Music Festival 2019

This event starts June 19th ,2019. It will end June 26th ,2019. Every day you can do one mission. If you have complete the mission you will get dance lessons from Morgan. The dance lesson is a mini game. In the YouTube videos you can see how it works. You can do five dance lessons a day. Between each lesson there will be a 2 hour break. If you want to skip the time gap or a day it will cost 50 AP. You can also skip the dance lesson interlay for a VIP lesson for 100AP. You need to complete five lessons per dance to unlock your date. On your date you have to complete a dance. With Nathaniel, you will do a Tango, with Hyun a Quick Step, with Priya a Salsa, with Castiel a Rock and with Rayan a Waltz. With this event you can get five illustrations and two outfits. For each complete date you get one illustration, with completing the mission you get one outfit and the other can you get to pay something to the bank.


Here you can see how to fulfill the missions.    

Mission 1: 


Let’s start with your dress: what style do you want to go for?

A. I’d like something both comfortable and sexy… (Correct answer)
B. I need a dress I can wear in several different circumstances. Something that can be customized, maybe?
C. If it’s a dance night, something classic, like a tutu?

You receive the Night Fever Dress.

Then you have your first dance lessons.

Mission 2: 


Speak for yourself, but why not. What do you suggest?

A. Mona Lisa Smile by Mike Newell
B. Pollock by Ed Harris (Correct answer)
C. The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper

You receive Night Fever Body Jewelry. 

Then you have your next dance lessons.

Mission 3: 

Alexy asks Candy to pick up some pastries. They cost 10G.

You receive the Night Fever Shoes.  

Then you have your next dance lessons. 

Mission 4:



A. You should go for ballroom dancing, the crowd will most likely be more comfortable.
B. It would most likely be weird to go from a waltz to hip-hop, wouldn’t it?
C. Are you planning on rearranging the room, Clemence? (Correct answer)

You receive the Night Fever Jacket.  

Then you have your next dance lessons.

Mission 5:

Alexy and Morgan:


A. Why don’t you each take turns leading the dance? (Correct answer)
B. Alexy, you should let Morgan lead. When you know how to dance better, you can be the one to lead when it’s your turn.
C. Morgan, you should let Alexy lead, if that’s what he wants to learn.

You receive the Night Fever Earrings.

Then you have your next dance lessons.

Mission 6:

Candy has lost her phone. I have found it in Candy’s closet right next to the button to change your face. If you can’t find there, it will appear elsewhere on the website.

You receive the Night Fever Skirt.

You will also receive the Night Fever wig.

Then you have your final dance lessons.


Here you can see the outfits. Left is the mission outfit, right the outfit where you have to pay the bank. Under the outfits you see the prices if you want to buy different color options.

Night Fever
Wig 70G
Skirt 75G
Earrings 25G
Jacket 55G
Shoes 40G
Body Jewelry 35G
Dress 75G

Handsome Suit
Wig 55G
Tuxedo pants 45G
Earrings 15G
Bowtie 15G
Tuxedo Jacket 55G
Plain Shirt 30G
Derby Shoes 30G


Here you can see the illustrations you can win with this event.