Year 4

Side Quest: Polyjuice Potion
Penny has made a new potion. Merula steals the potion and shows it to the professors as if it was hers. Penny wants everyone to know the truth. You will help her brew a polyjuice potion to show everyone the truth. Will you succeed at brewing the potion and show the truth to everyone? You can see it all in this YouTube video. 

Side Quest: Rita Returns
Rita has returned to Hogwarts. She is writing a book about Hogwarts. She wants your help to get the last juicy info for her book. Will you defend the people of Hogwarts against Rita’s story, or will you help Rita to get all the info she wants? You can see it all in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: Grand Pranksters
Tonks and Tulip are having a prankster competition. You are going to be the judge. But Rita Skeeters comes back to Hogwarts. She wants to write a story about you. She wants to write that you and your Brother are the cause of all the curses at Hogwarts. Can you stop Rita? And who will win the prankster competition? You can see it all in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: First Date
It is time to have your first date. How exciting! What are you going to wear, where is it going to be and what will you talk about with your date? You can choose who your date is going to be. I have chosen Barnaby. You can see the first date story of Barnaby and Belodie in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: Valentine’s Day Ball
The season of romance arrives when professor Dumbledore announces a special Valentine’s Ball you won’t want to miss! But can you help the dance’s unlikely organiser find her own Valentine in time to save the dance and give you and your sweetheart the Valentine’s Date of your dreams. My date is Barnaby. You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.