HSL Episode 6

– Negative result for LOM
/ Neutral result for LOM
+ Positive result for LOM

If an answer has / or + means my Love’O’Meter is at 100, so the result is either neutral or positive. If an answer does not have –, / or + beside it, it means I don’t know the result. As soon as I found the right result, this page will be updated.

Action points: 150 – 200 AP
Nathaniel 160 AP
Leigh 156 AP
Castiel 170 AP
Lysander 180 AP
Fairy/Auntie 4 AP

Pencil: 1G
Paper: 2G
Ribbon: 1G
Butterfly Quality Guitar Strings: 7G (Increase LOM with Castiel)
Green Steel: 6G
The Strings: 4G
Colored Fabric: 4G
Sewing Kit: 5G
White gold ring with diamonds (Rosalya’s Ring): 85G
Outfit Leigh: 6G

Illustrations: 4 in total. You can get 1 out of 4 in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choices.

Note: If you buy Rosalya’s ring and also find it in the courtyard, you will be able to keep Rosalya’s ring. If you put it on, it will give you 1 AP extra every day. When Rosalya asks you to look for the ring, say yes. Go to the courtyard. Don’t pick up the ring yet. First go to the jewelry store. Buy there the ring for 85G. Then pick it up in the courtyard. Go back to Rosalya to give one of the rings to her. And the other one you will keep.

Fairy/Auntie: In Classroom A, you have to find her before you buy the Pencil and Paper. She will give you an Angel Halo or Devil Horns. The gift depends on the choices you make in this episode.


Outfit Rosalya (Rosalya will give it to you)

Outfit Leigh 6G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in the hallway. ChiNoMimi will explain to you, something about this episode. 

ChiNoMimi: Inversely, the more you keep them apart by trying to steal her boyfriend away from her, the higher the boy’s Lov’o’meter will rise, and the girl’s will go down. Do you understand?

A. Yes, I understand. (you get to go on with the episode)
B. No, can you explain it again please? (ChiNoMimi will explain it again)

Next person you meet is Leigh. He is Rosalya’s boyfriend. They had an argument. He will ask you to help him to make it good with Rosalya. You will walk around the school to think of ideas.

Capucine:I’m not talking to you! Because of you Amber has been suspended!

A. What but I had nothing to do with it, she’s the only one to blame.
B. I’m sorry, but it’s only a few days after all. +
C. I can’t believe it, you are on that stuck up snob’s side?

Castiel: Because you really think that kind of stuff interest me?

A. I was just letting you know…
B. It’s always a pleasure talking with you. +
C. (Don’t insist) /

Nathaniel: You’d be better off asking some girls from the high school. I don’t know Rosalya well enough to know what she expects.

A. You don’t have any ideas? +
B. I wonder why I even bothered asking… /

Lysander: That bothers me a bit.

A. You’re close to your brother? /
B. I’ve had enough of their problems. +
C. You’re close to Rosalya? /

Lysander: Girls love poems. I thought I could write one for Rosa in Leigh’s place.

A. I’m a girl and I hate poems…
B. Do you think so? I hope that will work. +
C. Yeah, why not. We don’t have a better idea anyway. /

Lysander will ask you to buy a pencil and paper. You can find them in the Dollar Shop.

Castiel: I told you. He should find a new girlfriend.

A. Humpf…You are really pathetic. /
B. Remind me never to bring up any subjects like this with you. /
C. There are some guys who have feelings for their girlfriends you know. /

Lysander: Here you are. You can give it to Leigh.

A. Thanks. This is very nice of you to go to all this trouble for your brother. +
B. Already? It can’t be that great of a poem.
C. Don’t you want to give it to him yourself? /

Candy: (He left. His poem is really pretty, it could work… Hmm…Maybe I could replace this poem with something less flattering… That way, Rosalya won’t forgive Leigh.)

A. (Tear up the poem and write a mean one for Rosalya) (Towards Leigh’s illustration)
B. (Keep the beautiful poem written for Rosalya) (Towards Castiel’s / Nathaniel’s / Lysander’s illustration)

Castiel: Yeah…Why are you interested?

A. Just curious. /
B. I was just wondering why you are single, that’s all. /
C. Seriously? There is a girl that tolerates you? /

Castiel: Yeah, plenty. Why do you want to be the next one?

A. You are not the next on my list. Sorry. /
B. Yes, I’d love to. /
C. So why are you single then, if you have so much success? /

Rosalya: No, nothing. He doesn’t seem to care much about our argument…

A. I’m sure you’ll hear from him. + (Towards Castiel’s / Nathaniel’s / Lysander’s illustration)
B. I think you’re right. If he really liked you, he would have done something by now. (Towards Leigh’s illustration)

Nathaniel: Ye… Yeah, why do you ask?

A. How come your not with her anymore?
B. I see… +
C. Wow. I would never have thought that a guy like you would have already had a girlfriend!

Sadly the poem didn’t work go to the Garden to come up with another idea.


A. (Hmm… But that might really get them back together. I’ll pretend like I haven’t thought of anything.) (Don’t make a bouquet) (Towards Leigh’s illustration)
B. (Yes, it’s a good idea! I’ll go make one.) (Buy some ribbon to make a bouquet for Rosalya) (Towards Castiel’s / Nathaniel’s / Lysander’s illustration)

If you choose B, you can buy the ribbon in the Dollar shop.

