Blooming And Blossoming

Blooming and Blossoming
The Village is blooming! WALL-E wants you to gather some flowers and bring them back to him.
This is a daily quest that starts in the week of Easter and keeps running for 22 days. After you have completed this quest, you will get 5 Egg-cellent Fruits, 5 Wild Spring Eggs and 1 Spring V-EGG-etable. Here you can see all the subjects for it with explanations behind them. 

  • Craft a Pretty Flower Basket for WALL-E: you can make a pretty flower basket from 5 Flowers and 1 Fiber. The flowers you have to get are different every day. Most of the time, flowers are from the Plaza and the Peaceful Meadow. You can also see on this page where to find all the flowers in the game. Fiber you can make from seaweed, which you can find with fishing everywhere. 
  • Bring the Pretty Flower Basket to WALL-E: you can find on the map where he is. With giving him the basket, you end this quest.

Here are all the Blooming And Blossoming video’s I have made.