeat a thing, promise! (If you answered the content of B)

A. No, really there’s nothing to tell. + with Priya and / with Alexy and Morgan
B. I just overheard a conversation I shouldn’t have, between Melody and… Mr. Zaidi. / with Alecy and – with Priya and Morgan

Alexy and Morgan: (Choice)

A. What exactly did he tell you? / with Alexy, Morgan and Priya (Towards Priya’s and Rayan’s illustration) (Another choice)
B. What’s this all about?! I’m going to see right away. I can’t believe it! / with Morgan and Alexy and – with Priya (Towards Hyun’s illustration)

Priya: Is that the case? Is he more than a teacher to you? (If you answered the content of A)

A. I don’t know. – (Towards Rayan’s illustration) (Another choice)
B. No, he’s just a teacher. / (Towards Priya’s illustration) (Another choice)

Priya: (Choice) (If you answered the content of A)

A. What? /
B. Something wrong, Priya?

Priya: So the art history teacher? (If you answered the content of B)

A. Admit he is pretty sexy. + (Illustration with Priya)
B. No. I wouldn’t have dared.
C. (I remembered our art teacher in high school.) It’s because he reminds me of Patrick. /

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I wrote: “Did you tell Alex and Morgan that there was something going on between my art history teacher and me?!”)
B. (I wrote: “Are you free today? We need to talk.”) /

Go to the main auditorium for your next class.

Chani: (Choice)

A. Sorry again about earlier. /
B. Not even… We didn’t get a second of peace and quiet. +

Chani: To tell the truth, I was hesitating whether to go or not. I think I’m going to get ready for tonight’s expedition instead. I’m going to take a look around the house to make sure it’s really empty.

A. OK, it’s up to you. Be careful though, please.
B. Sure. See you later! /
C. Are you sure you don’t want to come? Classes go by faster when I’m with you. /

Walk towards the library.

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. What are you doing here?
B. You actually attend classes on campus?! /

Nathaniel: (Choice) (If you had a relationship with Nathaniel in High School)

A. Were you talking about us just now? /
B. Yeah, some people make mistakes.

Nathaniel: If you want to review (Nickname), I can… (If you were not in a relationship with Nathaniel in High School)

A. Get out of here, Nath!
B. (I just looked at him, raising an eyebrow, waiting for him to finish his sentence.) /

Amber: (Choice)

A. I no longer recognize him! /
B. I know he’s your brother, but… He really behaved like a sassy child. +

Amber: (Choice)

A. I still don’t understand why he wants to be “done with” school. Before, studying used to be pretty much his thing. /
B. What do you mean “take more care of yourself”? /
C. Is it related to what happened after the Crowstorm concert? Are you doing better? /

Go outside.

Amber: (Choice)

A. But I admit that when I saw you for the first time, it gave me a shock. /
B. I mean… if back in high school, someone had told me that some day we could have a conversation without it ending in a meltdown, I wouldn’t have believed them. +
C. Especially you. /

Amber: I’m not looking for excuses for the way I behaved. But you should know that now I realize I was mean. And I’m sorry if it had an impact on your life at the time. My priorities aren’t the same now.

A. (I can’t help it, I threw myself at her to give her a hug.) /
B. That’s a little too easy…
C. (She left me speechless.) +

Candy: (Choice)

A. (They’re ridiculous; I prefer heading to the dorm.) / (Another choice)
B. (I’m hesitant… Should I go see him? After all I know him, I have the right to say hi.) + (Another choice)

Castiel: I gave you a hand at the café, we chatted, I even treated your wounds… And you, two days later, you give me the cold shoulder. (If you answered the content of A)

A. I just wanted to avoid bothering you! You seem pretty occupied. / (Towards Castiel’s illustration)
B. I didn’t want to be taken for one of your groupies.

Castiel: Pfft… (If you answered the content of B)

A. Pfft? As if you didn’t like it…
B. It must be rough causing a riot every time you go somewhere. +
C. So you’re back in school? /

Castiel: Yep… felt weird at first, but in the end, I don’t pay attention to it anymore.

A. I admit it doesn’t make me feel very comfortable… /  (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration)
B. I could get used to it. + (Illustration with Castiel)

Go to the dorm to see Hyun.

Hyun: (Choice)

A. I thought you and I had talked about what happened, and that it was clear… /
B. What did you say to Alexy and Morgan ? – 5
C. So it would appear Mr. Zaidi and I were getting it on in the street? – 10

Hyun: Listen, I… When I saw you two, I got a funny feeling, true enough. And I tend to follow my intuition. But I didn’t mention anything I didn’t see. I just presented the facts.

A. Why’d you talk about it with Alexy and Morgan?
B. How is it any of your business? /
C. And what was your intuition telling you? +

Hyun: I know. And personally, I’m telling you that I felt something more. I really got the impression I interrupted something… I don’t know, something private. Just tell me if… Do you like him?

A. Why do you want to know so badly? /
B. Maybe. Is that wrong?
C. No! He’s my teacher, okay? / (Illustration with Hyun)

Go to your room, there you will see Yeleen and her mother.

