HSL Episode 16

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 600 – 700 AP
Fairy 4 AP
Kentin 630 AP
Lysander 646 AP
Armin 640 AP
Nathaniel 636 AP

Voice recorder 4G
Outfit 16G

Illustrations: 6 in total. You can get three out of six in a single play through. One illustration is automatically, the others depend on LOM.

Fairy/Auntie: in the locker-room. She can be found after talked with Deborah at the start of the episode. She will give you a chocolate Necklace.


Outfit 16G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the hallway. Yesterday Deborah made you clear what will happen if you go against her. Deborah will come talk to you directly.

Deborah: I was excited to see you! We had fun yesterday, didn’t we?

A. No, not really… /
B. What are you talking about? /

Deborah: Is something wrong Belodie? You have a funny look on your face.

A. (Play her game.) /
B. (Tell her the truth.) /

Candy: (Choice)

A. (Change my strategy.) /
B. (Tell the others.) / (More choices with the boys)

If you choose to tell the others; walk around to talk with everyone, until you see Deborah.
If you choose to change my strategy; you will try to follow Deborah. Do that until she starts crying.
At this moment you can also find the fairy. She is in the locker-room.

Melody: Phew! I’d be really sad if she left now. It’s so nice to have someone new around! (If you choose to tell the others)

A. Sorry, but she is far from being as nice as you think.
B. You know Melody, she isn’t all that perfect, your Deborah… /
C. Everyone would be better off if she wasn’t here, believe you me!

Alexy: Yeah, and we proved that you were just imagining things! (If you choose to tell the others)

A. No, I wasn’t wrong.
B. I thought so too, but… / (Another choice)
C. We haven’t proven anything!

Alexy: Who would divulge their wrongdoings to a little gossip like you? (If you choose the content of B) (If you choose to tell the others)

A. The bad guys in movies do it all the time! +
B. She didn’t see me as a threat is all.

Violette: (Choice) (If you choose to tell the others)

A. (Tell her.) /
B. (Change the subject.) /

Lysander: He was just a little tired after the concert. He is going to be here later today. The longer you stay in bed, the harder it is to get out! (If you choose to tell the others)

A. You have trouble getting up too? /
B. Maybe his bed is overly possessive… /

Candy: (Choice) (If you choose to tell the others)

A. (Try to calm things down a bit.) /
B. (Get the truth out there once and for all.) /

Armin: She’s finally getting your attention then? (If you choose to change my strategy)

A. The only thing she’s getting is on my nerves. /
B. I prefer boys, not girls! /

Alexy: Ha ha, you get carried away quite easily! Do you have something to admit? (If you choose to change my strategy)

A. Shouldn’t you be the one answering that question! /
B. I thought you only joked around with Kentin… +

Lysander: Really? I thought that… I mean, that you had a bad feeling about her. (If you choose to change my strategy)

A. Don’t worry, everything is okay!
B. To be honest, yeah, but I don’t really want to talk about it for now. +

Go to the Locker-room.

Lysander: Are you sure?

A. (Fake a smile.) /
B. (Tell him everything.) /

Lysander: She managed to play the situation to her advantage… I can imagine that even I would have gotten pulled in.

A. I can imagine yeah… Good thing you weren’t there… /
B. No, not you. You are too nice for that!
C. I doubt it, you are someone who thinks before they act. +

Go to the courtyard. The next day will start. Walk around until you find Rosalya. She should be in Classroom B. 

Armin: It was to get a reaction from you, but you are like a statue… you could have AT LEAST pretended! You should always laugh at guys’ jokes! It’s like never asking a girl how much she weighs… these are the basics. 

A. Alright, chill out! /
B. Sorry, I’m a bit… irritated. /
C. You sure can be sensitive… /

Kentin: You should. When people at school made fun of me at our old school, it made me feel better to come to you. You were always so nice.

A. That’s nice, but I still don’t want to talk about it.
B. It wasn’t the same thing. +

Castiel: I don’t see why I’m talking to the both of you. Just stop bothering me, okay?

