UL Episode 17

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Action points: 1400 – 1700 AP

Outfit Nathaniel & Castiel 185G
Outfit Rayan & Hyun 185G
Outfit Priya 185G

Illustrations: 5 in total. You can get one out of five in a single play through. The illustration depends on outfit and dialogue choice.

Fairy/Auntie: in the campus quad. You can find her during the object: Go to class. You can only get it after you have talked to Yeleen and Melody. You will get a Venetian mask.


Outfit Priya 185G

Outfit Nathaniel & Castiel 185G

Outfit Rayan & Hyun 185G

Episode guide:

You start this episode in your room. You are thinking back about the last time you spent with your crush and about that Nathaniel has left town. But then it is time for you first class. On your way you meet Chani, Melody and Yeleen.


She refuses to let me use “her address book”, so long as I refuse to comply with her demands as far as my “future goes.

A. What if we do it anyway… what’s she going to do? / Or +
B. But… that’s not fair! You know these people. It’s your contact list too, isn’t it? / Or +

Before going into class you can find the fairy. Go back to the quad. Switch between the quad and the surrounding places until she pops-up. And then go to the main auditorium for your first class.


What did she mean by “we have to stop contacting the list of people I gave you”?

A. Sounds pretty clear to me. /
B. We’ll talk about it after class, Melody.



A. (I spoke up.) + With Rayan
B. (I waited for one of the others to speak up.) /


Are you satisfied with your thesis?

A. I don’t know if I’ll ever managed to be totally satisfied with anything whatsoever. /
B. I think so. +
C. No, I’m so stressed out, I’m sure I’ve missed something.

Class is over. You walk outside with Chani.



A. You’re going to think it’s stupid, but… I kind of wondered if by wearing it, to protect myself, maybe it’s what made Nathaniel leave. / Or +
B. Yeah, I just forgot to put it on this morning.
C. Yeah, I just didn’t put it on this morning… Why? Am I not supposed to take it off? / Or +

You go to your room alone. Your mother will call. And then Amber will come and talk about Nathaniel.


What am I supposed to do?

A. I think that you should stay concentrated on your studies. You can’t throw everything away so abruptly… You have to stay strong, Amber.
B. We have to find him, at all costs… I don’t know what to do either. /
C. I was thinking of contacting the police too. +

The next day you have to work.


Yes, I know, I know… Could you make us some coffee? Sit down for a moment.

A. U-uh, sure Right away. +
B. Shouldn’t we open the café? We may lose customers.

Pff… Yes, what’s the point of it all?

A. Well, It’s your café, Clemence. You opened it! It’s a business!
B. Do you want me to call someone? You don’t look too good… /
C. I’m not sure I really understand the question.


A. No Clemence… You managed to keep this business going for years, you can’t stop now. +
B. (I set my hand on her shoulder to comfort her.)
C. (I sipped my coffee while waiting for her to speak again.) /


But, I don’t know… Same for me, I’ll do some internships…

A. You could specialize in communications for… a restaurant chain, for example! +
B. And… working on communications for a music group? Maybe that could interest Crowstorm! Wouldn’t that be nice? /
C. I’m sure you’ll figure it out… The majority of students are in the same case as us, undecided.

And I’m still having trouble with the conclusion… I still have a sentence or two to write, but I’m unable to do it.

A. The trick is to take a step back! Taking ten deep breaths can help. +
B. Good luck! I’m sure you will succeed! /
C. You haven’t finished writing your thesis? You should have said something, I could have replaced you earlier today! –

You will close the café. And then Chani and Priya are waiting you up. And will take you to the snake bar.


We wanted to ask you out for a drink… Are you free?

A. The weekend before turning in our theses… That’s not very serious, ladies! +
B. Yes! I need to decompress! Your timing is perfect! /
C. No, I think I’m going to go home. I need to rest for the big week ahead.

Chani & Priya:


A. Why tell me now? Just before turning in our theses? It could have waited… It’s definitely going to bother me. – With Priya
B. I’m disgusted… I feel betrayed by the court. Nina must be in a bad place. /


So she gave me a summary of the situation… And we made the decision to come and find you after your shift.

A. Thank you girls… I really appreciate you being so thoughtful with me… / or +
B. Okay, I understand. /

You stay in the snake bar until the end of the night. On your way home you will meet up with Kim. She will talk to you about having a group meeting with Amber. Then you go to your room.


Did I do the right thing to tell you…?

A. Yes… Yes you did I prefer to have heard it from you then from a letter, alone in front of my mailbox. /
B. I would have preferred for it to have only been just the two of us and here… But, well…


You still work in that dumpy place?