Sibylle (Yeleen’s mother): (Choice)

A. (I sat there without saying a word and pretended to be immersed in my book.) – with Yeleen and / with Sibylle
B. Excuse me, ma’am, the jacket’s mine, and to tell the truth, I’m the messiest of the two of us. Yeleen’s the one who straightened up the whole room today. + with Yeleen and / with Sibylle

Sibylle (Yeleen’s mother): Please forgive Yeleen, she has always been practically consumed by jealousy.

A. (I stared back at my book without saying a word.) / with Yeleen and Sibylle (Another choice)
B. Excuse me, ma’am, but… Yeleen’s right. + with Yeleen and / with Sibylle (Another choice)
C. Do you want me to leave? – with Yeleen and / with Sibylle

Yeleen: Is that how you stand up for me? (If you answered the content of A)

A. It w-wasn’t any of my business… It’s between you and your mother! /
B. I didn’t know what to do.

Yeleen: (Choice) (If you answered the content of B)

A. Sorry, I should have shut up I guess… +
B. Are you OK? Can I get you some water? /

Yeleen: (Choice)

A. Come on, let’s go, we need to hurry and get to our next class. /
B. What about your father, what does he think about it? +

Go to the auditorium 2. You will see Mr. Zaidi.

Rayan: Apparently not. Come on in…

A. Is class canceled? / (Another choice)
B. Did you get fired? /

Rayan: It was postponed until tomorrow first thing in the morning. The university needs this auditorium for an impromptu lecture just a half-hour from now… (If you answered the content of A)

A. And there aren’t enough seats in the other classrooms? Our class is the one that gets axed? +
B. Oh, I see. /

Rayan: I admit that last time it was my fault the class ended up being canceled. But this time, it’s not my fault at all. (If you did not go to Rayan after listening to his conversation in the library in episode 5)

A. Canceling the class was the right thing to do if you didn’t feel like you were up to teaching it. 
B. It must not have been easy to make the decision to cancel class. +

Rayan: I admit that last time it was my fault the class ended up being canceled. But this time, it’s not my fault at all. (If you did go to Rayan after listening to his conversation in the library in episode 5)

A. Canceling the class was the right thing to do if you didn’t feel like you were up to teaching it. /
B. It must not have been easy to make the decision to cancel class. +
C. I understand the Director.

Rayan: Now that I think of it, we can still use the auditorium for half an hour. You can definitely use it to study, or…

A. We could take the opportunity to get to know each other a little better. / (Towards Rayan’s illustration) (Another choice)
B. Can I ask you questions about the last class? /
C. I’m going to head out, I don’t want to bother you.

Rayan: I see… (If you answered the content of A)

A. What about you? Why did you choose to teach this subject? +
B. What did you do before coming to Anteros Academy University? /
C. Do you wear all your shirts open like that?

Rayan: (Choice)

A. What about you? /
B. I hope she’s feeling better. +

Rayan: Your co-worker, the young man I saw, he seemed surprised to see me in your company. I hope that my helping you close the café didn’t cause a problem…

A. Hyun was just surprised to see me with a teacher so late. + (Towards Rayan’s illustration) (Another choie)
B. No, not at all.

Rayan: He’s right, he looks like a level-headed person. Anyone might wonder… (If you answered the content of A)

A. Is he right to wonder? / (Illustration with Rayan)
B. Right, but there’s no reason to. We were just chatting. /

Leave the auditorium.

Rayan: So, see you tomorrow. Remember, we’ll have class first thing in the morning.

A. Bummer, I would’ve loved having class right away. +
B. Right, see you tomorrow. /
C. Sorry to have taken up your time.

Go back to your room.

Candy: (Choice)

A. (I went and opened the door.) / with Nathaniel (Another choice)
B. (I asked in a self-confident voice.) Who’s there? (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration) (Another choice)

Nathaniel: You look exhausted. Stop studying! (If you answered the content of A)

A. I’m exhausted because there’s a jerk who wore me out in class earlier. +
B. For sure, I’m working on my thesis.

Nathaniel: Can you let me in, please. I look like a moron talking to your door. (If you answered the content of B)

A. Dunno… Considering the way you acted in class earlier, I’d rather you come across as a moron in front of the door. + (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration)
B. (I did as requested, with a sigh.) +

Nathaniel: Sorry…

A. Why’d you act like that? + (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration)
B. That’s it? That’s all you have to say?

Nathaniel: It’s more complicated than that… Amber suffers the consequences of my absences. The Director and other teachers ask her to make sure I come back. And I want her to focus on herself. Not on me.

A. Why does it bother you so much for Amber?
B. Why don’t you come back to school permanently for that matter? + (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration)
C. I don’t recognize you anymore… You were so disrespectful in class… /

Nathaniel: What kinds of things?

A. Apparently you’d rather go to student parties than class. / (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration)
B. People see you with your arm around a different girl on a regular basis.
C. You get into a lot of fights. / (Towards Nathaniel’s illustration)

Nathaniel: Listen to yourself and not the others. If you consider I’m as  worthless as people say, in that case, run away from me. But if you know deep down that’s not the case… Then think twice before turning your back on me.

A. I don’t know what to think yet… /
B. I never considered running away from you. / (Illsutration with Nathaniel)
C. You did everything to make me run and now you’re telling me to think twice before I do? /

After Nathaniel leaves. Rosalya and Alexy will come into your room. Rosalya will tell you what is going on with her. Then the episode ends.