A. Psh… C’mon Rosalya, it’s useless talking to him.
B. We were here first.
C. Bothering you? +

Rosalya: It’s not hard to miss… He’s wearing his clothes from when Deborah was here.

A. Those clothes? /
B. I guessed that much… You gave me a picture where he was dressed exactly the same… /

After you have found Rosalya. You go looking for Nathaniel. He can be found in classroom A.

Castiel: I can handle it myself, unlike others, don’t worry about me.

A. As you like… Don’t come complaining to me afterwards.
B. But… You are my friend. /
C. Still, be careful…

Lysander: That would be stupid of him… He was in really bad shape when she left. If I were him, I wouldn’t try it again. But enough about him. What’s going on with you? Are you feeling better? Less stressed?

A. It’s worse than before…
B. How could anything have changed… /
C. I have a small hope! +

Kentin: …B-Because I didn’t want one!

A. I can imagine… You are hot now, girls must ask you out all the time. Like with Amber… +
B. Ha ha! That’s so lame!
C. I could have guessed. Your attitude is all just a show then!

Armin: Ha ha! That explains everything now! That’s why he isn’t so good with people.

A. Don’t make fun of him. It’s not his fault. +
B. I never thought about it like that… /
C. You’re not that gifted either.

Nathaniel: If you’ve been looking for me for a while, it’s usually because you have something to ask me.

A. I could just want to bother you. /
B. I could just want to see you. +

You can’t believe it, but you go looking for Amber. She is in the hallway.

Kentin: You are like her now, so you want to become her friend?

A. How did you guess?
B. No, that’s not what it’s about! /
C. You have really weird ideas sometimes… /

Lysander: … What are you up to?

A. I’ll only speak about it in the presence of my lawyer. /
B. The enemy of my enemy is my friend +
C. I just want to ask her for help.

Castiel: I don’t ever pay attention to her. Why do you want to see her?

A. I have a favor to ask of her.
B. Do I ask you questions? +

You have found Amber. Walk to the next room. You will see Nathaniel.

Nathaniel: And just after you go see my sister to ask her for help?!

A. But it concerns your sister, not you… +
B. Oh, chill out! Not long ago you couldn’t stand her either!

Walk to the next room. You will see Iris. She is unhappy too. Walk again further, and you will see Kim reading the school paper. You try to get one from Peggy. She is in Classroom A.
Peggy gives you the idea to buy a recorder. You can get one at the Dollar shop. It costs 4G.
Go to the courtyard to start the next object. You will have to find Deborah. She is in classroom B.

Armin: Alexy told me, he was worried.

A. He is so sensitive. /
B. He should mind his own business! /
C. He’s just imagining things.

Castiel: It’s the first time since her article about Amber and I that I’m mentioned in the paper. It’s weird.

A. She wrote an article about you and Amber? /
B. She often writes about my “adventures”… +
C. She doesn’t say anything mean about you, you’re lucky!

Follow Deborah to the staircase. Then go to the Hallway, you will see Amber and her friends. Follow them to the staircase.

Nathaniel: (Choice)

A. (Ignore him.) /
B. (Talk to him.)

Castiel: (Choice)

A. As long as you don’t fall back into her arms, everything will be okay. +
B. You should talk to her, maybe she’ll leave.
C. I’m happy to see that you are at least a bit lucid. 

Amber: There she is! Dump the water!

A. (Let them do it.) / with Amber, Kentin, Lysander, Nathaniel and Armin
B. (Stop them!) / with Amber and + with Kentin, Lysander, Nathaniel and Armin

The principal will ask you to come to the teachers lounge.
Then follow Castiel to the staircase. There you will get this illustration.
Then you run to the courtyard. You will hear a loud noise. You will get the illustration of the loud noise when your LOM with Castiel is at least 70 before you followed him to the staircase.
Then You walk against the boy you have the highest LOM with. If Castiel is your highest LOM, you will see the boy who you have the second-highest LOM with.

Illustration with Nathaniel

Illustration with Kentin

Illustration with Lysander

Illustration with Armin

Rosalya will come talk with you two, and then the episode ends.