A. Uh… “Dumpy”? Really? Chill, it’s just a café like any other.
B. Yes, still! I guess I like to make myself suffer. / Or +  
C. I don’t really have the choice. Some of us need money to live, if I may remind you… / or +

The next day you will complete your thesis and print it out.

The day after that it is time to turn in your thesis, but you are missing a page. You run to the library.

Admin director:

4pm and not a second later!

A. What’s the point of that? What’s the point of refusing students that go through the door at 4.01pm when it is their whole career that’s on the line. /
B. Excuse me, I actually need to get by to take care of my thesis.
C. I can’t wait to see you later! /

When you get to the library, you found out that it is packed. You try to call someone to find out if they may have a printer.



A. (Rosa or Leigh! Maybe she has a printer at her place, or he may have one at the shop!) /
B. (Castiel! He must have a printer at his loft! He head to print out the flyers for Crowstorm himself at the beginning of his career!) /
C. (Kim! She must have a printer at the gym! I contacted the gym quickly.) /

No matter who you call you will not find a printer. Go to Chani’s room and then go to Hyun’s room. You can now also go to the break room for another scene or you can go directly to the library. Then you decided to have one more look around. Go to the infirmary. Raphael will have a printer for you. Then you can hand in your thesis.

After handing in your thesis, you will get a call from Amber. You will meet up with her to night at Castiel’s place. But first you go to your crush. When you are on Nathaniel’s or Castiel’s route you will go directly to Castiel. But you can’t go away before putting on a new outfit.



A. (I like these blue harem pants that I haven’t worn yet… However…) Towards Nathaniel’s or Castiel’s illustration.
B. (A casual outfit with a short sweater and white sneaker will do… However…) Towards Hyun’s and Rayan’s illustration.
C. (I like these rose colored high waisted pants… However… Towards Priya’s illustration.

Outfit Priya 185G

Outfit Nathaniel & Castiel 185G

Outfit Rayan & Hyun 185G

Now you can meet up with your crush.



A. But I don’t see how we can help her… If the police couldn’t help Nath, we won’t do any better.
B. I’m worried about her… And about Nath, too… I’m convinced he should have told the police immediately after he was attacked. / Or +

That’s funny.

A. What do you think… If I decide to introduce you? Illustration
B. Personally, I think it’s still early for introductions…


No, yeah, she’s around here somewhere…

A. Oh, I it okay that I’m here?
B. Cool, I can’t wait to meet her. /

You can call me Priyo, if you want.

A. I thought about it… Yes, I want to introduce you as my girlfriend. Illustration
B. I think I still need some time to think. I still think it’s too early to introduce you…


What do you say?

A. Rayan it’s dangerous. We can’t do that, and you know it.
B. Unfortunately, I have something planned tonight. /


A. Maybe the moment has come for them to officially meet you… illustration
B. I think that we will have to wait a while before I introduce you as my…

And then it is time to meet up at Castiel’s place.


If we are spotted in the countries when we aren’t well-know, it could ensure our fame worldwide…

A. Yes, but Crowstorm won’t be able to do anything if their leader is exhausted! You need to take care of yourself! +
B. I see… You can do it, I’m certain!

The loft is almost too big for me…

A. You know… If you want some company, call me, I’m not very far away. /
B. And… You don’t want to get a pet again? One that could come to practices and concerts with you…

You barely saw them this year.

A. Otherwise, eventually, we could spend an evening together… the four of us… with my parents. Illustration
B. Yeah… I don’t know… Plus, it may not be a good idea to introduce you to my parents, as… my “boyfriend”.

But it was nicer when Demon was here.

A. Oh I’m sorry. I didn’t want to… I saw the photo sticking out and I…
B. You’ve never thought of getting another dog…? /



A. Amber, do you want me to… clear the table?
B. (I got closer to Amber and set my hand on her shoulder to comfort her.) +

We just have to search. It’s sure that we will find a clue.

A. No, Amber. That’s not a good idea. I don’t agree with searching his apartment.
B. That’s one idea… I’m with you. +

What are you doing (nickname), are you coming? Or are you staying?

A. I’ll come with you. Illustration only on Nathaniel’s route
B. I’m staying here. I can’t participate in this… I’ll wait for your news in two hours. /

If you choose A you will go to Nathaniel’s place and find out that Nathaniel is back. If you choose B you will stay at Castiel’s place and get a message from Amber that Nathaniel is back. And then this episode will end.