Castiel: Of Course, everything’s fine. I just look like this because it suits me.

A. Castiel…An adorable boy, politeness incarnate. /
B. Seriously, what’s wrong? /
C. I’m starting to get tired of this, you take whatever I say the wrong way! / (another choice)

Castiel: No one is forcing you to come up and talk to me. (If you chosse the content of C)

A. Yes, my conscience does. Even people like you deserve some consideration.
B. (Don’t answer…)

Castiel: I broke two strings on my guitar. Do you feel better now that you know?

A. How did you do that? /
B. Oh, is that all? /
C. So buy new ones! /

Castiel: You’re a real genius. Such a shame I don’t have the money for that right now.

A. I understand, I’ll go and get you some… (Go buy the strings) +
B. If you’re trying to get pity from me so I’ll go get your strings, you can keep on dreaming! (Don’t buy strings for Castiel) /

If you choose A, you have to go to the Dollar Shop. You can choose between Butterfly Quality (7G), Green Steel (6G) or The Strings (4G). Butterfly Quality is the right one to choose, your LOM with Castiel will go up.

Rosalya: (Choice)

A. I’ve been running back and forth because Leigh doesn’t want to come himself. If you want my opinion, he’s blowing you off. (Towards Leigh’s illustration)
B. Rosalya… Don’t you think you should just forgive Leigh and go see him? (Towards Castiel’s / Nathaniel’s / Lysander’s illustration)

Nathaniel: No, not all…Amber is giving me all kinds of grief since she got suspended because of me…

A. Don’t worry about it. I’m sure it’ll blow over.
B. She only got what she deserved! /
C. Yeah…You went a bit overboard on that one. /

Nathaniel: That might be true, but you have to admit that she has a reason to be mad at me.

A. No, but if you like playing the martyr, I won’t stop you.
B. I wonder…Is she really blaming you, or are you blaming yourself? /
C. That’s true. But you had a good reason to get her suspended. +

Melody will give you the idea to make a stuffed animal. You have to buy fabric and a sewing kit in the Dollar Shop.

Nathaniel: ?

A. (I hope he likes it, I’m not sure that boys really like stuffed animals… Give Nathaniel the stuffed animal.) +
B. (In fact, I really like this stuffed animal, I think I’ll keep it for myself… Don’t give Nathaniel the stuffed animal.) (You can place it on your Dresser)

Nathaniel: Uh…I don’t know, what’s your favorite color?

A. I like red. /
B. I like blue. +
C. I like green. /

Castiel: Because you’re always asking questions. I thought maybe I figured out why you’re always investigating things.

A. I’m too curious for you? /
B. Do you want to ask me a question too? /
C. Ah ha…You’re going to laugh, but I’m looking for a ring, you haven’t seen one by any chance have you?

Castiel: Why did you defend Nathaniel that time? With that absentee note that you made me sign?

A. Because I’m a thinking individual, and if you really cut class, it’s up to you to assume the responsibility.
B. I don’t know… It seemed the right thing to do at the time. I should have left it up to you two to work out on your own. /
C. Why are you asking me that?

Castiel: Just answer me. 

A. Yes, she’s a friend. /
B. No, she’s annoying. 
C. Who do you think you are trying to give me orders like that?

Lysander: You’re quite curious you know.

A. And you are quite mysterious! +
B. Ah, you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to… /
C. Come on, tell me, stop the act. It won’t ruin your image to talk a little about yourself.

Leigh: Any news from Rosa?

A. Not really, I think it just has to be accepted that it’s not going great … (Towards Leigh’s illustration)
B. Yes, I think everything is going to work out soon! (Towards Castiel’s / Nathaniel’s / Lysander’s illustration)

Rosalya: Can you please help me find it?

A. Find a ring lost who knows where in this school? I’ll try… (Help Rosalya.) (Towards Castiel’s / Nathaniel’s / Lysander’s illustration) (Towards getting Rosalya’s ring)
B. Find a ring lost who knows where in this school? No way, find it yourself. (Refuse to help Rosalya.) (Towards Leigh’s illustration)

If you choose the content A, you can find the ring in the courtyard or buy it in the Jewelry Store. You have to choose the White gold ring with diamonds.
In order to keep Rosalya’s ring and get 1 AP extra every day, if you wear it. You have to the next thing. Choose the content of A go looking for the ring. Go to the courtyard. Don’t pick up the ring yet. First go to the jewelry store. Buy there the ring for 85G. Then pick it up in the courtyard. Go back to Rosalya to give one of the rings to her. And the other one you will keep.

Leigh or Rosalya will come to you.
If Leigh comes, that means that Rosalya and him didn’t work things out. You can buy this outfit and get the illustration with Leigh.
If Rosalya comes, she will give you this outfit and you get to choose of which boy you want an illustration.

Rosalya: I have one of each left. Who do you want?

A. I’d like a picture of Castiel. (Illustration Castiel)
B. I’d like a picture of Lysander. (Illustration Lysander)
C. I’d like a picture of Nathaniel. (Illustration Nathaniel)

Then the episode will end.