Year 3

Side Quest: Penny For Your Thoughts
Something strange is going on with Penny. She asks you to brew a potion with her. What will the potion be? Will you find out what is going on with Penny and will you be able to save her from herself? You can see it all in this YouTube video. 

Side Quest: Giant Problems
Hagrid lost Fang. Where can he be? You and your friends will go searching. Will you find Fang and bring him back to Hagrid? You can see it all in this YouTube video.

Side Quest: Wizarding World Famous
Something big is happening in the school. Rita Skeeter gives one of the students the opportunity to appear in the daily prophet. Will you be the one or will you support one of your friends to appear? You can see it all in this YouTube video.  

Side Quest: Become An Animagus
A student will reveal to you that he is an animagus. He will show you how to become an animagus yourself. You will get help from your friends because becoming an animagus is really difficult. Will you succeed? You can see it all in this YouTube video.  

Side Quest: Flying Solo
Talbot Winger is missing classes. Penny and Professor McGonagall are worried about him. You try to talk to him. But Merulla spies on you and finds out that Talbot is an animagus. Will Talbot’s secret be safe with Merulla? You also find out that Talbot is missing a really important object. You are going to help him find it. You also hope to find out the reason why Talbot is missing classes. Maybe along the way you two become great friends. You can see the whole story in this YouTube video.